9/11 attacks marked the beginning of the war against humanity

Global leaders waging wars against humanity

“The culture of peace is universal. It is shared by people and nations Worldwide. Today’s “culture of war” is a US hegemonic project predicated on the creation of conflict and divisions within and between countries. It is this (unilateral) project of global warfare which is intent upon destroying civilization.”

(Professor Michel Chossudovsky, “Towards a Culture of World Peace”. Global Research: 5/16/2019)

Leaders Who Enjoy Destroying Humanity

Most Western leaders lack proactive vision and moral and intellectual capacity to imagine a sustainable future for the people of the Earth. The liberal democracy is a name without rational meaning. When elections are held, it is the immediate task to get elected, not the aim of future – making for the good of political governance and mankind. Elections are won easily with money, hired agents of influence and targeted media campaigns.  Masses get thrilled with appealing messages of peace, harmony and future-making, not so, when the reality prevails, the leaders turn egoistic as they are by nature and profession, they lie, pretend and deceive the masses with glorified images of political indoctrination as if they are articulating a new world of unknown fantasy full of joy, happiness and material success. We, the People, We the Humanity are willing participants in making these consequent undermining costs of the future. Obviously when false narratives and claims of human values go unchallenged, we are bound to witness more tragic conflicts and lot of insincere and incompetent into the political governance. 

You will realize often truth blended with falsehood, misrepresentations and preposterous distortions and perhaps all rationally thinkable perversion of visual reality. Today across the globe, many politicians hold positions of power and influence to make unilateral polices and decisions to compromise virtue while commitment to truth appears offensive.

Human nature longs for peace and harmony not violence and conflict. Nobody can invent peace; it needs to be discovered out of the planned efforts to make it happen. None of the contemporary leaders can enjoin a vision of peace or contribute positively toward sustainable future-making. Egoistic global leaders are in disarray and intellectual decline to think of peace and the engaging interests of the informed mankind.  Warriors as dreamers exposing the mythology of ideological warfare? Not so, on the real confrontational fault lines. We have not exited from the darkness of the ideological past. NATO was the readily available face of the Western alliance to challenge the might of the Russian-led former USSR communist bloc. All adversaries formed the framework of mutually convenient co-existence without any real warfare. They agreed on mutual coordination to help in making the humanity helpless.

Recall that “Weapons of Mass Destruction” deception by the former US President George W. Bush and “Lies of the Iraq War” certainly remind all how some of the leaders betrayed public interest and orchestrated lies to wage aggression against a small and helpless country without any rationale. The Western warriors with small wisdom and big thinking are not remorseful for the cruelty of killing approximately three millions people and destructions of habitats in Iraq. They simply attribute all reasoning to the “intelligence failure” without any accountability of those who were in power and planned the Iraq war. Should they not face an international tribunal for Crimes against Humanity? 

The aim of human happiness and solidarity is not violence, wars and aggression. All wars perpetuate violence, fear and vindictiveness against mankind and are aimed at destruction of civilizations and dehumanization of succeeding generations. Bruce Gambrill Foster (“The Scourge Of War: The Shameless Marketing of Violence” Information Clearing House), observes:

“The connection between combating the violence of organized crime, for example, and war is easily bridged. In both, blood is spilled…. If even our simplest joys are couched in terms of conflict, death and domination, what hope is there to distinguish and abhor and eventually end the true villainy of armed conflict, the scourge of war?” 

Western Leaders Destroyed the Arab-Muslim World

The Arab Middle East is virtually destroyed; its masses bombed, terrorized and displaced as unwanted refugees across many European national frontiers. The real problem of Palestine is replaced by the current wars to capsize the whole of the Arab world.  Who is responsible for all the intriguing wars and backdoor conspiracies to kill one another? Islam united the believers in adversity but the authoritarian Arab leaders divided the masses and got defeated and disgraced. People and leaders live in conflicting time zones. Have all the Arab people lost their sense of thinking and rationality?  How would the future generations view them in a critical analysis? Were they so inept and stupid not to think of their own future and sustainability? The aggressors have carved up subjective titles and labels of sectarian killings, daily bloodbath and terrorism. As if it was not part of their planned scheme of things to dismantle the Arab freedom and human dignity. Was this perpetuated cruelty and darkness not the explicit outcome of the American and British war and occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan?  Who will rebuild the century’s old cultures, human habitats and reputable ancient values that have been systematically destroyed by the war mongers? 

In How the United States and Britain Lost the Bogus War in Iraq and Afghanistan (Global Research), this author clarified the pertinent facts of the bogus war: Michel Meacher, British Environment Minister under PM Blair (This War on Terrorism is Bogus) - provides reliable insight into the real reasons for the 'War on Terrorism'.

He claims that the "war on terror" is flatly superficial:  “The 9/11 attacks gave the US an ideal pretext to use force to secure its global domination ... the so-called 'war on terrorism' is being used largely as bogus cover for achieving wider US strategic geopolitical objectives ... in fact, 9/11 offered an extremely convenient pretext to put the PNAC plan into action. The evidence again is quite clear that plans for military action against Afghanistan and Iraq were in hand well before 9/11.”

We are One Humanity

We live in one Planet Earth. What happens across the globe or in the remote jungles of Botswana and or in the rugged mountains of Afghanistan or the bloody streets of Yemen, Damascus and Baghdad, it is vital to global interests and cannot be ignored because European or American television networks do not portray it. According to the Divine revelations, the Earth keeps record of all the human activities. The Earth is a living entity, not dead.  

If time and history are a reference point, we the humankind stand at a critical juncture of our own complacency to have allowed ignorance, hatred, fear and animosity to destroy our life, culture and existence. The few obsessed with invincible armies and political powers – the warriors as dreamers to control and dominate us have driven the humanity to a terrible sense of helplessness and void about its future. We are witnessing a growing culture of domination by the same as was in history- universally the self-centered maniacs claiming to be leaders of peace and mankind, the most hated and feared are turning the world into more man-made tragedies, animosities, continued drone attacks and bogus wars - all causing massive deaths and destruction to endanger life, human habitats and the sanctity of Planet Earth. The NEED is urgent to understand - how to change the egoistic and embittered insanity of the few hate-mongers and warlords into equilibrium of balanced relationship between Man, Life and God- given living Universe in which we reside all.

In a time of humanitarian crisis as is the COVID-19 Pandemic, we must allow truth of being One Humanity to support our existence and sustainable future – we must rethink that we are not alone - how we care about others – the neglected and tormented mankind striving for its existence and sustainable lifelines. Often, politically aligned thoughts in Europe and America have ignored the humanitarian vitality of Asia, Africa or China and Russia for convenient political expediency. There appears to be lot of conjures to be cleaned and clarified for change and a new world order of collaboration and help when it is most needed beyond national flags and borders. We desperately need to re-organize our thoughts and genius for unity and coordination to pool the humanitarian resources to fill the political gaps of egoism and anarchy between inept patriotism and its global outreach to restructure our policies and practices to extend humanitarian help to all those who needed most, not the weapons of mass destruction, not the claims of individual greatness but a revitalized sense of One Humanity ready to protect the present and future of human civilizations.

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Author`s name Mahboob A. Khawaja
Editor Dmitry Sudakov