COVID-19 Bandwagon – is Rolling Again.

COVID-19 Bandwagon – is Rolling Again

Nothing in this world occurs by chance, there are no coincidences; the stakes are too high for those who would want to rule the world to allow chance to have any say. 

In my little part of the world, we tend to think of it as being peaceful and quiet. With a population of around 5 million, we tend not to hit world headlines very often. In fact, New Zealand is very often used as the "testing ground" for new systems etc the Elite want to roll out.  I recall our bank card system and EFPOS was rolled out here to check the operation as our nation is very self-contained and problems here would not seriously impact the rest of the world.

Our Island Fortress was a bulwark against the spread of COVID-19 when it hit the world stage. Our illustrious Comrade leader of the Labour Party was able to close off our borders and effectively stop the spread of COVID-19 simply by not allowing new cases into the country. For this, she received undue praise and support from the general populace who can not see past their TV and MSM Newspapers who ad nauseum, whip up the COVID-19 Boogieman theme and the story-line of self-isolating.

Follow the money I say - always follow the money and you will find the source of the problem.  

There is a war going on in the world, a war for the wealth of the world. This is a war being fought between corporations who usurp the power of Governments. The Corporations operate a Constructive Fraud of Democracy whereby they purport to be governments of the People democratically elected when in truth they operate as Corporations and the "Democratic Election of the People" only change the board of Directors on the Corporation, who sit for a specified term. The power behind the facade of Government never changes.  A Corporation can never be a Democratically Elected government.

The Crown Corporation Of NEW ZEALAND Incorporation is listed on the New York Securities Exchange and has an overseas owner - HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN IN RIGHT OF NEW ZEALAND. This too, is an organisation and not the Living Monarch and has "Over-seas owners".

The "ownership" of the Corporations follow a Pyramid type structure whereby total control is vested in a very few Individuals. Two of the "Individuals" are the de Rothchild's and the Rockefeller family. These two families are currently struggling for the major control of the wealth of the world. The de Rothchild's representing the olde European money and the Rockefeller family, the "New World" wealth.  One is intent of destroying the hegemony of the US Dollar and instigating a new currency - probably backed by Gold, and the other wants to manage the US Dollar to a collapse and re-set of value. 

Every time in history when there has been a recession or depression, there has been a huge transfer of wealth - the "Common Man" regarded as middle and lower class, loses wealth and the "lost wealth" is transferred to the Elite class. This time will be no exception, but perhaps will be the biggest transfer of wealth in the history of Mankind.

COVID-19 is the Man-made vehicle being used by one group to destabilize the world economy, cause widespread bankruptcies, and facilitate this wealth grab. The enforced lock-down are simply a mechanism to destroy industry and the payments made to those affected ensure a debt burden that will cripple the countries; from which they will not be able to recover from as the industrial base will be eradicated.

The SARS virus and the current Coronavirus [COVID-19] virus were both man made and subject to a US Patent. The SAR's Virus was patented in 2006 and the current Coronavirus [COVID-19] was patented by the Pirbright Institute in November 2018 - I have a copy of the USD patent, all 65 pages. Interestingly, Bill Gates is listed as a major shareholder in the UK listed Pirbright Institute - don't believe in coincidences!  Fact Checker web sites, run by Government agencies, try to discredit this information by saying the it is untrue, that the COVID-19 was designed to infect birds! No one spends billions of dollars designing a virus to infect and kill birds! The preceding viruses, SARS and Avian Flu, proved that Birds were a perfect vector for transmitting this virus to Man. Even the Fact Checker web sites don't deny that SARS's was patented.

Nothing which occurs naturally, can be patented. COVID-19 is a manufactured virus which used the common pathogen, Coronavirus, as the vehicle to infect Man with a modified strain of Malaria. It is for this reason, that doctors have continually reported that they cannot ascertain the exact mechanism of the COVID-19 virus; that it does not operate as a "normal" Coronavirus. A French Doctor and Scientist published an article several months back wherein he identified the carrier Coronavirus was being used for Malaria and in a very short time, the supplies of anti-Malaria drugs in France became unavailable. The FDA came out to vehemently denounce Hydroxychloroquine as a prophylactic and treatment for COVID-19.   Hydroxychloroquine, a once "safe" drug that has been used since 1955 with little to no side-effects suddenly became "unsafe" to be used to fight COVID-19 but somehow remained "safe" for the control and cure of Malarial, Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis and some other diseases.

Doctors around the world have explained why Hydroxychloroquine is effective against COVID -19: 

  • COVID-19 is essentially a Malaria based infection in its second stage.
  • Hydroxychloroquine prevents the Malaria replicating and the Zinc taken with it kills the Coronavirus pathogen.
  • Donald Trump, advocates the prophylactic use and the treatment of COVID-19 with Hydroxychloroquine and Zinc;
  • He says he took the combination for 7 weeks and now has up to 5 months immunity - he and his family.

The US administration do all that they can to discredit this statement and the Fake News Main Stream Media continue to push the false narrative that we need a vaccine, social distancing, self-isolation, wearing of face masks and the closure of businesses

Circa 8th June 2020, Maria Van Kerkhove, the WHO's technical lead on the Covid-19 pandemic reported that COVID-19 was not asymptomatically spread by way of loose contact between people, but required very close, personal contact; that Masks worn by people had no effect in preventing the spread of the virus. [The virus is actually many times smaller than the pours in the face masks; unless one has very specialised Laboratory Masks]. A day later, under intense pressure, she was compelled to modify her statements to the effect that they really didn't know how it was being spread.

