Dutch justice: Mockery, travesty and antithesis of justice

Dutch Justice

The adjective "Dutch” carries a highly unfavorable connotation. A "Dutch Uncle” is no relative of "Uncle Tom” but rather the cousin of "Uncle Sam.” Obviously, the dim view of the Dutch that is evident here, dates from the 17th century when the English had set eyes upon the highly successful Dutch trade and the Dutch seaborne Empire, and when they tried to steal these in the course of the three Dutch Wars. Since then the word "Dutch” has come to almost cancel the noun that it accompanies. "Dutch courage” has little to do with courage but everything with the kind of valiance acquired after drinking too much alcohol. A "Dutch wife” is the long pillow that some men prefer to take to bed rather than a real woman.

Today, a new expression needs to be added to the list: "Dutch justice,” meaning a mockery, a travesty of justice, the very antithesis of justice. Just look at the tragic farce that the MH17 trial has become, with the systematic suppression of evidence, corrupt prosecutors, partial judges, all duly supported by biased state- and corporate controlled media. In hindsight, it was apparently for a sound reason that one hundred years ago the international community selected The Hague as the seat of the International Court of Justice. Today it is also the seat of the International Criminal Court and a number of specialized tribunals such as the Court for the Former Yugoslavia. Whatever the names of those kangaroo courts, they definitely do not impart justice.

The Netherlands has always been a nation of vindictive, petty-minded midgets who turn on anybody with an independent opinion. That is the reason why the few Dutch intellectuals and authors of quality and independence of mind have always had to move abroad. Since Hugo Grotius in the 17th century, any Dutchman with a mind of his own has left the country.

  • Pieter Waterdrinker, the greatest living Dutch novelist, now lives in Russia,
  • Before him, Gerrit Komrij fled to Portugal,
  • Willem Frederik Hermans to France,
  • J. Slauerhoff became a Flying Dutchman, working as a ship's doctor and writing poetry in his spare time.

Among the many who have had to leave the country for expressing wayward opinions, some journalists also stand out. These include Alexander Cohen and Willem Oltmans. For decades, the latter was mercilessly persecuted for exposing facts and expressing opinions regarding the former Dutch colony in Indonesia that the government at The Hague desired to keep away from the public.

Oltmans has found a worthy successor in Micha Kat, who is among the very few Dutch journalists with the kind of personal courage (not Dutch courage!) it takes to stand to the Dutch government. Once regarded as the most lucid journalist on judicial affairs, Micha Kat in 2004 published a book exposing the corruption with the Dutch "newspaper of record,” NRC-Handelsblad (Lux, Libertas en Leugens, or Light, Liberty and Lies, in a pun at the newspaper's motto). In 2010, it was followed by Boekhoudfraude (Bookkeeping fraud), exposing truly stunning frauds by KPMG, Deloitte, Ernst & Young and PricewaterhouseCoopers.

In the meantime, Mr. Kat had begun to expose the widespread and systemic corruption of the Dutch judiciary. From prosecutors, lawyers and judges down to specialised journalists, and including professional organizations for journalists, lawyers and judges, as well as the Ministry of Justice, the whole system is utterly corrupt. Its workings become evident, especially when the system is turned against those who dare challenge the government at any level.

Since life in the Netherlands was being made impossible for him, Mr. Kat had to go abroad, ending up in Northern Ireland. Mr. Kat has focused on exposing the very mechanism that keeps together the Dutch ruling elite. Until the 1980s, this elite recruited its members mostly from the traditional upper classes, the university-educated middle class, and the occasional newcomer from below, since then the elite has had to expand. It could no longer rely on the traditional "old-boys networks” and therefore a new instrument for ensuring cohesion was needed.

This new mechanism was pedophilia, complete with all its unsavory collateral activities down to the sadistic mistreatment of infants.

Of course, it is very difficult and emotionally straining to look into these matters, but Mr. Kat has had the courage to do just that. Thus he exposed that Mr. Joris Demmink, from 2002 to 2012 Secretary General of the Dutch Justice Ministry (!) was not only a pedophile, but probably more than that. As a result, the government has unleashed its bloodhounds against Mr. Kat, charging him with the most outrageous and ridiculous offenses: for allegedly "insulting” the head of Dutch state television, Mr. Kat was sentenced to nine months in jail.

Since last year, Mr. Kat has been presenting persuasive evidence that "Covid-Czar” Prof. Jaap van Dissel, director at the RIVM (Government Health Authority) also known as the "Dutch Fauci,” has been involved in criminal child molesting and even murder, but the police and the prosecution have consistently refused to investigate the case.

Now, the Government has struck back, requesting Mr. Kat's extradition from Northerm Ireland where he lives, for being a "terrorist.” Mind you, Mr. Kat has never made, let alone thrown a bomb, never called for violence, never done anything that terrorists usually do, nothing at all. Still, he is branded a terrorist, for allegedly "destabilizing” the state. At the same time, he has been served a gag order and is not allowed to engage in any kind of journalist activity. On 3 September, the judge in Northern Ireland will decide whether or not Mr. Kat is to be extradited to the Netherlands.

That, dear reader, is what "Dutch Justice” amounts to. Probably, in the eyes of the Dutch government, it is actually justice.

But, come to think of it, "Dutch Government” is also a nonsensical expression. It is the very antithesis of "government.” Indeed, the government at The Hague is not even a "Dutch” government. It might just as well be called a "Ukrainian” government, or "Iraqi” government, since it does exactly and promptly whatever the Washington regime tells it to do.

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Author`s name Hans Vogel
Editor Dmitry Sudakov