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Donald Trump Is the Worst Boyfriend You Ever Had

By Guy Somerset

Donald Trump loves to be loved. Indeed, he craves your adoration. So much does he desire your ardor he will promise you anything to curry favor.

Words of Wisdom (From a Fool)

These are not the sentiments of your humble correspondent but rather the words of that noted sage, "shock jock" of the radio Howard Stern.

Stern, aside from his innumerable failings as a fellow human being, does retain the single virtue of having been - as a socially associated New Yorker - acquainted for a lengthy period with the current occupant of the Oval Office. While Stern may not know much about anything else, it is fair to say he is an authority on the psyche of the American President.

As such, it is warranted to heed the warning of Stern's words. Per Rolling Stone magazine: "I feel that Donald is caught up in getting the love of the masses, which is unobtainable and leads to no good."

Furthermore, Howard goes on to state the following when queried whether Trump is capable of introspection, "No." This Stern attributes to a psychologically abusive childhood which wreaked havoc on an individual who is in fact an extremely emotional person.

As such, like many a proverbial "Bad Boyfriend," President Donald Trump was ruined by his parents. And oh, let us count the ways - A Litany of Lies, Manipulation and Breathtaking Lack of Loyalty!

He Never Keeps His Promises

From Day 1 unto (as of this ironic writing) Day 911 Trump has done jack squat for ordinary Americans outside having a few Supreme Court Justices confirmed which any Republican likewise could have accomplished.

As for the "Forgotten Man" of his rallies, that poor figure was quickly disremembered.

For example, while campaigning The Donald assured out-of-work and desperate laborers "The jobs are coming back!" and "The factories will open again!" Instead, he managed to cajole a few major industrial behemoths into keeping a minor amount of assembly-line occupations going until the cameras were pointed elsewhere. After that time, most if not all of the "saved" jobs were off-set by plant relocations. Those told "Don't Sell Your Home" got a grace period of about six months before wishing they had put up the "For Sale" signs.

As for drug prices, it was much the same as manufacturing - small initial benefits followed by large consequent detriments. In his first year Trump extolled a few premier examples of price reductions while in the years afterward prices increased exponentially. (Currently four times the rate of inflation itself.) The one key aspect of his campaign proposals which might have been effective, banning rebates of drug makers to middlemen and instead offering discounts directly to patients, was similarly abandoned.

Need another illustration? In his first year Trump increased the hours new physicians could work continuously, from 16 to 28. That is not a typo. Trump aided his Health Care donors by upping workloads for doctors to 28 hours - straight without break. Hospital Lobbyists and Medical Labor Union cartels (surprise! surprise!) speciously claimed working more than a full day without rest had "no appreciable effect on patient care." (They simultaneously instruct citizens optimal health requires at least 8 hours of sleep each night.) So the very institutions and alliances which stood to gain untold wealth from exploiting workers and punishing patients shockingly found no professional harm at all by reaping these unethical rewards.

He is Always "Going To Get A Job Right Away"

As with the "Bad Boyfriend," Trump is always on the verge of accomplishing great things.

The Wall is always "just about" to begin getting built - he just always has an excuse why it cannot begin today. From Week 1 until what is currently Week 129 the allegedly patriotic President has built all of 0 miles of The Wall to defend his country. Yet again, this is sadly not a typo. Donald Trump, who promised 1000 miles of "brick and mortar barrier" has constructed precisely 0 miles of any kind of deterrent.

Incidentally, Trump has the curious talent of telling a lie within a lie as his solid Wall has morphed into a "fence." As if more of his perfidy needed exposing, the actual border with the Illegal Invaders is 1954 miles long, so Trump was already short by 954 miles which he excused as being protected by natural obstacles. Yet, in a country which can waste trillions on Cruise Missiles and Crack Babies many citizens believe turrets for those mountains and depth mines for those rivers are not overly costly.

Similarly, as candidate Trump told Illegal Invaders they "have to go back" while as officeholder he has allowed almost all of them to remain. The Dreamer Schemers are still here. The Child Traffickers are still here. The Illegal Invader raids have "had to be postponed" time and again. Despite the job he promised to do, Trump has done nothing.

He Continually Goofs Off with His Shady Friends

Even for a "Bad Boyfriend" the President hangs out with a lot of questionable characters.

He has repeatedly stated he is "in love" with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un. While it should be no business of the United States how another "Bad Boyfriend" behaves in his own house - what with the slave labor, mass starvation, and generally backward behavior - Trump should still tone it down a bit.

Much worse is his pal Jeffrey Epstein in Palm Beach. As with Kim, no one here should dredge up some old video of Trump and Epstein attending the same party as an indictment of character. Yet, as President, Trump could easily instruct prosecutors to come down full-bore on Epstein and deliver actual indictments. This has been done to a limited extent, though not nearly with enough force. The government is currently in the process of burning at the stake some parents who may or may not have finagled their offspring's way into university. At the same time child molester Epstein is being treated with kid gloves. (Pun intended.) That scum should be rotting in a Supermax Prison in Colorado awaiting trial and instead Trump's lawyers are debating whether or not Epstein should be let out on bail.

