Trump Impeachment Scam as Theater and Distraction

Trump Impeachment Scam as Theater and Distraction

Trump is virtually certain to be impeached for illegitimate reasons by the Dem-controlled House - even though majority senators are highly likely to defeat the scheme.

What's going on is one of the most disturbing spectacles in US history that's pockmarked with shameful chapters from inception.

The plot against Trump is a coup attempt to remove a sitting president for winning an election he was supposed to lose.

Most fourth estate members are complicit in what's going on, seeking revenge for his triumph over media darling, war goddess, Wall Street favorite Hillary.

There's nothing redeeming about Trump, plenty to hold him and his regime accountable for. It's arguably the most extremist in US history, a wrecking ball against peace, equity and justice.

For the first time in US history, a billionaire businessman, reality TV personality, geopolitical know-nothing, is US president and commander-in-chief - performing daily on the world stage, the role of a lifetime for someone addicted to theater.

The vast majority in Washington from both right wings of the one-party state share guilt in how the nation is ill-governed, the vast majority of Americans ill-served.

Dems and Republicans are complicit in waging endless wars of aggression against nations threatening no one, serving privileged interests exclusively at the expense of the public welfare, and enforcing their agenda by police state toughness against resisters.

The US is a fantasy democracy, a notion its ruling authorities tolerate nowhere, especially not domestically, pretending otherwise, establishment media promoting the pretense, concealing reality.

The plot to remove Trump from office distracts attention from Washington's disturbing domestic and geopolitical agenda, harming countless millions at home and abroad, things worsening not improving. More on this below.

Impeaching Trump is daily establishment media proliferated theater, drowning out journalism the way it should be, long ago abandoned by the fourth estate, available only through independent sources, largely online.

Reliable sources are threatened by US dark forces, wanting truth-telling on major issues suppressed, journalists reporting it arrested, detained and abused - for the "crime" of explaining what's vital for everyone to know.

While burning Trump in effigy goes on literally worldwide, figuratively in Washington, and in daily media reports, countless trillions of dollars continue to be poured down a black hole of waste, fraud and abuse.

They're used for militarism, expanding and maintaining the Pentagon's global empire of bases, endless wars of aggression, undermining democratic governments and popular movements worldwide, interfering in the internal affairs of virtually all nations, corporate handouts, and homeland police state repression against nonbelievers - growing tyranny at the expense of eroding social justice.

Establishment media suppress all of the above, as well as increasing economic weakness. 

In his latest report, economist John Williams, noted for reengineering manipulated data to how it was correctly reported decades earlier, said the following.

Out-of-control federal debt tops $23 trillion, continuing to increase exponentially at over $1 trillion annually.

It "threatens domestic financial stability and the survival of the republic."

The Wall Street owned and control Federal Reserve is fueling the fire, pretending economic conditions are sound, sustainable/moderate growth continuing.

Williams: "There is no sustainable moderate expansion in place...Major downside revisions to economic growth loom, including to the GDP."

Illusory October payroll growth "was bloated by inconsistent seasonal adjustment revisions and was weak year-to-year."

Real unemployment is 21%. Most Americans with jobs are way underemployed, earning poverty wages with few or no benefits - a few missed paychecks from food insecurity, homelessness and despair.

Williams: A "liquidity crisis intensifies, reflecting deepening financial system instabilities...Overly optimistic economic assumptions are falling apart."

Economic downturn is "deepening." Real GDP growth is "not meaningfully different from zero." Manufacturing, construction and mining are declining. 

Inflation-adjusted wages have been stagnant for years, failing to keep up with the real cost of living, concealed by manipulated data.

The myth of economic growth persists despite protracted main street depression conditions since 2008.

According to the Economic Collapse Blog, "the US economy has not even had a 'good' year in ages," adding:

It's "abundantly clear that a new economic slowdown has begun," shown by numerous examples.

The latest ones include a three-month decline in consumer confidence. Bloomberg's Consumer Comfort Index "suffered its biggest weekly decline in more than eight years  on a pullback in Americans' assessments of the economy, personal finances and the buying climate, possibly signaling more moderate household spending approaching the holiday-shopping season."

Manufacturing is in recession. A promised "renaissance" doesn't exist. "(M)anufacturing is now the smallest share of the US economy in 72 years" - its lowest level since 1947.

"The US economy is seriously deteriorating, and things are only going to get worse in the months ahead."

"(B)usinss hiring (fell) to the lowest level in 7 years...You know that things are getting tough when even beer companies start laying people off."

The "retail apocalyse" keeps escalating, 100s of stores closing nationwide. Progress on achieving a Sino/US trade deal is more illusion than reality, resolution of major bilateral differences nowhere in prospect.

Chinese officials expressed doubt that a full/meaningful bilateral deal can be reached. It's highly unlikely because of unacceptable US demands.

Reality at home and abroad belies notions of world peace, stability, security, and economic growth.

The plot to remove Trump from office conceals and distracts attention from reporting on what's most important to ordinary Americans.

Instead of serving the public interest with full and accurate reporting, establishment media are part of the problem by featuring disinformation on major issues and daily anti-Trump bashing - notably the NYT, today alone headlining:

"Trump Serves Notice to Quit Paris Climate Agreement"

"Ex-Ukraine Envoy Testifies She Felt Threatened by Trump"

"Trump Must Turn Over 8 Years of Tax Returns, Appeals Court Rules"

"On Ukraine, Trump Is a Con Man, but He's Also a Mark"

"The Presidency Is Not Enough" - referring to wanting Dem control of the White House and Congress

"Trump Has to Choose Between the Circus and the White House"

In its daily editions, the Times features a steady anti-Trump blitzkrieg for the wrong reasons, ignoring key right ones, instead of "all the news that's fit to print" on major world and national issues, essential for everyone to know.

A Final Comment

On Tuesday, the Economic Collapse Blog discussed Deutche Bank, Europe's largest in economic powerhouse Germany.

Its economy is in recession, affecting others in Europe, Deutche Bank "rapidly bleeding cash (and) laying off thousands of the process of imploding."

If it collapses as some observers expect, will it be Europe's Lehman Bros. on steroids, adversely affecting Western economies?

It's hemorrhaging billions of euros and dying a slow death, "a zombie bank that is stumbling along until someone finally puts it out of its misery," said the Economic Collapse Blog.

Noted investor Jim Rogers earlier warned that if Deutsche Bank goes under, the global financial system will be jeopardized, stressing:

"(I)f Deutsche Bank fails, that is the end of it. In 1931, when one of the largest banks in Europe failed, it led to the Great Depression and eventually the WWII. Be worried!"


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Author`s name Stephen Lendman