The Hypocrisy of the Chinese World Dog Show

Holding a World Dog Show in China is paramount to organizing a grade school party hosted by serial pedophiles and child rapists. Reader discretion advised.

Shangai is happy and proud to announce that it is hosting the 2019 World Dog Show, thus: "A Joyful Gathering for dog lovers and lovely dogs across the world! A Grand Event returning to Asia after a long expectation of 37 years!"

No doubt many of the organizers and those involved in the festival love dogs, have dogs and treat them with the love and respect these wonderful animals deserve. But would you take your child to a party at a school where other children have been tortured and raped and murdered year after year? Would you take part in judging any of the beauty competitions held there?

If the answer is no, then what the hell are American judges from the AKC - American Kennel Club, thinking about when they agree to travel to China, the country where dogs are boiled alive, to take part in the World Dog Show?

Let us go deeper. This year, 2019, the city of Yulin, China, will host the tenth consecutive Yulin Dog Meat Festival between June 21 and 30, at which between ten and fifteen thousand dogs will be butchered, tortured and eaten. Why? Because the Chinese think that eating dog meat will help them keep cool in the Summer months, following the same superstitious nonsense which sees them paying thousands of dollars for a sachet of rhino horn to make their penis grow hard (like a rhino horn) basically because they are not man enough to do the job properly by themselves.

Surely any prerequisite for any Dog Show, especially one that labels itself the World Dog Show, must be the implementation of a nationwide policy of humane treatment towards dogs, and animals in general, following the most basic precepts of human dignity and rights for all sentient beings.

Now for what follows, reader discretion is advised because what I am about to describe, namely the horrors endured by Man's Best Friend at the Yulin Festival, and which will take place again in 2019, are absolutely spine-chilling and will reduce the bravest of us to tears.

Just before Yulin, many dogs are snatched from their owners off the streets, so the happy, playful little bundle of joy who was playing with a ball in the living room then goes outside for a few seconds, is snatched from the garden, thrown into a sack or a cage by some callous individual who then carts his trophies off to the Yulin Lychee and Dog Meat Festival.

Dogs are boiled alive

Let us see, as a token example, what happened to little Minnie, an orange colored cross-breed three years old, the joy of her family and best friend of the five-year-old grand-daughter who adores her.

"Give me that one! The orange one with long fur!"

"This one? How would you like it?"

"Roasted! No, no, boiled, then stew it with onions and garlic and chillies and...and some ginger! But singe its fur off first!"

There is a video of a Chinese female giggling as she takes a blow torch and singes the fur off a little dog, looking sullen, defeated and extremely unhappy, at first flinching as its flesh is burnt, then just giving up and realizing that its lot in life, its final moments, will be ones of agony. You can see the tears welling up in its eyes as it looks at its torturer with an expression that says "Why are you doing this to me? What have I done?" What it does not know yet is that its eyes will pop out of their sockets after it is tossed, alive, panick-stricken and screaming, into a pot of boiling water. As the onlookers shrug and jeer and giggle.

At Yulin, other dogs are roasted alive, some still breathing as their flesh is slitherted from their bones among the smacking of lips, hawking and spitting and muttered comments such as "nice and succulent this one", "this one is a bit tough", "come on eat up, next we shall eat some fried liver and heart".

I have a pile of documents beside me as I write, thousands upon thousands of cases documenting the most horrific suffering and cruelty. Forgive me, I cannot carry on with this article.

Let me just conclude by saying that while the Yulin Dog Meat Festival continues, while dogs are murdered in China, then any Dog Show must be classified as a monstrous act of sheer, unadulterated hypocrisy and any collaboration at all with any such event in China until the treatment of dogs and other animals is regulated, should be taken as collusion and collaboration with these Satanic and subhuman practices.

Ball in the American Kennel Club's court.

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey

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Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey