War in Syria over?

War in Syria Over?
War in Syria rages in parts of the country. Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov claims it’s over, saying:
“The war in Syria has really come to an end. The country is gradually returning to a normal, peaceful life,” adding: 
“Some hotspots of tensions remain in the territories that are not controlled by the Syrian government, such as Idlib and the eastern bank of the Euphrates.”
Northern and southern Syria are US occupied territory. Numerous Pentagon bases control about 30% of the country — used as platforms for endless war in its ninth year, resolution unattainable because dark forces running things in Washington reject the idea.
Permanent war is official US policy, raging in multiple theaters — military Keynsianism on steroids.
Ruinous military spending and endless wars rage while vital homeland needs go begging — overwhelmingly supported by both hard-right wings of the US war party, rejecting world peace and stability.
The US came to all its war theaters to stay, permanent occupation planned directly and/or through installed puppet regimes.
Turkish forces occupy northern parts of Syria, part of President Erdogan’s aim to annex the territory, especially oil-rich areas of the country.
On Thursday, Putin and Netanyahu met in Sochi, Russia’s president saying the following:
“We stressed, emphasized, the need – and here the Israelis fully agree with us (sic) – to ensure real, in practice, not only in words, respect for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Syrian Arab Republic,” adding: 
“And in this sense, we (sic) on our part highlighted the issues of assisting the Syrian authorities and the Syrians on the whole in their returning to peaceful life.”
Netanyahu told Putin he’ll act freely against what he called an Iranian threat in Syria — that doesn’t exist.
He falsely said “there has been a serious increase in attempts by Iran to hit Israel from Syria and to place there precision missiles to use against us” — the remark part of his pre-election fear-mongering campaign.
Haaretz slammed what it called a “nasty, racist campaign that will go down in Israel’s history” — the nation “mired deep in a political and constitutional nightmare.”
Netanyahu threatened war on Gaza, saying: “There will be an operation, but I will not embark on it a moment before we are ready…(T)here apparently will be no choice but to topple Hamas.”
Russia’s Foreign Ministry slammed Netanyahu’s campaign pledge to annex the Jordan Valley if reelected, saying:
His vow “provoked a sharply negative reaction in the Arab world…We share the concern about such plans…whose implementation could lead to a sharp escalation of tension in the region and undermine hopes for a long-awaited peace between Israel and its Arab neighbors.”
Is Lavrov right about war in Syria ending? Current headlines dispute him, some examples:
Press TV: “Joint US-Turkish patrols in flagrant violation of Syria’s sovereignty: Damascus”
Press TV: Israel claims drone attack near Syria’s border with Iraq”
Fars News: “Thousands of Terrorists Deployed to Borders with Turkey at Al-Jolani’s Order for Battle with Syrian Army”
Fars News: “Syria in Last 24 Hours: Tahrir Al-Sham (Al Nusra) Starts Forced Recruitment of Soldiers for Battle with Syrian Army”
AMN News: “ISIS carries out new attack in northern Syria”
AMN News: “Turkey sends large military convoy to reinforce Idlib”
AMN News: “Heavy clashes breakout between Turkish-backed militants in northern Aleppo”
AMN News: “Syrian Army readies forces for upcoming Latakia offensive.”
AMN News: “Russian Air Force unleashes heavy strikes over western Idlib”
South Front: “Russian, Syrian Warplanes Rain Hell on Militant Positions in Southern Idlib”
South Front: Russian Warplanes Target Militant Positions on Syrian-Turkish Border”
South Front: “US Proxies in Al-Tanf Claim They Repelled Syrian Army Attack”
Pentagon and CIA operatives continue arming, funding, and training jihadists at US bases in Syria, deploying them to parts of the country to attack government forces and civilians.
Al-Qaeda-connected White Helmets operate with them, masquerading as civil defense workers.
On Wednesday, Russian General Alexey Bakin said jihadists “opened fire with small arms at a market in (the) Rukban (refugee camp in southeastern Syria) to disperse (starving) civilians demanding food.”
Last week, pro-Western UN human rights chief Michelle Bachelet falsely accused Russian and Syrian forces for hundreds of civilian deaths in Idlib and Hama provinces from late April to late August.
Giving short shrift to US-supported terrorists, she said: “Non-State armed groups (sic) also carried out attacks on populated government-controlled territories, and are reportedly responsible for…58 civilian deaths.”
She ignored Pentagon-led terror-bombing, responsible for mass slaughter and destruction since 2014.
Syria is Washington’s war, launched by the Obama regime, escalated by Trump hardliners.
It continues raging in parts of the country, resolution nowhere in sight.

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