What Prime Minister Theresa May needs to understand

The British Prime Minister cuts a sociopathic figure, isolated, stubborn beyond belief, totally wrong and convinced that the world gravitates around her feet

What is utterly incredible and unacceptable about Prime Minister Theresa May is that just a month before the fateful March 29th Brexit date, she still threatens a no-deal Brexit. Just thinking about it should be a pre-condition for the removal of this apparently unhinged, incompetent, crass and arrogant individual because a no-deal Brexit, everyone agrees, would be a total disaster for the economy and for the future of the country. Therefore how she can seriously postulate a no deal as a possibility underlines the fact that she is the wrong person in the wrong place at the wrong time. Her profile is that of a Minister, not even a Secretary of State and certainly not a Prime Minister. She is, in fact, an over-promoted clerk allowing her husband to do his bidding through her office.

The British people do not want Brexit

Knowing that the majority of the British people today do not want Brexit, the Prime Minister should be positioning herself to represent the will of the people, today, a will which is informed and based upon clear facts. Not lies about 350 million pounds a week, not lies about the refugee crisis from 2015, not Home Office Reports about the tiny impact of immigration on British jobs stifled and withheld to fuel an anti-foreigner hysteria. These facts point towards an obvious downturn in the economy with any Brexit deal - hers, or no deal because in any scenario, the UK ends up paying more for its imports, exporting less, seeing prices rise, seeing employment fall.

Yet what Theresa May is doing, is once more, clinging on to a sound bite and reiterating it time and time and time again as if she was trying to convince herself that she is doing the right thing. Like everyone else, she fails. It was her department, the Home Office, at the centre of the Windrush scandal in which Caribbean people were sent back home after living in the UK for decades and after contributing to the country's culture and economy. What was Britain doing for centuries committing massacres in foreign lands?

It was allegedly her department, the Home Office, which "lost" the dossier on pedophilia in the House of Commons. Anyone working in the public sector would be fired for such brazen incompetence. Some would claim criminal interference in a serious investigation.

What Theresa May is doing, is claim that in 2016 the people gave a clear mandate to leave the European Union. What happened in fact is that just over half those who voted, decided on the day to leave, after an illegal Leave campaign, based on lies, swayed public opinion in a consultative vote, not a legally binding one. So it was anything but a clear mandate and today the figures point towards between 60 and 73% being in favor of Remaining in the EU.

Theresa May is totally and absolutely wrong

So once again, she is not just wrong, she is totally and absolutely wrong and could not be more so. She says she is worried about the consequences of the Leave voters getting disassociated from politics if they fail to deliver Brexit. What she should be worried about is the fact that the Remain voters will probably never, ever vote for anyone again if they do deliver Brexit. Given that there are more Remain voters than Leave voters, the sensible thing to do would be to cancel Brexit as a bad idea.

Letting down the country's youth

Theresa May is well aware that her country's youth does not want Brexit. Despite this, she is prepared to press ahead destroying their futures and acting against their will. The bottom line appears to be that she could not care less about the country's youth because she is more interested in tacking the Conservative Party together, desperately trying to keep her right-wing ERG (European Research Group) onboard as she fights against the tide. So this is the main objective of the United Kingdom's Prime Minister - holding her party together first and worrying about the will of her people and the future of her country second. Some say there is something more sinister - connected with the EU directives and offshore fortunes, which do not pay taxation in the EU, so if the UK leaves the EU those toffs with fortunes abroad will avoid paying tax. Let us imagine who these people are.

Theresa May knows that under WTO rules, tariffs will be higher than they would be under new rules concerning access to the EU, and she knows that when the UK ceases to trade with the EU for free, it will have to pay to get access to what it today enjoys without paying. She also knows that the spine of the British economy is its Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs), and many of these engaged in service industries, already with squeezed margins and she knows that any move out of the EU will push these margins into bankruptcy.

She knows that exports will fall, she knows that if exports fall, the job market collapses. She knows that British Universities do not produce the material to fill the job vacancies and that she needs workers from the European Union to fill the gaps. She knows that University fees will rise as foreign students look elsewhere, to other Universities cheaper, and just as good if not better.

Theresa May is ready to destroy the hopes and dreams and aspirations of Britain's youth

In short, she knows that delivering Brexit will destroy the hopes and dreams and aspirations of the country's youth, she knows that delivering Brexit will shatter the country's economy and move the United Kingdom back to the fringes of Europe, unwanted, forgotten, irrelevant and the sick man of the continent, as it has endemically been apart from a brief Imperialist blast for one and a half centuries.

She knows that Britain's place is inside Europe, fighting for reform from within, trading with Europe, engaged with Europe as a full, mature and relevant member of this trading block, with clout and with a voice.

And yet she presses ahead, speaking of a no deal Brexit, refusing to take it off the table to keep the pressure on Europe. Only she could be so arrogant as to believe that the 27 will change their minds and renege on what they had signed, the fruit of two and a half years of her work.

Theresa May will go down in the annals of history as the worst Prime Minister the United Kingdom has ever had, a characterless person without the guts to admit her failings and take the flak of her own making, several times, a spineless, irrelevant, ridiculous figure who sold the future of her country's youth down the drain and did not have the emotional intelligence to care an iota about what she was doing.

Theresa May is personally responsible for destroying the United Kingdom.

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Photo 2: The author, 2018

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