Italy: Angels and demons

I have treasured information and news circulating in Italy these days to write the article that wants to tell the scandal of children stolen from their families and that recently broke out in the Italian town of Bibbiano, to explain it also and above all to foreign readers. I also kept in mind what was written in the book "Coaching & conflicts" by the Russian philosopher and political scientist Leonid Savin, a book of which an Italian edition will come out before long.

In the chapter about Caucasus, for example, Savin allows us to deduce how and why the gender theory, instead of ending up ignored for the obvious stupidity that it is, on the contrary has become so widespread in the West that it even assumes academic dignity. The failed attempt to destroy the post-Soviet Union Russia was achieved, according to Savin, also through an attack against the traditional Caucasian family structure, which is still based on a deep respect for parents, family relationships and the authority of the elderly. All things that in the modern individualist and decadent Western society have disappeared for years or in any case reduced to a minimum. In countries like Chechnya, for example, a good number of foreign NGOs took charge of spreading also the social theory of gender, passing it off as happy modernism, while the usual Saudis were given the task of spreading Islamic fundamentalism. However, it was in the Caucasus that the Americans wanted to do too much, simultaneously spreading two poisons that were clearly in conflict with each other. And yet still, my personal deduction, in order to sell to the Caucasian populations some degenerated ideas about men and women, it had first to be proposed them again, brought to the most absurd extremes, in the Western society that has long been secularized, monetized and Godless. In fact, how can something be sold to others if we don't buy it first?

Western populations are therefore now suffering not only the inevitable and harmful consequences of an unnatural and very long period of peace and abundance, which has weakened hearts and minds, but also those of the return of a social boomerang that, having failed the target against which it was thrown, came back after the negative effects of its function had already been prepared well in advance even in our societies, precisely by those who intended to thrown it. The people accountable for all do not constitute a very numerous or particularly secret group (they are indeed under the eyes of everyone) but numerous and obvious is the flock of sheep that let themselves conditioned by them.

Sheep that are afraid of expressing a different opinion from the one passed off as crystalline truth by the mass media and that therefore accept it uncritically. Sheep that trust in the false security of conformism in the same flock that will prove itself, systematically, unable to protect them. Sheep mentally and spiritually incapable of giving themselves the tools to analyze the reality that is prepared for them and to understand its true nature. Even sheep-ostrich, a new type of psychologically modified social animal, which as sheep manages to put its head in the sand as the ostrich does, to ignore reality when it contradicts the favorite narrative, regardless of the consequences for its own person. In other words: preys.

The facts of Bibbiano fit into this context. I want to recall what emerged from the police investigation named "Angels and demons" and that led to an impressive number of arrests: according to the police, an illegal (but wrapped in the rituals of legality) system was active in Bibbiano and the surrounding municipalities for years, which took away the children from their families. Police and judges have, in many cases, found the motivations to be false, as they appear in the official reports. That is: absolutely not corresponding to the truth and formulated for the only purpose of assigning the children taken away from original families to "friends" or non-public structures that made profit with the huge amounts of money paid by the State for the custody of children in foster care. It is natural that some of the foster care turned out to be correctly motivated, because domestic abuses sadly exist, but the few real cases were therefore only a comfortable screen to hide a different and illegal activity.

The investigation was triggered by the report of a 5 Star Movement councilor who was suspicious about the huge number of children taken in Bibbiano and other towns in the area: the police found that in some cases the addressee of the foster care has bee a sexy shops' manager, maniacs already known for sexually abusing minors and homosexual couples.

Investigations revealed that some of the caseworkers who are now silent during questioning had previously signed false reports accusing the families of things that actually never happened. The employment contract of these caseworkers was temporary: that is, they were blackmail and blackmailed with the loss of their job. It is well known that in Italy "I was afraid" and "I lose my job" are often considered excellent excuses. These are actually the justifications of the weak, but the times in which we live are weak.

The police managed to reconstruct the "therapies" (it disgusts me to use this term but I have no others) that have been administered to some stolen children. The investigated sometimes carried out brief psychodramas in which the father of the child was played as dead, in order to weaken the relationship with the parent. It didn't matter that the little boy or the little girl cried because they missed the father who had absolutely never abused them, saying in tears that he or she missed the father and his hugs. According to the police, the little victims also received electric shocks to make them confused before the meetings with the judges accountable for the custody. The great and progressive Italian press, forced to follow these facts by the enormity of the story, wrote immediately about electroshocks. However, an electroshock requires special equipment and knowledge, it is performed in hospitals, with a medical team that has also an intensive care expert. The great and progressive Italian press has therefore corrected the shooting, speaking later of light electric stimulations. Do you read light electric stimulations? Do you read light electric stimulations?

