America at a critical crossroads

Why America needs more than just two political parties

America is at a critical crossroads. Its population and leaders are sharply divided and vicious attacks are routinely occurring to citizens (and their property) just because of their political beliefs - similarly to the way Hitler's Brown Shirts would barbarically persecute Nazi Germany's perceived domestic "enemies."

Republicans and Democrats can't even agree to set aside their many differences for the sake of sending financial stimulus aid to millions of Americans who desperately need it by simply removing the massive pork surreptitiously inserted into the stimulus bill which has absolutely nothing to do with COVID relief in a tragic and oft-repeated story of merciless special interests and political chess games at a time when thousands of Americans are dying and suffering.

Democrats just spent four years desperately trying to prove nonexistent Russian "collusion" and impeach the President, wasting millions of dollars in the process, and destroying the lives of many innocents. I strongly suspect that the Republicans will spend the next four years trying to investigate and prosecute the massive fraud that was evident in the recent US elections, and Joe and Hunter Biden's traitorous and illegal quid pro quo business dealings with the Ukraine, China and other nations. Thus, like a swinging pendulum, the impetus for change (force) oscillates back and forth between two antiquated and spoiled parties that no longer serve the American people but serve "elite" wealthy Americans and "special" interests who seek to divide and conquer a weak, divided and desperate citizenry. The problem is that as the pendulum oscillates between controlling Democrats and controlling Republicans, the methods that each party implements to garner support for the pendulum to swing their way are very socially destructive. Americans are becoming increasingly divided and many have completely lost faith in their government. Will this lead to a civil war? I hope not.

That's the kind of rigged system America now has - the "best" that money can buy. Special interests drive everything via bribes. When you have money, you can pay for good propaganda/advertisements for your campaign. You can buy pallets of bricks, frozen water bottles and fireworks/explosives to give to naive and immature thugs to use to loot and destroy local businesses and savagely attack elderly couples. You can rig elections, and just outright buy off/hire politicians to do your bidding.  As Pat Buchanan has stated, each of the two political parties in America are just each wings of a bird. It's clear that both parties have become far too entrenched in the American political system to care about the underlying reasons why so many Americans voted for Donald Trump, a political neophyte and outsider, both in the 2016 election and the most recent election. Neither are the two parties able to compromise with one another anymore for the sake of the American people which is incredibly destructive and has alienated millions of Americans.

It has never been clearer that we need more than just two major political parties just as in much of the rest of the democratic world. Two bulls butting heads and locking horns with one another in perpetual and mortal combat is not stable nor is it constructive. We need a serious alternate party or parties that will give a voice to the millions of disenfranchised American voters such as myself and stop taking us for granted. Nothing in our Constitution prevents the formation of Third parties. Most democracies around the world have more than two political parties. Of course, there are Third parties here in the US such as the Green Party or the Libertarian party, but they are so marginalized, condemned (for "stealing"/siphoning away votes) and ignored/censored by our mainstream corporate-controlled media that most Americans are not even aware of their existence let alone know what they stand for.

However, like Ross Perot who ran as an independent and nearly won, Donald Trump (or someone of his financially-independent stature) may leave his current party (which would not be surprising after all of the betrayal against him) and form his own party. Americans yearn for an unencumbered outsider to stop the globalist takeover and parasitic exploitation of America and restore it as the beacon of freedom, democracy and hope around the world that it once was.

With lackluster do-nothing (over 47 years) candidates such as Grandpa Joe Biden who, pathetically, was apparently the "best" candidate that Democrats (in partnership with the "Deep State") had to offer, an alternative Third Party candidate would have even more unbridled support in an era where Americans are losing complete faith in their government and politically parties, are routinely censored and are constantly being forced to endure political battles and grandstanding which stultify progress of the entire nation and exacerbate the suffering of millions. Instead of hoping to reform the two main political parties (which will not happen in an era of where money instead of morality drives everything), we are far better off creating a new party that will be a serious contender to challenge the status quo in this struggling country.

A viable Third Party can easily dissolve logjams such as the current stimulus legislation as it can choose which of the other parties to support and ally with. It forces our leaders to relearn the forgotten art of negotiation, diplomacy and compromise instead of using cheating, propaganda, censorship, and violent distractions as an immature means to get what they want. 

Just as with the mainstream corporate controlled media which presents that same sickening Agitprop over and over, there is no real "choice" of political candidates when it boils down to only two candidates. When millions of voters in America are disenfranchised and must choose between the "lesser of two evils," this is not a choice. This is not democracy. Politics will always be dirty politics. But when Americans have more choices by having more than just two parties, we are all better off.

Given the unprecedented support that a boisterous and very much imperfect political outsider who dared to challenge our outdated political system received from the American people despite the massive evidence of election fraud against him, it is clearly evident that we have a unique opportunity (with appropriate focus, patriotism and strategy) to totally upend and positively change the clogged, traitorous, freedom-stealing, corrupt, constipated, rotten, stinking and broken political system in America more than ever before in American history.

To my fellow Americans, just remember that those in power will always seek to distract and divide you, and turn you against one another as a means of control. Let's not let that happen. Let's work together for the sake of our beloved country!

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Author`s name Michael Pravica