"A top World Health Organization official clarified on Tuesday that scientists have not determined yet how frequently people with asymptomatic cases of Covid-19 pass the disease on to others, a day after suggesting that such spread is "very rare.""  By ANDREW JOSEPH @DrewQJoseph JUNE 9, 2020

At least Donald Trump has not [yet] bowed to the pressure of his Administration and continues his support for Hydroxychloroquine and the Doctors who are prescribing it. 

Imagine the Claims that could be made against Bill Gates and those who released and supported the suppression of a treatment for this virus infecting Mankind, if the MSM lost control of the false narrative. Forget about Civil law jurisdiction, the Common Law Claims against the Man would be absolutely devastating - think, O J Simpson and the Common Law suit for wrongful murder after the Civil Suit of Murder was lost. No One can escape Common Law jurisdiction/Crimes against humanity. [Oh, unless you are an American and the US government will not allow jurisdiction to "Foreign International Courts", but drag all other nations to one; how hypocritical].

Bill Gates was recently in New Zealand talking with our illustrious leader(s) - the subject of the talks is not public. However, considering Bill Gates penchant for vaccine and his announcement that Jacinta had "signed up" to invest millions into his anti COVID-19 vaccine, it is not too hard to suggest the topic discussed.  Incidentally, Bill Gates vaccines have caused the deaths of tens of thousands of people around the world and some states have declared him a wanted criminal. But this should come as no surprise when Bill Gates makes public statements that vaccines can reduce the world population! [The purpose of vaccination was to protect people not euthanise them]. The Crown Corporation of New Zealand Incorporated has "bought into" this unholy and unlawful experiment on Mankind.

A week or so ago, the Government started to advertise what we should do "in the event" COVID-19 returns. That night I said to my wife, get ready for another plan-demic of COVID-19, it is coming! My wife mentioned this at the place she works and was scoffed at - "no way, we have the government looking after us, New Zealand is totally safe and there are no cases in New Zealand".  I found that simply mentioning anything that was counter to the MSM announcements or the Government position was simply useless - the people were/are totally brainwashed.

Well, well, well - Lordy knows - we suddenly have 13 new cases in Auckland and Auckland is now in Level 3 lockdown and the rest of the country is in level 2 - waiting for it to be escalated! Already there is panic buying at the supermarket, toilet paper seems to be a major issue for most people. Supermarkets are already starting to restrict supplies and restricting access to shoppers, only so many allowed in at a time. Auckland has road-blocks and no movement except for essential services. Incidentally, it is strange what passes for essential services - in the first outbreak of COVID-19, Prostitutes were regarded as "Essential Services" by the Government BUT Churches and Church services were not. It seems that the closeness of contact with a whore is not as dangerous as a half empty church in contact with God! The rules regarding all the social distancing are arbitrary and illogical, unless you see who is making money from it.    

I have a very reliable source who has advised me that in the week before this current lock-down, a senior member of the Wanganui Hospital was given warning to prepare for another "out-break" of COVID-19. I also have anecdotal evidence that some industries were "warned in advance".  I would strongly suspect that the Corporation NEW ZEALAND POLICE were also warned, but getting such confirmation would be neigh on impossible [perhaps an Official Information Request?].  What troubles me greatly with the warnings and the very opportune public warnings about what to do "should" another out-break of COVID-19 happen, the week preceding the out-break in Auckland is this; either Jacinta and the Crown Corporation of New Zealand Incorporated have prophetic powers/or are God, or, it is a planned event. I know where my money would lie.

The public support falsely given the Labour Party after the "magnificent" way the COVID-19 out-break was handled, in relationship to the rest of the world, was a major boost for Labour in the Polls. Am I too much of a cynic to suggest that this current contrived out-break had anything to do with the looming elections?  Like I mentioned earlier - I do not believe in coincidences.  

So, the country heads to elections, we are in "election mode" and Labour pull out the Genie from the bottle and NO ONE looks at cause and effect. Everyone here is glued to the TV, Radio and Government announcements on the latest "News" on COVID-19 and eager to do all that they can to stop the spread. Teamwork - do your bit; all the wartime phrases, we may as well be in 1940 England! All stupid catch-phrases like "I'm keeping to my Bubble" "Family Bubble", "Social Distancing". is the new social norm in dialogue. It is sickening to see how people have been so easily led.

I see some city are rebelling against the control measures being introduced - Berlin at the start of the month held a mass demonstration where independent reports put the numbers at 1 million to 1.3 million but MSM reported around 20 thousand; deliberately trying to down-play the opposition to isolating etc. Most social media outlets now completely censor any word about COVID-19, unless it is Government issued. Why would they need to censor free speech and an alternative view - isn't; that the roll of journalists, to question the narrative, to ferret out the truth and ask the hard questions?? . 

This COVID-19 bandwagon will be milked for all it can politically give, before it does its real job - kill off industry! Watch out, the show is coming to a town near you soon.

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Author`s name Jim Jones