NATO: Prod-Provoke-Poke tactics

Year End 2021. We should be gearing up to a festive season to end the year and begin a new one. Instead, what do we see? Nato glaring at Russia, again.

How surprising. NATO squaring up to Russia again with its chest puffed out, its eyes glaring and looking at Russia through the sights of a gun. NATO, the military organization which has lost its way, lost its cause and now can only perpetuate its existence through prod-provoke-poke tactics.

Prod-provoke-poke tactics

NATO has been provoking Russia since the early 90s after the dissolution of the Warsaw Pact (1991), a defensive military organization which created a buffer between the USSR and NATO and which guaranteed the collective security of the countries following the social economic system (free housing, free public utilities, guaranteed job, guaranteed and free accommodationm, free healthcare, free education, social mobility, the chance to work abroad, free food, free leisure time activities, safety on the street, security of the state, zero homelessness, zero unemployment). 

NATO promised not to encroach eastwards if the Warsaw Pact was dissolved. It lied. Through its teeth. Look at the map today. Estonia: NATO. Latvia: NATO; Lithuania: NATO; Poland: NATO; Hungary: NATO; Slovakia: NATO; Romania: NATO; Bulgaria: NATO; Norway: NATO; Turkey: NATO. There is a fist of steel trying to clench around Russia’s neck while all the time NATO, on Russia’s very borders, conducts provocative military actions, prodding and provoking and poking, ducking and diving, dancing like the Devil. Thirty against one.

And what has Russia done, apart from harbouring massive mineral resources, which the lobbies that NATO works for have their greedy eyes on? To be more specific, the BARFFED (Banking, Arms, Resources, Finance, Food, Energy, Drugs lobbies) and remember the collective military spending of NATO member states is one point two trillion (that is Thousand billion) USD per year, each and every year.

Russian troops on Russian soil, not Iraq

Did Russia invade Iraq and contribute to the deaths of a million people? Did Russia strafe Iraq’s fields of cereals with military aircraft to starve civilians? Did Russia leave swathes of Serbia radio-active with Depleted Uranium weaponry, against the Geneva Conventions? Did Russia invade Libya and breach UNSC Resolutions 1970 and 1973 (2011)? Did Russia side with terrorists in Libya on NATO member states’ own lists of proscribed groups? Did Russia bomb Libya’s water supply and electricity grid? Did Russia side with terrorists in Syria, terrorists who raped nuns and raped little girls before and after they were forced to watch their parents being tortured to death and before their heads were used as soccer balls by howling demons screaming in delight, drugged to their eyeballs? Did Russia round up the entire population of the Chagos Islands, and deport them after gassing their pets? I repeat, after gassing their pets?

Did Russia stage an act of procovation in Georgia, a country which has refused to follow its obligations on nationality issues under the terms of the Third Soviet Constitution upon the voluntary dissolution of the Union (catered for in this constitution), in which Georgian forces murdered Russian peace-keepers? Did Russia plan an invasion of Abkhazia? Did Russia stage a fascist coup in Ukraine, in which shots were fired on the crowd in Maidan Square from the sixth floor of Hotel Ukraina, to fire up a revolt, in which thugs shouting “Daeth to Russians and Jews” took to the streets, and in which fascist gangs slaughtered and massacred Russian-speaking Ukrainians in countless acts of butchery?

The answer, of course, to all these questions is NO and the answer to what happened, in that case? is read the four-letter word, NATO in some way, shape or form.

In December 2021 Russian troops are on Russian soil, where they have every right to be. They are not in Iraq. They are not in Libya, the country with the highest Human Development Index in Africa which NATO sent back to the stone age, crawling with terrorists and now slave markets. And the Russian troops (some of them) are in western Russia simply to send a clear message to NATO which continues its acts of provocation from the Baltic to the Black Sea. The message is loud and clear.

You treat Russia as a friend, and you will have a friend. You will even have access to her enormous markets. You treat Russia as an enemy and...go ask Napoleon. Or Hitler. Nobody in Russia cares to see the major cities in all NATO countries reduced to rubble within seconds, as NATO bridgeheads are liquidated and as NATO military equipment is jammed, rendering it useless. And NATO? Did anyone ask the citizens in NATO member states why NATO is controlling their foreign policy? And after all NATO has done, does anyone beliave NATO really cares about anything except its self-perpetuation through invented scenarios and shitfaced lies? One point two trillion, each and every year, speaks for itself, does it not?

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Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey