Author`s name David William Pear

Medical martial law is liberalism’s final capitulation

In 2010 Chris Hedges declared the liberal class as dead as a doornail. He was late. Liberalism had died decades earlier. All that remains now is the separate components of the body of liberalism. The stinking compounds have decomposed into identity politics.

The cause of death for the liberal class, as Chris Hedges tells us, was gullibility. Liberals were foolish enough to believe that they could moderate capitalism. They thought that they could change corporatism by elections, mass movements, whining and begging for incrementalism. 

The liberal class started their negotiations by compromising all of their ethics, beliefs, and powers. All they got in return were table-scraps to identity politics. The power elite did not give up anything it really cares about.  The corporatists raped, pillaged and burned with abandon, while liberals wallowed in political correctness. 

Taxes for the rich are the lowest in over 100 years. The military budget is the highest in history. The concentration of wealth and income is in the fewest  hands. US wars have killed millions of people, and war profits are booming. Labor unions were neutered. Government is privatized.  The economy has been deindustrialized. The police are militarized. The working class has been disenfranchised. The middle-class is being impoverished.  The unemployed are idle.  The poor are criminalized. I could go on, but you get the point.

And what has the liberal class gotten in return? Token integration. Ending conscription.  Adulthood at 18 years of age. Women in the workforce. Acceptance of LGBTQ. A black president. The MeToo movement. Legalized marijuana. A $1200 bailout. Help me out here---what else have the liberal class gotten in the past half-century, in return for their soul?

Liberals elected Barack Obama in 2008, laughed, cheered, cried, and then they went to sleep for eight years.  They thought that Obama would do the heavy lifting for them. Instead he went from bombing three countries to bombing seven, after winning the Nobel Peace Prize for nothing. Obama looked the other way as the Police Occupied Zuccotti Park, Black Lives Didn't Matter, and Dakota Pipelined. 

Obama imprisoned and tortured whistleblowers, and he became the deporter-in-chief. He bailed out the banks, while millions of families lost their homes. Obamacare enriched insurance companies and big-pharma. Gitmo stands as the legacy of Obama's droning wedding parties and funerals, and for all his broken promises.  His answer to climate change was Artic drilling, and fracking the USA.

Obama and the liberal class are the reason we have Trump

The rich do not care about any of the liberal class's identity politics and correctness.  It costs the rich nothing to make those concessions. The liberals are not willing to fight for anything of importance, and the corporatists know it. The corporatists don't care if Trump or Biden is the next president. 

Bernie or bust! Fugget about it: Bernie Sanders is just a sheepdog, a foil, a professional wrestler, and Kabuki theater. Bernie is the Senator from Lockheed and Israel.  He is a carnival huckster, herding the liberal suckers into the big tent.

The DNC will be happy to keep Trump. They get to keep their jobs, their power, their influence, and the gravy train keeps on rolling.  Nancy Pelosi will still get her kicks from gourmet chocolate, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will keep making arm-waving rants to an empty House, Ilhan Omar will kowtow to the  Zionist lobby, and the Congressional Black Caucus will vote against blacks. Liberals will grandstand politically correct platitudes, while the banks, corporations, military-industrial complex, Israel, and the well-connected get unlimited hand-outs. 

Lest I forget, fake liberal Rachel Maddow and her ilk in the media will still get paid $30 thousand a night for Russia-Russia-Russia, and the New York Times will endorse every regime-change war, just as it has done for the past 150 years. And Liberals will commiserate with each other, preach to their dwindling choir, blame everybody except themselves, and waste another four years without organizing any opposition.

Medical martial law reveals just how out of touch liberals are with common people. Liberals have abandoned the working class, the unemployed, the poor, the incarcerated, the ghettoized, wage-slaves, the indebted, the bankrupt, veterans, the homeless, beggars, red-necks, slum dwellers, the uneducated, and old people surviving on three-figure Social Security checks. All the liberal class whines about are Trump and their own selfish economic interests; the so-called middle-class issues. They despise their potential allies among the people, look down on them as if they are riff raff. Liberals should be uplifting the downtrodden, not kicking them. 

Liberals naively believe the COVID-19 fearmongering. They begged the authorities for medical martial law, and they have become comfortable to "the rules" and their self-imposed imprisonment. They would rather give up all of their civil liberties, and those of others, than to risk catching the flu. They will obediently line up for experimental vaccines, identification tattoos, and download medical tracking apps on their iPhones. They are COVID kool.      

The facemask is their badge of obedience, which does medical and psychological harm to their body, mind and soul. The facemask is nasty. It provides the perfect environment for breeding and spreading germs. Wearing a face mask is humiliating, and unsanitary. It is a symbol of passive submission to the power elite. They look ridiculous wearing it.

What liberals can never be forgiven for is their abandonment of internationalism.They have deserted international socialism, leaving welfare-states to be crushed by international capitalists. While liberals cower-in-place in fear of COVID-19, their passiveness supports the medical blockade against socialist countries. 

Liberals are the "Good Americans", just like the Good Germans during the Third Reich

Two million Gazans have been forced to shelter in place by fascistic Israelis, since 2007.  Another three million Palestinians have been imprisoned since 1967 in an ever-shrinking isolated West Bank. There are another 5 million Palestinian members of the diaspora, who cannot return to their homeland, as is their God-given human right. Palestinian are tortured in Israeli concentration camps. Liberals can not say they do not know, and their silence speaks volumes.

Since World War Two the U.S. has killed an estimated 30 million people, none of whom were ever a threat to the US American people. Ethically, morally and legally most US Americans are guilty of war crimes. The German people were not let off the hook after WW2.  The US American people are just as guilty now.

Liberals know the U.S. government is a pathological liar. The past two decades have been especially rotten. George W. Bush winning the election in 2000 was a lie.  The attacks of 9/11 were lies, the invasion of Afghanistan was based on a lie, Iraq weapons of mass destruction were a lie, Iran's nuclear weapons program is a lie, the Katrina Hurricane response was a lie, the Russian invasion of Georgia was a lie, the 2009 bailout of Wall Street was based on lies, Haiti earthquake aid was a lie, the Ukraine coup was lied about, Gaddafi's Viagra was a lie, the well-vetted moderate rebel was a lie, the lie that Venezuela is a threat to the US is a lie, the White Helmets are a propaganda lie, Russiagate is a lie, the Douma chemical attack was a lie, the Organization for  the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons report was a lie, the torture of Chelsea Manning is lied about, the Julian Assange lie is a lie.

So now liberals believe that the government authorities are telling the truth about COVID-19?  Liberals say that we should believe that lie too, and we should obey the fascistic rules. The first clue that the authorities are lying is that the banks, corporations and the well-connected were bailed out again; first too.  Six-trillion U.S. dollars disappeared overnight. The second clue was that the U.S. illegal wars of aggression did not stand-down. There was no break in the illegal U.S. blockades against socialist countries. Instead there is a campaign of maximum starvation during a pandemic. The military's Defender 2020 war-game invasion of Russia was not canceled due to COVID-19. The power elite do not isolate, wear face masks, and practice social distancing.  We are not in it all together, and COVID-19 has not made us all equal.  Those memes are liberal pipedreams.     

There is no bailout for the people. There has been no unified response to provide the people with adequate food, healthcare, housing, and financial relief during medical martial law. The physical, mental and emotional damages caused by isolation are being ignored.  The casualties caused by medical martial law and "the rules" go unreported, if the statistics are even being kept.  The number of people who have become infected, ill, and died from COVID-19 is lied about. 

What is happening  under martial law is the permanent stripping away of our civil liberties.  The economy is being restructured for the benefit of big-tech, and more concentration of income and wealth is going to the top.  Yet, liberals meekly accept the assault on the people's rights in silence.  They could at least honk their car horns in solidarity with wage-slave workers.    

Are liberals going to show up when people are evicted from their homes, have their cars repossessed, and their wages garnished?  Are they going to stand in picket lines with workers, who are demanding fair wages?  Are liberals going to storm the state houses and Washington to demand a return to civilian government?  Are liberals going to resist forced vaccinations, contact tracking, snitching, spying, and ID chipping?  Are they going to be standing up for civil liberties and human rights?  Or are they going to be standing with the corporatists, and begging the corporatists for their fiendish programs of surveillance and control?

Liberals have made "liberal" a dirty word.  They cannot hide behind the identity of progressive.  There is nothing liberal or progressive about making bargains with the corporatists, fascists, and the corrupt power elites.  It is time to bury the putrid body of the liberal class.  It has already become a biohazard more dangerous than any virus.



"Revolt will come from the right.  That the revolt will be funded, organized, and manipulated by the corporate forces is one of the tragic ironies.  But the blame lies with the liberal class.  Liberals, by standing for nothing, made possible the rise of inverted and perhaps soon classical totalitarianism."--- The Death of the Liberal Class (paraphrased), page 196, by Chris Hedges, 2010.