Trump the Counter Puncher

America 2020 Election: President Trump, Art of a Counter Puncher

America 2020 Election: President Trump, Art of a Counter Puncher   

As many of you already know, politics, like love, religion is akin to war. Been that way since time immemorial. All is fair. Nothing is sacrosanct.

What better way than to describe this basic, timeless human tenet, than from a pugilist's perspective. Nevertheless, not just any pugilist. The pugilist that I have in mind literally wrote the book on that particular, gentleman's art form. Maybe that is a bit of a stretch, but 'The Donald' started his tome, back in 2016. Therefore, he has had plenty of practice; some of it anecdotal evidence.

Early rounds

Nevertheless, the facts though, remain the same, essentially unchallenged even in 2020. As a rank outsider, then GOP Candidate Trump had a tough, slippery RINO slope to climb. Of the field, Jeb Bush was the media and the RINO establishment's favorite, well, to knock him out; early rounds, I heard. Turned out that Jeb was really, really low energy; kissed the debate canvas with his lips on the second question. The Donald hardly laid a paw on him.

The same cold fate awaited the rest of the pretenders, err, contenders. In July, by the time he was named presumptive GOP candidate, Donald Trump racked up, 17 - some have the tally at 20; not going to quibble - KO's. That is an impressive record. Especially, for an upstart.

On to the Main Bout.

By hook and by crook

Hillary Clinton, by hook, and by crook locked up the Democrat nomination. According to her account, she was '50 points' ahead in the polls. Many lying media pundits had it that way as well. However, The Donald saw it differently. He would set her straight; yes, that means hitting a woman. It did not turn out that way, though. During the three warm up debates, - thanks to the fly on Hillary's left eyebrow - the two combatants hardly touched gloves, let alone exchange blows. Judges split decision: The Donald 2:1; not exactly a knock out. A win-is-a-win though.

Come November...

That is when fight fans had their final say. Again, the lying Hillary fested media chimed in as well. Together, they both pined: Trump has no chance; gave him only two Electoral College votes; opposed to Clinton's 450.

Late Rounds, deep into the next morning...

The Queen drunk with power

While, Hillary, already drunk with power, as Queen, started popping champagne corks early in anticipation of a great victory, things began to unfold rather unseeingly inside the ropes. Across town, and throughout Democrat country, The Donald, caught his second, third and fourth wind. He came out punching. Let his hands go; combinations were flowing like vintage Balboa. Feet, were always moving forward. First, pummel the ribcage; then go upstairs, short right-cross to Clinton's sagging bloated chin.

That tack worked. The Donald was duly awarded his prize. By the time the Convention Hall's confetti had been swept away, to make room for floodgates of Hillary supporter tears, Donald Trump, stood atop the podium as U.S. President 45 - not officially though - the Electoral College still had to vote.

What do the aforementioned portend for November 3rd 2020? Everything! History repeats.

Despite being Commander in Chief, by We the People, President Trump is still the rank underdog, and challenger - usurper, it you believe Hillary's drunken, loser, tirades - with yet another steep, tough mountain to climb. Well, that is what the media progniscators claim; all of which are in Democrat presumptive nominee Joe Biden's corner. Who by the way, they say, leads in all the polls, by 15 points. At least!

Ever hear the expression: Hit me with your best shot?

President Trump has. First, the aggrieved Democrat losers unleashed Chief Inquisitor, Robert Mueller's grand hoax, Russia Russia Russia gate. After thousands of cheap leftist jabs, which President Trump slipped with much aplomb, in the form of outright lies brought on by Mueller both the hoax and he eventually fell flat, as did other their smirking Democrat faces. The former even left the building. He moved out of town. Next up: Shampeachment. It proved to be a bigger dud than Russia Gate. All President Trump needed to do, was roll right, land a good clean, hard crisp, sharp uppercut, and that's all he wrote.

The Covid mass hysteria pandemic

Not content to stay low, when you get knocked down, Democrats then invented Covid-19 mass hysteria plandemic. The strategy was: shut down Trump's booming economy. Then their voters - illegal and dead ones - could push him out of office. The schemers were after a 'Twofer'. Well, that did not turn out well. It is a real powder punch. One so soft and full of fluff, President Trump does not even have to dodge or roll; let alone punch back. The facts back him.

As of this piece, the U.S. economy is roaring back. 'V' shaped recovery is on the horizon. Covid -19, once the true numbers are tallied and revealed, by objective science, in real time has already scaled back. No need, for Democrats to keep screaming, 'The Sky is falling'.

Another epic Democrat Witch Hunt fail.

Despite what anyone thinks, President Trump, may have not written the only book on the art of a counter puncher. But, he is always bang on with his execution; just needs to sustain until November 3rd. He and Patriots will prevail. There is no doubt about that. 



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