Covid-19 pandemic evolving into Nazism

Green Pass is for Nazis

Where is Hannah Arendt when needed? And above all: where are all her admirers, all those who always swoon in commenting, quoting, taking as an example her "banality of evil”?

I see them in the squares every 25th April, every 2nd June and in all the other secular National Days of our Banana Republic. They commemorate. They discuss. They talk. They are moved and moved. The high values of the Resistance. The partisans. The Holocaust. Democracy. Freedom.

So many nice words but a few months of pandemic were enough and my lordships there have set aside without restraint all the beautiful principles with which they used to fill their mouths and bore their neighbour. As was tragically natural, they were quick to throw them away, in favour of a health-regime that day after day takes on an increasingly sinister, inhuman and cruel face.

Let's try to remember things from the beginning.

At the beginning of 2020, a flu-like epidemic breaks out in China. In a short time, it worsened to the point of pushing Beijing to seal an area with 60 million inhabitants. But, it is already too late: the virus is airborne and is already spreading to other parts of the world.

What is the Italian government in office doing in those days? Those who suggest controlling the temperature of the Chinese landing in Italian airports, a first and in any case all too mild attempt to prevent infections, are call racist and fascist. You hear idiotic slogans:

"Hug a Chinese!”, "Eat a spring roll!”, "No discrimination!”, "Racism is the only virus!”.

Who among us does not remember the secretary of the Italian Democratic Party, Nicola Zingaretti, intent on having an anti-fascist aperitif in Milan? Or the mayor of Bergamo, Giorgio Gori, together with his kind wife, busy in a Chinese restaurant in his city to demonstrate all his anti-discrimination anti-racism?

In a few days, however, the hospitals of Bergamo and Brescia become a carnage of COVID patients, demonstrating that an airborne and very infectious virus does not care about the racial concerns of the Italian Democratic Party and its afecionados.

Curiously, Bergamo and Brescia had seen, a few months before the outbreak of the epidemic, two huge vaccination campaigns against influenza and meningitis but, curiously yet, no one is interested in investigating whether there is a link between the COVID slaughter and the vaccinations campaigns just ended, some unwanted and unexpected effect of overexposure of the immune system. The "Right” (sic) does not care as the "Left” does not care. Indeed, it is precisely the Italian Left that shows a different decision-making momentum, doing the only thing that the Communists do well (even when watered down): to impose a dictatorship.

Viktor Orban asks for special powers from the Hungarian parliament to contain the epidemic. He gets them, but conditional: for a few months and in any case under the control of a committee that reports to parliament. It is the Hungarian parliament that decides to grant special powers to President Orban, not Orban who takes them after hearing his fellow snack. And anyway, he returns them after a few months. The best of the Italian journalistic garbage calls Viktor Orban fascist, dictator, declares him a danger for Europe. But the Italian media are silent when the Conte Bis government decides to impose a gigantic quarantine on the whole of Italy and to declare a state of emergency which, by virtue of the last extension decided a few days ago by Mario Draghi's government, will last until 31 December 2021. The Italian parliament is consulted a few times, almost reluctantly, and the results are obvious. The most important decisions are made by very few ministers, with the help of a "control room” which to some really seems to have surreal characteristics.

As of December 31, 2021, there will be almost two years of state of emergency, with the possibility of other extensions. Hitler did just that: Hitler never abrogated the constitution of the Weimar Republic but, shortly after his appointment as chancellor, which took place with regular elections, he dismissed it by declaring a state of emergency that lasted until the fall of the Third Reich. We all know how it fell.

Now, in this sunny August, amid a vaccination campaign with experimental anti-COVID serums that cannot be imposed on the population without violating our Constitution, the obligation of an official document is introduced to be able to enter a gym, sit at the restaurant, use public transport, eat in company canteens, even work if you are a public employee such as school and university teachers. You can have this document only if you are vaccinated or negative for a COVID swab, a result that is still valid for a few hours.

They called it "Green Pass” because "laissez-passer” was too Nazi but this is its true discriminatory nature. It is even against the European regulation that Italy has signed but this does not constitute a problem for this government. Someone is already asking to prevent unvaccinated people from entering supermarkets. They want to flush them out of hunger. I fear, given the wind, that in the end the request could be accepted and also that will be punished those vaccinated who offer to do the shopping for those who are not. Punished like those citizens who helped persecuted Jews to survive.

