Putin-Biden Summit

Putin/Biden Summit: The world demands maturity

Standing at a critical moment at multiple crossroads, the world cries out for leadership with maturity, a quality clearly demonstrated by Vladimir Putin. Does Biden have what it takes?

The words of US President Joe Biden as he gears up for his summit with Vladimir Putin demonstrate what appears to be a total lack of skills. In declaring that he aims to discuss Russia’s “behavior” which is out of line with international law, he shows himself yet again to be arrogant, insolent, out of touch and totally unwilling to address the real issues affecting every woman, man and child living on this planet: climate change, the pandemic and the ensuing economic and financial tsunami building up as we speak. He chooses instead, to yet again launch aggressive diatribes, like the gatecrasher at the party who nobody wants.

The four-letter word, IRAQ

After all, we are speaking of someone who in 2003 supported the USA’s illegal act of butchery in Iraq, a barbaric attack outside the auspices of the United Nations Organization, with no remit from the Security Council, rendering this attack based on barefaced lies illegal, and a war crime.

Reading through the clouds of bull emanating from the western press – references to the G7 countries as representing freedom and democracy, reference to Biden as “Leader of the Free World” (what is that supposed to mean?) and references to that Navalny character as the “Leader of the Russian Opposition” – we see a clear need for someone to tell the truth and for some leadership which takes the decisions, today, which will affect our children, tomorrow.

Let us start with a crystal-clear summary of current events, put in a nutshell. The West, collectively, has only ever regarded Russia as an ally while the armed forces of the Soviet Union were decimating the Wehrmacht (9 out of every 10 troops killed) during the Second World Watr/Great Patriotic War. Before that, and after it, western forces were busy conducting terrorist, subversive and sabotage operations inside the USSR and inside the sovereign territory of its allies.

The aim is to dismember Russia

The aim is to dismember the Russian Federation and make a grab for its resources, funding separatist groups, stirring up trouble and using NGOs as social terrorist weapons to destabilize. We only have to see the collective arms budget of NATO countries, set at one point two trillion USD per annum (enough to eradicate poverty for good in just one year), we only have to look at the offensive nature of NATO’s armoury, we only have to note that after NATO promised not to expand eastwards, it did precisely that and now encircles western Russia like a vice, while carrying out war games in the Baltic.

Fortunately, Russia has a President who is a patriot and fortunately, Russia has political and military leaders who are capable of neutralizing such provocations. A recent one was the Fascist coup in Ukraine, where gangs of thugs chanting “Death to Russians and Jews” seized power and ousted the democratically elected President. Biden’s own hand was visible in this sorry episode, which saw these demonic hordes conduct massacre after massacre of Russian-speaking Ukrainian citizens. Cleaning ladies suffocated with telefone wire. Office workers kicked to death. To date I have not read one single quote in which Biden denounces these acts of terror.

Lies are told to cover uncomfortable truths and reiterating these lies time and time again, Goebbels-style, does nothing more than underline the notion that Biden is hiding behind a wall of ignorance. For a start, Navalny is not the leader of the Russian Opposition, he is not the leader of anything. His own racist comments are very well known, making him an extremely unsavoury character, while the Leader of the Opposition is the leader of the Russian Communist Party, second in polling intentions to Putin’s United Russia.

Let us continue with Crimea. It was not annexed, as western sources say, there was a free and fair referendum in which over ninety per cent of the population voted to return to Russia. In the absence of the democratically elected President, the legal power in force was the Republic of Crimea’s Parliament, which organized the referendum.

The entire population deported after gassing their pets

As for the G7 being paragons of freedom and democracy, Google up the disgusting story of the Chagos Isles. Never heard of them? No, well you wouldn’t, would you? Culprits: the dynamic duo, the UK and its chief bedmaster. The UK deported the entire population, gassed their pets, yes I repeat, gassed their pets, and handed them over to the USA.

So let us get real here. Putin did not favor the foreign policy disaster which was Iraq and it was not Putin or Russia connected with the ensuing stories about concentration and torture camps, in which all roads led to Washington. The one supporting the Iraq war was Joe Biden. So perhaps we should discuss the behavior of the United States of America which has been totally outside any norm of international law for decades. We might discuss Operation Condor in Latin America where political representatives of the Left fighting against fascist military regimes were raped, tortured or killed. Pretty demoractic, eh? Leader of the Free World, or Agent of Satan?

We might discuss the shocking act of terror in Libya, sending the country with the highest Human Development Index in Africa back to the Dark Ages, crawling with jihadis and studded with slave markets. How democratic was that? We might discuss the west’s siding with terrorist groups in Libya, on its own lists of proscribed groups, we might discuss the west’s siding with terrorists in Syria, you know, the guys who raped little girls before and after beheading them and playing soccer with the head, after the little girls were forced to watch their mom and dad being tortured to death. Freedom and democracy. Yeah right.

Supposing for once Biden acted like a man?

So instead of the lies, the diatribes and the shit-headed, pigfaced insolence, supposing for once in his life Joe Biden acted like a man and showed some skills? He has been long enough in the corridors of power, after all and what does he have to show for it? Foreign policy disasters, breaking international law and his country's image connected with torture camps and terrorists.

What we need is a definitive reset in relations between multiple players in a multilateral world, not a Cold War Mark II with Russia and China on one side and the European ex-Imperialist states and their overseas abortions on the other. We want to see global leaders with the skills to make a global mark on policymaking, not unilateral exercises in drum-banging and sabre-rattling, which belong to Medieval times.

We demand a multifaceted and universal approach to climate change, which makes a difference and guarantees that the next generations to come will be safe; we demand a definitive approach to animal welfare, humane farming and habitat management which makes the Half the World goal a reality (human activity being restricted to tarnishing only half the planet, leaving the rest of it intact and unpolluted for others to enjoy); we demand that every child on this planet is born with equal opportunities, regardless of nationality, race, color or creed.

Putin has what it takes to make this happen. Does Biden?

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Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey