When the State is enemy to thee

There are moments in the life of peoples and countries in which their governments have as their enemy not the stranger with whom they want to fight a war but their own people, or a more or less substantial part of it.

The most tragic example that easily comes to mind is the persecution of German Jews by the government of the Third Reich: an immense persecution, in the name of a senseless and baseless hatred, which culminated in the attempted scientific genocide not only of the Germans Jews but also of all those rounded up in the countries occupied by the armies of the Third Reich. As is well known, soon they were not only Jews.

There is a fundamental aspect in the story of the Shoah that can be easily overlooked even by the most sensitive person: the extermination camps did not appear immediately out of nowhere but were the result of a progressive descent into hell that German society embraced with carelessness and indifference, sometimes even with joyful confidence. It was not the German Jews who died first, killed with gas by the Nazis, but the terminally ill, the insane, the deformed and all the "undesirables” who were in German hospitals. It was the infamous Aktion T4 eugenics program, antechamber of the extermination camps, which began before the start of the Final Solution and which continued until the defeat of Germany: the day before the relatives could see their hospitalized, the next day they found nothing. All killed by order of the State, with medical efficiency, by men and women who had set aside their Hippocratic oath. All in the name of a greater good.

Mark these words: in the name of a greater good.

Why talk about this story? In these days of infinite pandemic emergency due to a particularly heavy but not invincible flu syndrome, sinister parallels appear between the behaviour of German doctors during the Third Reich and what many medical men and women have today, in these Covidian days, even in Italy.

Nazism found a valid counterpart in the German medical class of the time, a loyal and uncritical executor of its plans. Today the pattern seems to repeat itself, with governments that do not look like Nazis and that have always made a comfortable and abundant manger of anti-Nazi propaganda, but which rely for their anti-covid policies on a medical class apparently stupid and under spell. A medical class that has set aside the usual methods of Science to follow, once again uncritically, government provisions that do not improve the pandemic situation but worsen it. All with the enthusiastic support of the big mainstream media that celebrate closures, quarantines and green pass laissez-passer.

It is as if a "window of opportunity” was opened (as herr Klaus Schwab candidly admitted when speaking of the Grand Reset) but only for a part of humanity, perhaps the worst that considers itself as the best. Again, for the greater good.

If last time it was the disabled, the insane, the minorities of different people and the Jews who were pointed out as enemies of society, now it is those who do not want to undergo experimental anti-covid vaccines when there are drugs that work well. in some merciless quarantine as useless. Who do not want to undergo to the lack of that sociality which is an essential good of mankind. Today the enemies are all those who refuse a widespread social control through telephone programs and health certificates that do not protect anyone because the vaccinated can infect themselves and can in turn infect others.

They say: it is not the same thing! There is a virus in circulation! People are dying!

But that's always the case. It is never like the other time. It's different every time. And this time too it's different: this time we have a reason. It is for a greater good.

  • It is for the greater good that we want to vaccinate you with experimental sera. Once. Twice. Three times, maybe even four times.
  • It is for a greater good that you cannot hold each other and must stay away from each other.
  • It is for a greater good that you have to wear one, two, three useless masks. A face-shield. Gloves.
  • It is for a greater good that we want to track you as animals on a farm.
  • It is for the greater good that we want to build "containment areas” for you who are not sick and refuse the vaccine. As we are already doing in Australia, for example.

Nobody seems to notice that among the singers of the new Covidian normality there are also those who have always considered the Earth to be overpopulated by a humanity capable only of reproducing and polluting. And they are the ones who cry out loudest.

The voices of those who are against it, of those who raise doubts about the official narrative and ask uncomfortable questions, these voices are silenced by a compact front of gate guardians who act in unison. It is as if there was to be implemented and defended an agenda that is ultimately not so hidden anymore and which wants to achieve very specific goals: the reduction of pollution through the reduction of the population, an obsessive social control, the reduction of the not- elitist humanity (sic) to a mere object of exploitation, the elimination of that thing called "democracy” by now considered useless obstacle on the path of the new bright future. And all, of course, for the greater good.

Yet, there are still voices that do not intend to keep quiet and silenced. Vera Sharav is one of these voices and what I initially thought of as a classic interview immediately became something else and the immensity of the experience lived by this tenacious, strong and courageous woman, unhinged the order of questions I had prepared.

She was in a concentration camp, destined for eventual extermination in an extermination camp. Her rescue was not what the Nazi regime had planned for her and millions of other Jews but she survived and she's here as witness. A real living memory of a horror that can reappear again if not carefully watched. A horror that has actually already manifested itself at other times, such as in Tuskegee, on American soil.

I experienced Nazism. I know how to recognize when it shows itself.

This is the chilling phrase that Sharav says during the interview and that clashes with the most reassuring opinions of Liliana Segre, the Italian survivor now idol of the Left in government here in Italy.

And again: "This time there will be no Allies to save us. We have to rely on ourselves”.

We should all act according to a principle of prudence and keep in mind the worst scenario but people, not just Italians, are still under the spell of an artfully instilled fear. Most are reluctant to follow a path other than the more reassuring one offered by the regime's propaganda and yet they should shake off their numbness before it is too late.

The interview is in English, it lasts more than an hour, but it is worth looking through. I suggest it to readers.

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Author`s name Costantino Ceoldo
Editor Dmitry Sudakov