We are told that the unvaccinated are a danger to the vaccinated, who can become infected and infect themselves, even ending up intubated in the hospital. I see no logic in using a vaccine that doesn't really protect you, that sometimes invalidates you when it doesn't kill you directly like in a monstrous Russian roulette, a vaccine whose long-term side effects aren't known but which could, instead, be tragically scary. I see no logic other than the logic of the money that enriches the usual Big Pharma. But those who control information do not care logic and for sure those who want to enrich themselves on the skin of others and all those who dream of rewriting Western or even global society care it even less.

Who are those who today impose the Green Pass on us, hypocritically ignoring those European regulations that they, first, always throw at us because we should always genuflect to them?

They are the ones who in the last 20 years have told us that:

  • with the euro it would have been like working one day less and earning as if we were working one day more;
  • that the "labour reform” would have created opportunities for everyone;
  • that the "pension reform” would have ensured a better future for us and our children;
  • that the "school reform” would have allowed people to study better;
  • that the "justice reform” would have defended the innocent and guaranteed a fair penalty to the guilty;
  • that the "health reform” would have saved money by eliminating waste and providing better care to the sick;
  • that we need the "Zan law” on LGBT rights to avoid… discrimination!

And all in the name of "It's Europe asking us”. What results!

The euro has sunk our economy. Our workers have been reduced to flesh and blood robot slaves, less important than a hammer or a screwdriver but prisoners of temporary contracts. The school is in fact almost exclusively in the hands of women, feminized and unable to offer also a virile vision of the world. The school programs are now ridiculous and the whole school system does not teach how to learn, which is one of the main purposes of a real School. The retirement age moves further and further away, obtaining the paradoxical effect that the old continue to occupy those jobs that young people are unable to have and young people increasingly live on subsidies and occasional employment. Public health has now been reduced to a manger where everyone wants a part of it to manage his own political clienteles. And the Italian justice… well, many problems could also be solved thanks to the judiciary, if the Italian judiciary were not, not always but unfortunately in many cases, part and cause of the problems to be solved.

And now also a Nazi laissez-passer. With the applause of all those who have always spoken ad nauseam of democracy and freedom.

Senator Liliana Segre, an Italian Jewish survivor of the Auschwitz-Birkenau extermination camp, has nothing to complain about: for her it is normal that there is a Green Pass, a Nazi-style laissez-passer and indeed she has overshadowed herself, her and others, for the comparison between the Italy of our days and that Nazi Germany of the time, which worked so hard to kill her. It does not even occur to her that in these unfortunate days of ours she, just she too, could be used for a hidden and infamous purpose.

What a supreme act of derision and what a subtle pleasure it would be to be able to use even the survivors of the Shoah to impose a Nazi-style regime in Italy and in the so-called "free world”!

Only the philosopher Giorgio Agamben has had the bravery to expose himself since last year to warn us against what is regularly occurring. Very few of us believed him or even listened to him and the usual media promptly poured a river of mud on him. But what flock of hysterical and terrified sheep would ever listen to an old philosopher saying unpleasant things?

Apparently, only Matteo Salvini's Northern League tried to oppose this madness, but the efforts were in vain. However, the Honourable parliamentarian Claudio Borghi felt it was his duty to publicly apologize for this evident failure, in his Tweet of 5 August:

"I did my best but I lost. I apologize to all of you” and then: "I read the text of the decree. All confirmed and perhaps worse. I confirm what has been said here. Really excuse me.”

Clearly, we thank the Honourable Claudio Borghi for his bravery: it is well known that victory has many fathers and instead defeat is an orphan. Thanking him, we also acknowledge that he stood on it. However, this situation cannot last for long.

How did we get to this point? The answer is simple: many of us have lived happily as pets and when you live like this, the step to becoming beasts of slaughter is tragically short.

Then I ask again: where is Hannah Arendt when needed? And where is that other voice, the one that from Radio London gathered all the men strong and free so that they could join together in an inescapable and superior common purpose?

To the readers who have had the patience to get this far I suggest this video by Vera Sharav.

The roots of evil are often deep and well hidden, but remembering is one of our weapons. In addition to resisting.

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Author`s name Costantino Ceoldo
Editor Dmitry Sudakov