Lebanon: Another "mysterious explosion" followed by riots aimed to topple the government

Fooled again – more fool you

When one looks around at all the seemingly random tragic events occurring all over the world, one could well be excused for simply swallowing the MSM narrative which so quickly follows any event. The MSM parrot the same message from multiple sources almost before the dust has settled on some major event. Look at how quickly the US pointed the finger at Wuhan as the epicentre of the COVID -19 man-made schemdemic. Consider other events in recent past and you will see the same pattern.  Immediately, there is a disaster, some nation [usually the US] can quickly point the finger. And little wonder, as the CIA are recognised as the world masters in Colour Revolutions, military coups and man-made disasters. They have a long track history in this regard and are well versed in the black art.

What if, say, one other nation, who has over 300 spies in the US, has been quietly taking lessons and decided to play a major hand in manipulating "local" events for their personal gain? After all, the US was very quiet immediately after the Beirut explosion, weren't they? We don't have to look very far - a Nation most hated by all nations of the world - thrown out of 113 countries in the last 500 years; a nation who are murderers and liars and are of their father the devil. The Jews. Oh, don't take my word for it - research history and then look at Scripture to see what Jesus said of the Jews;

44 Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

48 Then answered the Jews, and said unto him, ...." John 8: 44 - 48. KJV.

Yes, Jesus was speaking to the Jews when He said that, so if you have a problem with it - take it up with Him. Personally, I believe Jesus.  But you must be clear in distinguishing between the Jew [Zoinist] and the Israelite. My best friend and Best Man at my weeding was and Israeli - great guy. There are good people in Israel, it is just their Nation/Administration that is corrupt, immoral and debased; same as the US really. I have very good American friends but as a Nation.... They are perhaps the most corrupt and dangerous, twofaced Administration in the world - world Terrorists!.  

Recall the recent "mysterious" explosions in Iran? Immediately following them, there was a supposedly "spontaneous up-rising" against Hassan Rouhani. There was even some comment in the public sphere that Israel were soliciting the Iranian Revolutionary Guard to mutiny and over-throw the government in order to prevent a Tactical Nuclear strike on Iran by the Jews. Anyone want to guess who was behind the "Mystery" explosions in Iran?

Since Israel backed the wrong war party in Syria and supplied arms, munitions, officer cadre, logistics and medical aid to the Takfiri extremist Islamic loons, they have been watching the Russian lead coalition destroy what was their attempt to destabilise yet another Middle Eastern neighbour. Not only have the Takfiri mercenaries been whipped, the Hezbollah faction of the Coalition has gained strength in numbers, combat training and supplies of modern equipment.  The close relationship between Iran and the Hezbollah Party has ben a continuing problem for Israel.  All that effort to destabilise their near neighbours only to watch as one who is a sworn enemy of the Jewish State, grows in strength and numbers right on their own border; an enemy who gave Israel a bloody nose in the 2006 border war! So, used to having their own way - with the help of Uncle Sam, Israel has gone out on its own to try and close down the "Shi'a Corridor" and strangle the support for Hezbollah coming from Iran. After all, the US failed to do it for them in Iraq or in Syria.  

So, now we have another "mysterious explosion" and followed by a riot aimed at toppling the government.  Oh, yawn, yawn, yawn. Same old, same old. And yet people don't see.

Immediately after the explosion, and that was the largest non-nuclear explosion I have ever seen, the MSM pushed the narrative that Ammonium Nitrate had exploded after being set alight. OK, I have some knowledge of Ammonium Nitrate explosives - in the Military, I prepared ANFO and did quite a bit of demolitions with it.  In my experience, it takes a very special set of circumstances for Ammonium Nitrate to detonate from heat - almost a controlled situation.  Ammonium Nitrate is a "low" form of High Explosive, having much of the qualities and properties of a Low Explosive but still requiring detonation to initiate it as opposed to a spark or heat for the low explosives. Ammonium Nitrate is also the key component in HEXAMINE solid fuel heating tablets - they burn with enough heat to melt your aluminium mess cans if you're not careful. 

The odds of a fire being the instigator of the explosion are very, very low. Then, look at the events immediately after the explosion and compare the similarities to other "mysterious events" and you don't have to be a Sherlock Holmes to put two and two together and get five.

Interestingly, Stephen DeNoon of Israeli News Live put out a podcast soon after the explosion wherein he said that he had intelligence reports that "a message has been delivered".  He would not elaborate on that, but said it was in relationship to the Beirut bombing - sorry, I meant explosion. 

Just recently, the Lebanese government has said that they are now considering the possibility of sabotage/Terrorist attack.  Anyone game to place bets?

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Author`s name Jim Jones