Putin teaches Biden a lesson

Putin gives Biden a lesson in Statesmanship

What a masterclass in statesmanship as Putin puts Biden over his knee, pulls down his pants and tans his backside. In public. The world celebrates...

Well let us be honest here, ladies and gentlemen, Biden is not exactly a Statesman, is he? The best he has done to date was to be a rather boring number two to that Obomber person, you know, the one who insulted the Nobel Peace Institution with an illegal act of butchery in Libya.

So who the Hell is Biden to go mud-slinging?

In fact, one look at Biden's record so far reveals one more befitting of a psychopath, a sociopath and a mass murderer. And an insult to his professed Catholic faith. He backed the USA's illegal invasion of Iraq, in which children had their limbs and faces blown off, in which whole families were slaughtered, in which torture and concentration camps became synonymous with the United States of America, in which detainees were tortured on secret CIA flights (all you have to do is research the slots at airports, they're all documented). It sounds more like the work of the Devil, does it not?

Then who was Vice President as the USA sent Libya, the country with the highest Human Development Index in Africa, back to the Stone Age, crawling with terrorists and slave markets? Why, who else? Joe Biden. And who was Vice President while a Fascist coup took place in Ukraine, with groups of thugs chanting "Death to Russians and Jews" and murdering cleaning ladies with telephone wire in a host of massacres? Why, who else? Joe Biden. You know, the one whose son then got a cushy job in the New Fascist Ukraine.

Bring it on!

Then he has the audacity, the cheek and the sheer, shit-faced insolence to call Vladimir Putin a "killer"? Well he had better produce evidence because there is something called slander which carries a prison sentence with it. You cannot go around calling people names like that unless you have some hard evidence to back it up. Who is Putin supposed to have killed? When? Where? How? Evidence? Facts? Links? Motive? Intent? You know, words associated with the Rule of Law and Due Process, two notions which are meaningless in Biden's America.

In Iraq, Libya and Ukraine plenty of people were killed by the forces Biden backed. So who the Hell is Biden to go mud-slinging?

Biden is incompetent

The second issue is that in making this affirmation, Biden proves himself to be totally incompetent for the post he holds. It is inconceivable that the US intelligence services are unaware that the few conflicts that have broken out on Russia's borders were not started by Russia. Take for instance the Georgian Conflict in 2008 when Georgian Forces attacked and murdered Russian peace-keepers and Russia replied with a measured response. Take for instance Ukraine, where the democratically elected president, Yanukovich, was ousted in a Fascist coup and in which western-backed groups of thugs perpetrated massacres of Russian-speaking Ukrainians. Take for instance Syria, where Russian forces successfully conducted a counter-terrorist operation against western-backed terrorists who were slicing the breasts off nuns before and after raping them, and playing soccer with the heads of little girls, before and after raping them, and after they were forced to watch their parents being tortured to death, by the darlings Biden's side was supporting. So this speaks volumes about Biden, does it not?

Next up, Biden is the only Head of State in the entire international community to make such ludicrous claims about his Russian counterpart, demonstrating a total lack of respect, making Biden a sniveling guttersnipe of the worst order, a parasite in the international community and a lightweight gossip of a president with a small "p". Putin's masterful reply puts Biden firmly in his place and makes the US President smart in utter and total humiliation, like a jackass adolescent caught doing something stupid and being outed in public.

Biden poisons the international environment

So instead of using his Presidency to make a difference, to make a positive mark and to "lead" the world towards peace and good relations, what does Biden do? Like an idiot, poison the scene before the get-go. How can he now forge friendly and positive relations with Russia? He cannot, unless he apologises but then again he is not man enough for that.

So it is quite obvious that the Biden Presidency will be a dismal failure. The USA cannot afford to carry on its aggressive stance in the international community after the beginning of the end, which was the foreign policy disaster called Iraq, which Biden of course backed. He would, wouldn't he? He has blown the chance to create positive relations with the one nation that can make a difference in today's world. All he can do now is to sit back and watch China steal the show.

His idiotic comment on President Putin and the masterful reply had the entire world applauding the Russian leader. Just two months into his term, Joe Biden has dug his own political grave. He is and will always be a nobody, a wannabe who never made it to a has-been, a foul-mouthed, unpleasant and insolent little upstart carping from the sidelines, proof of his ineptitude; a lightweight, a guttersnipe, a sinister and creepy sociopath masquerading as Mister Nice Guy. Look at his record and you will see that there is a place reserved for him in Hell.

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Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey