Big Tech cancels free speech in America

During NATO's illegal and savage bombing of Serbia in 1999, Serbia's only satellite connection to the world was severed to prevent the images of NATO's numerous atrocities against civilians such as the bombing of the passenger train at Grdelica (murdering at least 60 innocents) or the savage bombing and rebombing of the Varvarin bridge killing 10 civilians gathered at a farmer's market. These were just two of hundreds of such tragedies ("collateral" damage) from NATO's "humanitarian" bombing that needed to be told but were just totally ignored and censored by the West.

The Chinese embassy in Belgrade tried helping the Serbs by sending images of the terrible destruction and civilian murders from their links but they were then subsequently bombed (supposedly by "accident") murdering three Chinese nationals there. Finally, the Radio and Television of Serbia (RTS) headquarters was barbarically bombed and destroyed by NATO, murdering some 16 staff members in what was the most savage example of censorship the world has ever seen. For the record, no mainstream American or other Western journalists ever condemned this vile act and many instead somehow pathetically justified the destruction of this nonmilitary target as it was a bastion of Serbian propaganda. When the National Press Club would have ceremonies honoring fallen journalists around the world over the years, not one mention was ever made of the RTS bombing. Instead, Serbians were and continue to be viciously censored by the Western "free and fair" corporate-controlled mainstream media.  All of this effort to control the anti-Serbian, "blame the Serbs for everything" narrative about Yugoslavia's civil wars paid off handsomely as reunified Germany got what it wanted: the destruction of Yugoslavia at Serbian expense, and Bill Clinton got Camp Bondsteel.  Many economic targets such as the Nish cigarette factory (the third largest in Europe) were also destroyed by NATO opening up Serbia to Western economic exploitation. Phillip Morris purchased Nish tobacco factory in Serbia shortly thereafter at a hefty discount.

During this tragic time, I warned many of my fellow Americans that they too would see themselves censored and targets of anti-Americans/anti-nationalists/Sorosian fifth columnists just as Serbian nationalists were. Just as Serbian nationalism became a bad word in the West, so would American patriotism be similarly vilified.

More than 21 years later, we see precisely the same modus operandi now censoring Americans. Parler, Twitter's primary competition was literally turned "off" in a highly coordinated corporate assault by the flip of a switch at Amazon (and app cancellation at Apple) just as Serbia's only satellite connection was severed in 1999.  Just as NATO bombed the Nish cigarette factory to help Phillip Morris, Amazon helped Twitter by destroying Parler.  Patriotic Americans who love their country and are concerned and dare to speak out about massive evidence of fraud in the recent elections are mocked, canceled, and censored.  The mainstream media wants to tell Americans that black is white and white is black and they desperately claim that alleged fraud is "baseless," "unproven" or "unverified" despite the thousands of mostly ignored an suppressed affidavits of fraud from witnesses all over the country (and even abroad in places such as Italy), and testimony from computer experts.  

Even more sadly, we see pseudo-intellectual "journalists" and other "professionals" desperately try to justify the destruction of Parler and permanent banning of President Trump and hundreds of other conservative voices from Twitter and other social media with glee - gloating over the fact that Big Tech is more powerful than the President of the United States. Shockingly, we have some "journalists" and "leaders" actually saying that censorship is good!  Free speech is bad! Perhaps they might agree that ignorance is strength and slavery is freedom! George Orwell must be turning in his grave!  

Joe Biden was indeed right to say that "dark days" are ahead for America.

As a scientist, every modicum of data I receive from my experiments is critical to better understand natural phenomena. Just because you don't "like" some data is not a reason to discount it. You never discount data without a really good reason (e.g. defective measuring equipment). Similarly, the essence of intellectualism is the willingness to listen to differing points of view (i.e. to receive "data" from all sources). True intellectuals are never afraid of new information and new insights- they are more often excited by them even if they disagree with them because they present a challenge to understand. That's why the concept of tenure is critical for professors so that they are not afraid to examine, test, and proffer different viewpoints - different ways of thinking - challenging conventional wisdom. This often ends up producing novel routes of exploration and thinking which ultimately pushes humanity forward. Without this willingness to expand your imagination outside of the confines of your limited "worldview," you will never learn.  Neither will you ever know how to properly debate ideas which includes the willingness to listen to and seriously consider different perspectives. Yet debate is an absolutely essential ingredient of democracy. America has been strengthened by its diverse immigration, imagination, and willingness to adopt novel ideas which made it the great nation it is. The best ideas are hashed out and adopted via debate. When millions of Americans are censored and their views summarily discounted, the entire country loses as this prevents expression of possibly transforming ideas.  It also prevents reconciliation through dialogue and mutual understanding; further polarizing the nation into "us vs. them" camps with no room for more moderate/intermediate views and thus no ability to moderate and bring the conflicting sides together. Nature does not like extremism/polarization which is extremely destabilizing for society. When growing extremism on all sides (e.g. Antifa, MoveOn, Proud Boys, QAnon etc) is not properly addressed, dampened and reconciled, civil war is inevitable. Censorship only aids and abets extremism.

Though Big Tech may be able to "switch off" and censor/muzzle anyone they disagree with, they cannot do it as monopolies because Americans depend on these various media agents/platforms to communicate (just as they once did with MaBell/AT&T for the telephone). Thus, these massive monopolies need to be completely dismantled and treated as publishers who are responsible for the content they "publish" and not just "platforms." Monopolies, like extremists, enforce their will on a hostage populace. That's un-American.

In the meantime, we will witness (as was witnessed in Serbia during the sanctions of the 1990s) the development of a parallel economy in the US which will be generated and serve the censored/ignored/canceled part of America. This will actually be good for America as it will continue the efforts of President Trump to wean us off cheap Chinese labor and resurrect manufacturing here in America offering real and productive jobs to Americans. It will also dilute the power of the extremist "elites" who seek to enslave America. And who knows? Perhaps with novel financial institutions that are no longer dependent on globalist banks/virtual/pyramid scheme monetary system that is the US dollar, perhaps we might reestablish the gold standard as a "novel" currency which will be untouchable by the globalist "elites" who have wrought so much havoc here.

In conclusion, censorship in a nation that celebrates, enables and benefits from diversity, differing opinions, and democracy is unacceptable in any form - whether by corporations, local and federal governments, politicians, journalists, or just fellow citizens. We should never be afraid of information - only those who seek to control our access to it.

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Author`s name Michael Pravica