You, who read this article, imagine you are in a hospital, tied up, with your mouth capped so you don't bite your tongue, the electrodes applied to your head, while the doctors give you an electroshock. Then imagine yourself as child, while the people who took you away from your family, the family that loved and still loves you, those people put strange things on your head, held you firm and give power. How would you feel? As small child, in that situation, would you not be upset by a crazy fear that adults too would feel? Won't you even pee on yourself?

It is legitimate to ask what equipment was used. Maybe sports stimulators for muscles? Or maybe some more self-made? If the police are right, (I use the conditional) here we don't face people who wanted to help who were in need, but orcs who walked among ordinary people. And that they weighed them as preys.

Maybe I'm wrong, but something tells me that in the lists of children stolen from the families of Bibbiano you will never find children of criminals, mobsters or gypsies or even members of the Italian left, shameless, unworthy, without values ​​or Homeland, who will led us to the current situation. The mobsters kill you if you touch their children and the gypsies go to take them back and then maybe come looking for you at home. On the other hand, never create problems to your political allies or patrons. Orcs, perhaps, but certainly not stupid.

Among those arrested there is also the mayor of Bibbiano, a politician who belongs to the Italian Democratic Party (former Italian Communist Party) and the head of social services, a declared lesbian who, at least in one case, gave to one of her former lover a child taken from a family. Both are still under house arrest.

One of the organizations involved in this story has name "Hansel and Gretel". Such a name easily inspires a feeling of sweetness and dedication to a higher cause. In the fairy tale of the same name, the old witch was captivating and concealed her true intentions behind sweets and candies but the little Hansel and Gretel proved shrewd enough to survive the danger, eliminating it forever. The humble author then wonders if the choice of the name was due or not to one of those twisted turns that sometimes the criminal mind makes, when it can never completely (because unconsciously it does not want to) conceal its true intentions, its true nature. The scientific chief of "Hansel and Gretel", a renowned psychologist, was released after 22 days of house arrest, because he convinced a judge of his good faith. Of course, we also accept this good faith (the judge has deliberated in this regard) but let's ask ourselves, then, what a similar professional is useful for, if after years and year he never noticed what was happening around him. If he is innocent, then so should be the organization of which he was the scientific chief. Is the police doing everything wrong?

On social networks, many people have accused the Italian Democratic Party (former communists) of defending the indefensible and of not distancing themselves from some of the arrested who were members of the party or sympathized with it. In other words: the Democratic Party has been accused of having very specific interests in this scandal and of wanting to cover up everything to preserve them. The Democratic Party reacted by denying any accusation and threatening lawsuits. There would be a lot to write about the psychology of both the Italian DP and its leadership but this is not the place. However, it is undeniable that the Democratic Party (which openly sided with Hillary Clinton as US president) has embraced without hesitation what I was talking about at the beginning of the article: gender issues, identity policies, the "rainbow" narrative of LGBT associations (in Italy it seems to me that the abbreviation is still at 4 letters) without neglecting classical feminism and, of course, abortion. Could abortion be missing? No, it certainly couldn't be...

It is equally undeniable, however, that the question of Bibbiano left the Democratic Party thrilled, at a time when rumors were already spreading about contacts between it and the 5 Stars Movement, to form a new government after the 5 Stars had freed themselves from Matteo Salvini, inconvenient ally of government, anti-immigrants and current strong man of the Northern League. The 5 Stars Movement is now asking for a parliamentary commission of investigation about Bibbiano scandal. They has been asking it for two weeks: how long does it take to organize it? They are the government: do they plan to do it before or after the summer holidays? I ask the question as I also helped to elect the 5 Stars parliamentarians and senators, by the way.

Apart from the parliamentary commission, what seems clear to those who really want to see is the overthrow of the current homosexualist and feminist narrative. If the police are right (always use the conditional) the ogre here is exactly a woman, a declared lesbian, who didn't think twice about taking away the children of families and women in difficulty who turned to her for help, maybe to give them to some former lesbian lover. Around her, an insane, dirty and coward system, which did not focus on needy children (as instead it declared of doing) but on other things: money, power, the sadistic pleasure of oppression and domination. If the police is right, of course.

Then it would no longer be true that women "know". That they are in solidarity with each other. That they help each other. That they "understand" each other. That they make a "common front". Of course, sometimes they do, but rarely: the rest is just woo-woo feminism and gender narrative. A narrative that comes from far away, from beyond the Atlantic and that in the United States, its place of origin, has had great respect and diffusion in the Democratic Party of the Clintons and Obama.

I hope I'm wrong, but I seem to hear the cries not even so tenuous of a new cult of Cybele, even more degenerate and cruel than the first. In more civilized times, the Greeks resolved the problem by physically eliminating its adepts, who had finally shown up themselves as murderers, destructive and nihilists, incapable of self-control and civil life. I wonder, then, what is in our future and how we will be able to face it.

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