I’ve seen all of this before…

It's all returning to me in flashbacks.  My memories as an activist fighting to expose the truth of the Western-backed destruction of Yugoslavia for the past 28 years have been reactivated after watching my own country burn. 

First, it was the Western-imposed crippling sanctions which made items like cooking oil, sugar and toilet paper scarce. Then it was the blame game between communist-turned-suddenly-nationalist politicians of Yugoslavia's constituent republics (to maintain their grip on power) which polarized the multiethnic populace, fomented inter-ethnic hatred and resurrected past history of the WWII-era genocide of the Serbs at the hands of the fascist Croatian Ustashe, Kosovo Albanians and Bosnian Muslim Handzars to enrage and terrorize the population. 

Then came Germany's and the Vatican's premature recognition of Croatia and Slovenia which catalyzed civil war. Then came the massive censorship and "fake news" in the Western corporate-controlled press with the aim of pushing the US to illegally intervene in a civil war to breakup Yugoslavia at the expense of the Serbs, suffering the worst ethnic cleansing seen in Europe since WWII. 

Then came the young Otpor! immature and naive "activists"/robots trained by Srdja Popovic in Belgrade who would do anything for a dinar and the "prestige" of working for George Soros.  These clueless useful village idiots did the State Department's bidding to get rid of Slobodan Milosevic, realizing years later that they betrayed their country for Western globalists, impoverishing everyone there. The civil war, NATO's savage and illegal bombing of Serbia in 1999, and the theft of Kosovo resulted in permanent division and instability in the Balkans that will explode like a powder keg of revenge soon as American and German imperialism in the region wanes. 

This is what befell Yugoslavia which was violently and illegally dismantled into useless, frustrated, desperate, ethnically and religiously "pure" banana republics. Some of these newly-minted "nations" like tiny Montenegro have a population the size of Albuquerque complete with a cigarette-smuggling tin horn dictator ready to cater to America's and NATO's every whim.  Kosovo, Serbia's Jerusalem, was stolen from Serbia to create a "safe haven" for Albanian Islamic terrorists and an American base (Camp Bondsteel), destroying national sovereignty and international law and giving terrorists the world over hope to alter the borders of sovereign nations as long NATO to supports their "cause." 

The world hasn't been the same since as this led to a number of separatist conflicts in places such as Spain, the Crimea, Syria, and Georgia. 

After honing their skills in Serbia overthrowing Slobodan Milosevic, the Otpor! "activists" trained other "activists" all over the world and organized a number of violent "colored" revolutions with George Soros's and the State Department's financial backing occurring in the Ukraine ("Orange" revolution) and Georgia ("Rose" revolution) and elsewhere, provoking civil wars, destitution of the targeted nation and the deaths of thousands. Churches were desecrated by Pussy Riot and democratically elected leaders such as the Ukraine's Viktor Yanukovych were deposed by these revolutions organized by foreign agents starting with our "luminaries" at the State Department such as Victoria Nuland and Vice President Joe Biden. 

The mainstream Western mainstream media spun/controlled/censored the stories about these putsches to mask the savagery that had been committed in the name of "democracy" and "freedom" by US "leaders" to make them suitable for exploitation by Western corporations. 

As an activist trying to correct the endless censorship and "fake news" about Yugoslavia, I sought to warn my fellow Americans that what the West was pulling in Yugoslavia, the Ukraine, Syria, Libya, Georgia and elsewhere would be tried here. No one believed me 25 years ago but, tragically, I was right. 

Though most Americans still can't put Serbia on the map, it is vital to learn the lessons of Yugoslavia as we seek to understand what is now going on here.  Yugoslavia didn't survive its civil wars.  Will we survive the one planned by globalists and our desperate Deep State (like a wounded animal) to destroy America and rescind our cherished freedoms, replacing them with fascism just to get rid of Donald Trump (!)?

Regarding the recent looting and violence here, I organized peaceful demonstrations protesting NATO's bombing of Serbia in1999 and was hijacked by socialists, Marxists, Iraqi/Gulf War activists, and other organizations who "just wanted to help." 

Some of these organizations wanted us to throw Molotov cocktails, block traffic and destroy public property.  I told them emphatically: NO!  But it wasn't easy to resist these groups with sinister agendas.  We were desperate to garner support to resist Bill Clinton's war on the Serbian people and when you try speaking and no one listens or you are just plain censored as we Serbian-Americans were (and still largely are), you'll make friends with anyone who will listen and offer assistance.

As I predicted, the same has happened here as protests start out peacefully and then get infiltrated by terrorists, anarchists, criminals out to "make some money" and other profiteers from misery. Many of them are immature, naïve, "idealistic" and gullible. They have know idea what real war is and what it means to die for a real cause. This is how the globalists achieve their aims.  Get clueless young "activists" to do your violent bidding.  Just like the immature 'activist' I met years ago as a graduate student at Harvard: Birkenstock sandals-wearing, backpack-toting Samantha Power who, despite her poor and inaccurate writing about Bosnia, shamefully became a Harvard professor and UN ambassador. 

This is how it works.  You don't have to be smart or actually write well to succeed in politics.  You just need to be well connected and do what you're told as in any fascist organization.  When instructed to vilify the Serbs, you vilify the Serbs regardless of the truth. When given bricks and incendiary devices, you throw and light them just as the Nazis who were just "following orders."  When told to burn churches, you do so with fanatical zeal. 

This is tragic because the valid messages Americans need to hear about police brutality and racial relations become contaminated and diluted, turning off listeners, and dividing Americans.

Similarly to the former Yugoslavs, we Americans are being played like fiddles to Danse Macabre on Halloween to the devilish delight of globalists such as George Soros, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff and the Deep State as they watch America burn in a flesh-searing glow culminating in a bone-breaking sonic BOOM!  When will I wake up from this nightmare?  I've seen this all before...

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Author`s name Michael Pravica