Manhunt in Italy

Italy's Super Green Pass, a form of apartheid

Describing the Italian reality of these days is increasingly something that tears the soul of all those who love Italy, our homeland so beautiful and lost. We live days steeped in sadness and fear and both sadness and fear are administered to us in large doses by a despotic government in which one individual, Mario Draghi, is the third unelected Prime Minister in three consecutive years.

A few days ago, the tyrant who is holding Italy in his hands these days with the complicity of an increasingly weak and deprived Parliament, officially introduced apartheid in our country and called it "Super Green Pass":

From 6 December 2021 and until 15 January 2022 (at least), all those who are healthy but not vaccinated will no longer be able to attend gyms, theaters, restaurants, public places, they will not be able to use trains and subways. Those who are not vaccinated will be able to work, for the moment, but only with the negative swamp, done every 48 hours, going to work by bike, by car or on foot. For now, unvaccinated can still walk into a store and buy food, they can still get gas.

For the first time in human history, the healthy are considered as plague victims, to be kept separate from the rest of the world.

But thanks to the Super Green Pass, the vaccinated can now do all those things they did even before, when it seemed that it was a normal right for everyone to be able to do them without the need for any particular certificate: they called it "Democracy" and said that for them it was like air. What a bitter irony of fate for those defenders of Freedom!

The government hides its failures in managing the epidemic by placing the blame on Italians who are not vaccinated and who, above all, do not want to get vaccinated because vaccines are experimental, they can invalidate or kill you with their side effects and because it is under the eyes of everybody that the vaccinated become infected and contagious in turn.

It makes no sense to isolate unvaccinated healthy people and torment their existence because they invoke Article 32 of our Constitution for their protection, Constitution written when epidemics and vaccines already existed and which recognizes the right of Italians to refuse any experimental health treatment. The vaccinated infected, even without obvious symptoms, can move freely and becomes a perfect spreader of the disease, as is actually happening.

But the tyrannical government of Mario Draghi and his health minister, the immovable Roberto Speranza, has staked everything on vaccines, deceiving the population about their absolute effectiveness and promising a return to normality that it could not possibly guarantee.

One dose, two doses, a booster as a third dose, but already looking at the fourth. Let's vaccinate the old and the young, pregnant women (!!!), children and babies. Even the healed.

The treatments that could have saved thousands of human lives, Italian flesh and blood, continue to be prohibited for political principles and not for scientific reality. However, such treatments continue to be used in a semi-clandestine manner by brave doctors and the proof of their effectiveness lies not only in the huge number of healed but in the fact that not even this despotic government has so far had the courage to denounce the doctors who prescribe them. Now a class hatred against the unvaccinated is ruthlessly fomented so as to hide the faults and shortcomings of a government in dire straits.

Last year, in the middle of an epidemic, the government of another unelected Prime Minister was careful not to upgrade the intensive care units in our hospitals but spent almost a billion euros to buy plastic wheelchair school desks to use in schools so as to maintain the "social distance” between students and reduce infections. They are now in landfills because they are clearly useless. That same government spent another 200 million euros as a tax bonus on the purchase of electric skateboards to reduce pollution in cities.

On the other hand, why upgrade hospitals during a worldwide epidemic due to a mutable virus?

Now we are back to zero. They tell us that intensive care units "are in pain” and that the fault lies with the unvaccinated.

In this climate of pseudo-scientific hysteria, Nobel laureates like Luc Montagnier are still treated like old fools. Scientists like John Ioannidis or Peter Doshi suddenly become fools and the British Medical Journal just "a newspaper”.

No: the fault is not of those who did not want to get vaccinated. The fault lies with those who have ruled us and still rule us.

These are the words of Senator Richard Black, Purple Heart in Vietnam, which show us reality for what it is:

"People who require a Green Pass for daily living are not free.”

And those of Black are accompanied by the words of Vera Sharav:

"I experienced Nazism. I know how to recognize when it shows itself.”

Dear Mrs. Sharav, we believe you. And that's why we tell you with all our heart not to come to Italy these days…

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Author`s name Costantino Ceoldo
Editor Dmitry Sudakov