Truth For Christchurch: Staged, false flag event?

By Jim Jones

By now most of you will have had some information about a tragedy in Christchurch New Zealand.  You will have been fed on a well oiled Main Stream Media [MSM] press service which swung into gear surprisingly quickly after the incident.  Of course, if this event actually happened as portrayed in the MSM then it is to be thoroughly condemned as a callous and brutal attack on the citizens of the country - supposedly by an Australian Import and his three identified accomplices.

However, all may not be as it seems for many inconsistencies exist in the official story and there are too many similarities to False Flag operations that have been conducted around the world which are designed to sway public option.

Now hold up there, I know some of you are going to jump up and down in righteous indignation saying, "but we saw it on TV!".  Remember, Richard Nixon infamously said  "Americans won't believe it unless they see it on TV". Well, unfortunately that is so for people around the globe now, TV has become their source of news and their mind control medium.  People "turn off," chill out and with a beer in one hand and pizza in the other, watch TV all night long without actually thinking once about what they are seeing.  And with MSM blasting any particular subject matter, the sheeple are programmed to believe what they see.  Wasn't it Gobles who said "If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie". And this is exactly what MSM does;  station after station repeats the party political line - usually from one source and each agency will quote the other for "confirmation".  Fortunately, if you have come to Pravda.Ru, then you are less likely to be one of the programmed as you are seeking corroborating evidence and an alternative view point: but you are in a minority I am sorry to say.

The Geopolitical Background

I have grown up in New Zealand and it was a lovely little country  until about twenty years ago when successive governments bowed to the wishes of the overseas owner of the Crown Corporation of New Zealand Incorporated - [yes, New Zealand like scores of "countries" around the world  is actually a corporation listed on the New York Securities Exchange and  the notion of democracy is nothing by a constructive fraud - arguably the greatest deception perpetrated on man worldwide] and liberalised the immigration policy of the country against the wishes of the people.  In 1961, there were about 260 Muslims in New Zealand, now we have something like 60,000 and with their higher birth rate than the European community; they are set to grow exponentially in this country.  Wholesale immigration has radically changed the cultural mix in New Zealand until now we have those of Chinese origin representing around 12% of the population and ousting the native Maori as the second largest demographic group.   Churches are closing all over New Zealand and mosques are springing up.  It is not unusual now to hear the call to prayer rather than the church bells calling to worship.

This is not a purely New Zealand problem; the George Soros immigration plan has destroyed Europe and now seriously threatens Australia and New Zealand.  Soon Australia will have its own "No go" areas for the local Police as it will be "Policed" by Muslims practicing Sharia law - like in the UK now.   In New Zealand  there is a strong under swell of discontent against the Government policy on Immigration and the selling of land to overseas owners, but like in the lyrics of The Eve of The War -"The chances of anything coming from Mars are a million to one they say - but still they come."

So as in Australia, New Zealand also has a fertile ground of discontent that can be used and will strike a chord in the minds and emotions of the citizens across the country.  This feeling is not really openly discussed in fear of being labelled a racist or heaven forbid - intolerant, the new catch phrase for the liberal agenda.  New Zealand wants desperately to be perceived as a very tolerant country and the new female Labour Prime Minister goes to considerable lengths to promote this view.

New Zealanders are easily rallied around this concept of tolerance and being a very friendly country in which to live - indeed it was.  So an anti Muslim theme was definitely one way to galvanise the country in behind the MSM narrative. And it has worked very well.  There has been a huge outpouring of sympathy for the victims; large amounts of money have been gathered from the public and organisations around the country are competing with each other to demonstrate their tolerance of minorities and intolerance for this "terrorist act".

