Is USA's global domination comign to an end?

America's world domination coming to an end

At the end of WWII, America strongly believed that it was the world's only true superpower and used that belief to enhance it position in geopolitics, global trade and commerce, to promote its societal agenda and cultural expression and, especially, to nurture its newly-developed, military-industrial complex.

From that time onward, America spread its wings and proselytized its Western ways and culture to the ends of the Earth in its dream of hegemony under its leadership. Such an idyllic dream rose from the ashes of a badly-damaged planet after two, devastating world wars, but the road to that idyllic end was bumpy and never came to fruition.

The continued growth of America through the post-war decades, and the spread of its culture and influence over the five continents, appeared to be heading for complete domination, but it was not to be. Their dreams and aspirations were interrupted by other, stubborn societies which were not willing to give in to America's every wish and demand. "Blow-back' came from countries like Cuba, Chile, Vietnam (1960s and 70s), Iran (1980s), Venezuela (1990s) as well as continual resistance from Russia and, finally, China, the sleeping giant, which is now proving to be an indefatigable and implacable force in its own right — a right which cannot be denied.

For travellers who have visited these destinations, one soon discovers that these "obstinate' societies are well-entrenched in their own established ways, beliefs, cultures, religions, politics and lifestyles — all quite different from that of the Western world. And, although the Western world has much to offer, it is definitely not nearly enough to convert these more-established societies simply at the whim, demand, or convenience of one, parvenu nation of the Western hemisphere.

And, for the proponents of democracy — a cover which America uses to conceal its own global expansion and desires — one can see that the world has had 2000 years to see, understand, and grasp the intrinsic values and advantages of such a system, but even in the country where it originated and developed (Greece), democracy has not fared well from then until now. The resistance to democracy comes from within itself, the inertia of old ways and values in ancient societies and from the overall failures of democracy as it repeatedly evolves into a self-serving, political mechanism for the wealthy (and mega-tycoons whose money "talks' louder than words) who can direct and control the democratic system in spite of the one-person, one-vote.

What America did not factor in was the meteoric rise of China in the Far East and the dramatic development of Russia's newest developments in military-missile technology which may bring the next war to America's backyard, not someone else's as they have done before.

In the past, America has always managed to keep its various wars — like Korea and Vietnam and other parts of the world — on foreign soil, but the newest, Russian and Chinese hypersonic missile systems may now be a game-changer in a newer, emerging, and changing World Order. As well, this emerging, new World Order will not be under the direction and determination of America, and what suits it best.

Another stubborn resistance which America has failed to control is "Slavic resolve', the same resolve which saw the defeat of Napoleon in the early 1800s and the full force of the powerful, German Wermacht during WWII. Both were soundly defeated, and any bets on an American, boots-on-the-ground victory would come at heavy odds, and at a heavy cost. And, for American forces to take on Russia's army on its own territory would be a tragic, strategic error of disastrous proportions. General Douglas McArthur's warning to America, "never get involved in a land war in Asia” should have also come with the addend, "never mess with a Russian bear in its own den.”

America's only hope of victory against Russia would lie in its use of intercontinental and cruise missiles — as it has repeatedly done against many, smaller helpless nations — but, in this case, its powerful opposition has weapons of the same and even greater, destructive power which can reach deep inside America's heartland if need be. Such is their greatest fear.

America's first option is to accept the new, peace agreement offered by Putin — remove American and NATO troops from Europe and to stop NATO's expansion into countries bordering Russia — which is not an unreasonable request. The second option for America and NATO (its armed extension) is to continue its dangerous policy of containment and threatening postures against Russia while continuing its dogged pursuit of global expansion, domination and hegemony — and, ultimately, to suffer the consequences.

The West would be wise to accept Putin's generous offer and allow its growth and expansion to peacefully co-exist as a legitimate, regional trading partner to both West Europe and its former East Bloc allies without Western interference, bullying, and its futile, ongoing attempts at intimidation.

America's hopes of world domination are over, but its staunch refusal to accept this fact may lead to its final, and fatal, downfall. (836 words)

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Author`s name David Harasym
Editor Dmitry Sudakov