Russia, Ukraine and USA: Who is laughing now?

Ukraine and US back Russia into corner

Zelensky, Ukraine and US have backed Russia into a corner and will now suffer the unpleasant consequences. The political games they have played for several years are over, and January 10th will be a refining moment in its sad history. It will soon become clear that its fight for independence and international recognition will come to an unpleasant end after only thirty years.

Ukraine has always been an integral part of East Europe with close ties to Russia, and its knee-jerk reaction to distance itself from Russia and side with the West after the collapse of the USSR was a disastrous mistake. Its three decades of existence and continued courting of the West have simply led to a calamitous situation for the country and its people. The West has sold it a 'bill of goods', and its stubborn determination to seek strong ties with a Western country and culture that has no interest in its well-being is a disaster-waiting-to-happen.

Such blind trust in the US and NATO is a simpleton's approach to a delicate situation which required a completely different approach. Instead of seeking bonds with the West — which have led nowhere except to the edge of catastrophe — Ukraine should have long-ago given way to its hatred of its Slavic, Russian brothers and built a strong "fence' between them with continued neighbourly ties. Its future would then have been stabilized and a strong, trading relationship would have led to security and peace in the region. But, having taken this perilous Western road, this is no turning back.

Since Ukraine has chosen to nurture its continued hatred and thrown its lot in with the West, the country has been led down the garden path with useless, costly weapon purchases and made itself a future battleground for NATO and the West. Ukraine now has a bleak future which is to be expected after aligning itself with the Western powers whose only interest is to destroy Russia and steal its vast resources for its own gain.

Ukraine has blindly become the enabler of such a heinous scheme and now will suffer the horrific consequences of its poorly-thought-out actions and fateful decisions. As individuals, we are responsible for our personal choices and actions and the resultant consequences both pleasant and unpleasant. And, for sovereign countries (like Ukraine), this same principle applies.

Ukraine's errant affiliation and child-like trust in the West have now put them in a critical situation and the consequences of their poor choices are about to come to a sad conclusion. When Ukraine's Western masters fail in their attempts, its people will soon see the catastrophic destruction it has brought upon itself, and the error of its ways. But, such a realization will be far too late for redemption.

Had Ukraine been more astute and forward-thinking, it would have realized that the West had no interest in the well-being of Ukrainians but simply to use its geographical location to place Allied forces and weapons in Russia's front yard. In the event of a ground war, the US strongly prefers to have tens of thousands of innocent Ukrainians die, and their cities and infrastructure to be destroyed, rather that have the destruction of a single, plush resort in America's backyard. This is the tactic America has used wherever it has fomented uprisings and rebellions.

If we look back into America's recent wars, we can see the path of death and destruction it created in

  • Korea (3 million dead),
  • Vietnam (2 million dead),
  • Iraq (1 million dead),
  • and Afghanistan (176,000 dead).

We do not even mention here the devastation and misery it has brought about in these American-made wars. Also, there has been fivefold that number in wounded and injured in addition to the destruction of their homelands and infrastructures. Wherever America goes, chaos, death, destruction, devastation and misery are sure to follow.

There is an old adage that says, "Be careful who you invite into your home,” and Ukraine has invited a wolf's den of jackals into its kitchen. America sees Ukraine as its ideal location to place its military hardware with which to threaten, intimidate and launch its attacks on Russia, but Zelensky and Ukraine are motivated by their own internal ambitions and hatreds, and too blind to see the truth. Without giving serious thought for its own safety and security, Ukraine has adopted the stance, "the enemy of my enemy is my friend”, and soon will suffer the consequences of such a foolish approach.

Ukraine has knowingly — and with deliberate malice and forethought — backed Russia into a corner, and anyone who knows the nature of animals — small or large — that once placed in a 'life or death' situation, it will fight to the end to survive no matter how large or powerful the enemy.

Now, having aided, abetted and enabled the US and NATO to back the Russian bear into a corner and force its hand, Ukraine will suffer the consequences of its actions, but it will be far too late to regret it, or make recompense. Zelensky and his backers have brought about inevitable events, and irreversible damage, to Ukraine and will go down in history as the persons responsible for its destruction, downfall, and disintegration.

Ukraine, by its own volition, has chosen the wrong leaders, the wrong allies, the wrong paths, and the soon-to-follow, fateful results will fall on its own head.

And, if it wasn't such a bad joke and sad commentary on the unfolding tragedy, we would ask President Zelensky, comedian and Western-backed politician, "…who's laughing now?”

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Author`s name David Harasym
Editor Dmitry Sudakov