As if Trump were not delusional enough, he has currently taken up the sacred cause of the profane "musician" ASAP Rocky in Sweden. That noted "talent" was filmed beating up individuals on the street and thence arrested for his crime. Rather than distance himself from the entire matter, Trump telephoned the Swedish Prime Minister to help out his homie. Naturally, ASAP Rocky was not arrested for antisocial behavior for which he should properly be executed (per China) or at least caned (per Singapore) but for...can you guess it?...I'm sure you can...because of the ever-dreaded "racism." (Which is, I believe, properly pronounced "Raaaaaiiiiicccccism!")

He is Mentally Abusive

One thing Trump does accomplish is gaslighting his supporters and dazzling the gullible. In a word, he constantly pretends things are being done which in fact are not being done at all.

In the past several months he has repeatedly claimed, "The Wall is getting built." As we have seen, it is not. A few miles have been re-painted. A few miles of fencing have been replaced. A few million Illegal Invaders have meanwhile infiltrated the nation. Yet absolutely no - none, whatsoever - miles of new wall have been constructed. Yet when Trump claims it his crowds cheer their own demise, apparently in credulous devotion.

Likewise, the renegotiation of NAFTA has had minor benefits for some Americans but it is hardly the complete dissolution and return to national autarky which was needed to reconstruct the United States. Incidental tweaks to a horrifically unbalanced and wealth-transferring "agreement" was not what was necessary for a national revival of industry. As for China Trade, one shudders to think of the betrayal which awaits.

Trump completely folded on Russian Détente which ought to have been his first priority. Russia and America are the most natural allies in the world. Rather than conduct a Live televised address from the White House to denounce "Russiagate" nonsense, he bowed to the pressure of popularity and allowed a false narrative to take hold in American consciousness. By doing so, his cowardice enabled the Chinese and various suitors to swoop in and form alliances with the only other bulwark of Western Civilization.

Lastly, his Passive Aggressive taunting of political Opponents while he sits on his rump is astounding in its cheek. (Final pun, promise.)

He Cheats On You Constantly

By far the most inordinately offensive behavior of Trump is the complete and utter infidelity toward those who once idolized him.

It began before he was elected. Though there were thousands of clever and insightful volunteers who bolstered him to success Trump made no effort to bring them into the professional fold. He did not create a database of those internet intellectuals capable of assisting him and in large part responsible for his election. There was no erection of an architecture of empowerment. Trump took what he wanted and promptly focused on himself.

Concordant with this is the litany of those already in the framework who propelled Trump to victory and promptly jettisoned when issues arose. Already detailed in previous articles, only their names need be mentioned to illustrate the unfaithfulness: Gorka, Lewandowski, Flynn, Bannon and Spicer are few of many.

Yet by far most infuriating is how Trump deceived voters. He campaigned on fewer foreigners taking American jobs but instead increased the HB-2 visas which drive down pay. He actually brags about bringing in "the most foreign workers ever" claiming they are required in line with unemployment rates (partly low due to so many Americans having two and three jobs at a time owing to low wages).

Next Trump released thousands of convicted criminals. His precious "non-violent offenders" include those convicted of Car-Jacking, Drug Dealing, Weapons and Sex Offenses, Robbery and others. How many lives will be ruined or ended due to Trump not wanting to be "racist" (er, "raaaaaiiiiicccccist") is incalculable. Hopefully he will get his Guest Spot on the new season of The Kardashians to offset all those little girls who will be raped and elderly men who will be pistol-whipped for their used cars.

What else? It bears repeating the United States is the current beneficiary of over one million Illegal Invaders from Central and South America as well as increasing infiltrators from India and Africa. Each day 2000 invade the nation and Trump is going golfing or lying or maybe both.

How about the massive banning of viewpoints from the internet! Not only political dissidents but anti-abortion activists, traditionalist Christians and even ordinary Republicans are being excised from search engines and the largest websites. They have been de-monetized and de-personed en masse. Trump has the power to reverse this immediately by instructing his departments to treat Google, Facebook et al as platforms rather than publishers. These companies are already required by law to behave as such.

Trump simply refuses to enforce those laws.

Ultimately Trump is nothing save an avatar for a Lack of Loyalty, because like any narcissistic boyfriend everything is all about him, what makes him "look bad" and what others "have done for me lately."

Cutting The Cord

Needless to say, the near-immediate reaction to this article will be, "But just think who we might have elected!" and to a certain extent this is true.

To an equally certain extent this statement is the perpetual siren-song of the "Bad Boyfriend" - "Who else would want you?...You'll never do better than me!...Take what I give you and like it!"

For an increasing number of the American electorate, they simply aren't going to take it anymore. At an eventual point, a relationship becomes so toxic a partner basically does not care how much worse it can be, but only that something changes. Everyone reaches a juncture when being on your own is better than being beaten down like a whimpering dog.

Trump wants more than anything to be loved but is functionally incapable of extending love himself while fundamentally unable to comprehend the correlation - that is the primary reason he will all-too-soon find himself a solitary figure standing alone in the rain, his gaudy belongings stuffed in a brown paper bag, shouting about what a mistake voters have made, that "Someday you'll be sorry!" and wondering for the life of him why he was finally, forcefully kicked out of The People's house for good.

Guy Somerset writes from somewhere in America

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Author`s name Guy Somerset