The Police Agenda

In New Zealand we have reasonably liberal Firearms Laws - certainly better than Australia and the UK.  Here people can own what the Police define as Military Styled Semi Automatic [MSSA]  weapons - ops, sorry, only the Army, Police and gangsters have weapons the general public own Firearms. So a MSSA firearm was possible to be held on a Restricted Firearms Licence provided one could offer suitable cause to use.  [Three gun shooting, culling operations].  A standard semi automatic firearm without a free standing pistol grip, a flash eliminator and a magazine capacity of 7 rounds or less is classified in legislation as a Category A firearm and is permitted on a standard Firearms License.

Now about 30 or 40 years ago [1983??] , I remember the occasion but do not recall the actual date, the Police decided that they  only needed to Register the owner of a Firearm and not the actual firearm - unless it was a Restricted Firearm [MSSA or Pistol].

However, the issue for the Police was that they failed to anticipate how easy it was to circumvent this stupid legislation and soon firearms with all manner of devices such as thumbhole stocks, stay bars from the bottom of the pistol grip to the butt etc were flooding into the country.  So Police invented "Policy" to try and block the legal import of these types of firearms and over the last 4 or 5 years several actions were taken in Court opposing the Police policy and the Police lost the cases.  Police could not get a law change passed though Parliament as there was no public support for it and with a quarter  of a million firearms  holders in New Zealand -[7% of the voting public], it was not a safe political move to change the  legislation.

Last year alone, there were some 53,000 Firearms imported legally into New Zealand.  No one actually knows the total number of Semi Automatics that are in the Country and with the ready availability of magazines of more than 7 round capacity, the temptation to convert these into MSSA category firearms, that are NOT registered, is substantial. Over the last 4 years there has been a huge volume of AR platform firearms imported. What is more,  as only the Firearm holder is registered and only has to show a valid Licence to uplift an AR platform semi automatic Category A firearm,  so that any owner once he purchases a Semi automatic can on sell it without trace.  Let us say, he develops and drug habit and goes to the local gang for his drugs. The gang can say to him, "go get a semi auto firearm and we will give you your dope".  The gangs are arguably now better armed than the New Zealand Police.

New Zealand Police have also suffered an influx of senior Officers from the UK who it appears have brought their own agenda on Firearms Control based on the UK model.

The stage is set for a False Flag operation.

Police faced with a perceived problem and unable to get law change because of public opinion have another option open to them; stage an event to create an outburst of public sympathy and condemnation of the Semi Automatic legislation and under that hysteria, use the Firearms Regulations to exercise the Executive Order [Order in Council] whereby the Commissioner of Police sits down with the Governor-General and "Makes Law".  This is de facto law and for now bypasses the Parliamentary system wherein it is debated.  But it means that if they work fast enough before Parliament can sit and debate / pass the Bill they can confiscate the Semi Automatics and any issue of law is then too late. Besides, when it is debated the public will have been so riled up by the MSM that they will of course support the changes.  Quite clever really.

The Event

Consider all the False Flag events around the world, they were al committed with an ulterior motive - to galvanise the public through some horrific event so that the public would willingly give up a right or privilege that they had without due process of law.  Surely you are not so myopic that you cannot see that fact? 9/11 - to initiate a war of terrorism.  Sandy Hook, Boston Marathon, LA shootings - all attempts to sway public opinion to support gun law change and remove the 2nd amendment.  The London Bombing,  Sergei Skipral, et..all.  I am sure you can recount many similar events around the world which have been clearly shown to have been staged and all had some underlying motive to change and shape public opinion.  It is as well oiled now as the US penchant for Coloured Revolution [Current one is Venezuela].  What is more alarming is that because of the apparent success of these events , they are increasing and becoming even more blasé in their operation - are we so stupid?

There are many issues about the Christchurch event that need to be questioned in open forum.  Any attempt to create a government lead enquiry [In New Zealand a Royal Commission] will only operate as a Whitewash and cement the political narrative.  That is what government enquiries are for - remember the Warren Commission - Oswald was a lone gunman!.  What about the 9/11 commission, the buildings fell as a result of being hit by a plane - oh and the adjoining build just happened to fall in sympathy!.  Only an open public enquiry will get to the truth and the government will resist that right up to the point of open insurrection as it will bring down the government if proven to be false. 

