Ukrainian crisis: The beginning of the decline of the West

Ukraine crisis: Man-made in USA

Recent articles in Western media asserting Russia's sabre rattling are misleading prevarications intent on stirring up anger and hatred toward that country, as the West has done since 1945. Using the media to whip up hysteria and animosity towards this Slavic nation appears to be both a favourite, American pastime and its never-ending passion.

By posting such stories, ad nauseam, the West's determination of leveraging war fever into military actions against Russia is more than obvious. Western claims that Russia has bankrolled East Ukrainian separatists should be balanced against the US bankrolling of the Orange Revolution, Kiev's Maidan Uprising in 2014 and Alexei Navalny's subversive opposition in Russia, but these aspects of its political meddling are never reported by Western media.

The West's success in ousting Viktor Yanukovych has since led Ukraine into a death-spiral with its empty promises and hopeless dreams of an idyllic, Western-style state. This once-prosperous, East European country — and breadbasket of Europe — has recently been led down the garden path of destruction by America's "Great White Hope', Volodymyr Zelensky. Ukraine has now descended into an abyss by an alliance with a country which has no desire whatsoever to help the people of Ukraine.

America's long-standing aim for Ukraine has been nothing less than it become another NATO member-state in which to deploy its armies, aircraft, and medium-range weapons aimed at Moscow. With Kiev, and its West-leaning sycophants in tow, America and NATO believe it can threaten Russia into submission, and eternal subservience, from its southern border.

This same tactic was used in 1961- 62 when America and NATO placed medium- range, nuclear-tipped missiles — aimed at Moscow — in Turkey but were caught red-handed in the process. And, when Russia retaliated and placed medium-range, nuclear-tipped missiles in Cuba aimed at Washington, the screams of outrage in the Western press were heard loudly around the world.

And, when Russia agreed to remove its missiles from Cuba (Cuban Missile Crisis, 1962), the Kennedys, and America, were showered with accolades for saving the world from World War III but, of course, no mention was ever made that America was forced to withdraw its missiles from Turkey first. Today, America is again using the same, failed threats and tactics against Russia in Ukraine.

Franklin D. Roosevelt's famous WWII adage, "Walk softly and carry a big stick” was quickly replaced by America's post-war policy of, "Talk loudly and carry a bigger stick”, which is now being backed by economic threats and gunboat diplomacy in the Black Sea. The time has come when the bullied (Russia and China) have since grown to "full height and stature' and can fight back in their own defence — something which the US failed to foresee and now fears. And, when bullies become the bullied, their vocal complaints are often the shrillest and loudest.

America's true purpose in Ukraine is clear, and democracy and altruism most certainly have no part in it. Its recent announcement that Russia has "no right to expand its sphere of influence” — whereas America continues to expand its empire and sphere of influence globally — is a clear indicator that it firmly believes in its own Divine Right to rule the planet. Such pompous, arrogant, national attitudes are extremely dangerous, and threaten world peace.

The West has absolutely nothing to offer Ukraine except its pernicious design to set up missile batteries against Russia, to rape and deplete its extensive resources, and to sell Ukraine their high-priced American armaments and goods in return. Furthermore, their two worlds are as compatible as oil and water. The two differ dramatically in language, culture, lifestyles, religion, history, beliefs, economics and trading partners, and everything else. America has done nothing for Ukraine since its interference in Ukraine's politics first began in 2004, except to create chaos, bring death and destruction, and to set Slavic brother against Slavic brother.

In 1853, an advisor to Russia's Nicholas 1st (Mikhail Pogodin) said the following, "[Russia] can expect nothing from the West except blind hatred and malice …” And, from that day to this, absolutely nothing has changed in Western hearts, minds and attitudes toward the people of Russia.

With such deep-seated hatred, spite, venom, and malice in its heart, the West with its thinly-veiled pretenses and false altruism is doomed to failure in the Slavic, Orthodox world, and the Far East.

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Author`s name David Harasym
Editor Dmitry Sudakov