Leading up to this event in Christchurch,  I understand that a National Minister of Parliament predicted in an open public meeting the exact events that have happened and did so late last year.  Was he a prophet or did he has insider knowledge?  Myself, I don't think he has many credentials to be a prophet.

The week prior to the incident, the Police in Christchurch were issued anti terrorist firearms and equipment - this is not standard carry for NZ Police - and like so many other False Flag operations around the world, the Police just happened to be conducting an anti terrorist exercise the very moment this attack happened.

Do you notice the similarity to all other events around the world how the Police/Authorities just so happen to apprehend the suspects so quickly?  I recall the in Christchurch it was reported he was captured in 26 minutes.  Isn't that so convenient - police forces don't have to waste time, effort and money doing some long search for the offender and can come out with so much detailed information about the offenders almost immediately!

MSM were there almost before it happened and in good reporting style as they do all over the world - they produced an "eye witness".  The eye witness they produced was a middle aged man who arguably had just witnessed the most horrific and traumatic event in his life! 50 people  slaughtered by what I believe  police initially said was a 12ga shotgun, more than that number of people wounded, many critically wounded; there would have been blood and gore all over the place, children screaming, mothers and woman wailing/crying and men screaming in agony.  Truly, it must have been one horrific scene, yet this middle aged guy calmly speaks to the reporter who prompts him with questions and he provides the scripted answers!  He said, "I was so scared I just kept my fingers crossed"  Seriously, they could have got a better crisis actor than that.

All acting first responders were going about their business in a very calm and controlled manner - police didn't appear too worried, they seemed to know that had the bad guy.  Ambulance responders calmly transported critically injured to the hospital - no need to rush. One critically injured victim passed by the camera at close quarters [so we can get a good look at him] and he apparently later died of his wounds - he showed no signs of shock - he looked very calm and relaxed for being mortally wounded.  Have a look at some victims of shooting from Syria on Youtube and note the difference.

I watched the video that was realised - incidentally, the Police after it was realised and seemingly realising the errors in it quickly banned viewing of it under threat of a $10,000 fine for viewing objectionable material!

In the video, the shooter approaches this door and appears to shoot someone at point blank range [under 2 metres].  Now I have some 25 years military experience and was a senior Officer in the Infantry; someone shot at point blank [especially if it was a shotgun as initially reported] is in a mess.  Most definitely he has a through and through and for him to fall dead immediately he has been hit in vitals /main trunk.  This victim falls face down [very convenient] and I saw no blood, no exit hole, nothing that would indicate he had been shot.  I did note he had no shoes on -remember that point, I'll come back to it later - but one can expect that in a mosque.  The shooter proceeds up the corridor and glances to his right into a side room where there appeared to be dead bodies stacked in there.  He moves further up the corridor and one of this magazines is lying on the floor beside the skirting board - it has his distinctive white writing on it.  He passes that and then shoots at someone who flits across the corridor.  He turns and returns down the corridor, picking up his magazine as he goes.  As he passes the victim lying at the entry, the victim now has blue shoes on!

What else did I notice - well he was firing a semi automatic which seemed to be expelling cased as quick as a firearm in full auto.  The cases ejected out and forward [as one might expect] but after travelling about one metre they mysteriously vanished; not hitting the wall and bouncing around on the floor etc.  The cases did not look like those from a 12ga - they looked more like those from an AR15.  While firing the firearm there was no perceived recoil/muzzle flip. The mosque was surprisingly quite - the noise of the shooting was evident but no screaming, crying, calling for help at a time when there must have been wholesale panic and total bedlam.

This just didn't ring true to me - Peter Jackson could have done a better job of the production.


It is my firm belief that this was a staged event - False Flag, for the reasons I covered above and  I believe that the only way the truth can come out is for there to be a public demand for a full and open public enquiry into the whole event.

What are the chances of that?

Jim Jones

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