Venezuela: The real story and the whole truth

Venezuela, another criminal project masterminded by guess who? The United States of America, interfering yet again in the internal affairs of a sovereign nation

There is no doubt in anyone's mind that the USA considers Latin America as its back yard, feeling it has the God-given right to export its own warped vision of democracy, imposing it through repressive Fascist dictatorships, murder, abductions and criminal acts of subversion, terrorism, sabotage and disruption. This has happened time and again in numerous countries, Venezuela being the latest victim.

Read the Bullshit Media, and you will find references to the democratically elected President of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, referred to simply as "Maduro", with word-tails attached to him such as "dictator", "despot", "autocrat", nobody yet having remembered to say that he lives in a "compound", whatever that is.

What you will not find is any reference to the tremendous social contribution made by Venezuela's PSUV (Partido Socialista Unido de Venezuela, or United Socialist Party of Venezuela) firstly under Hugo Chavez and now, under Nicolás Maduro. To name just a few of its victories, extreme poverty has decreased by two thirds, GDP per capita has risen from 4,105 USD in 1999 to 12,500 USD in 2017, the literacy rate has risen from 91% to 97%... despite a difficult last few years caused by falling oil prices and subversion organized from abroad and implemented by the country's opposition. This is centered on Venezuela's upper middle class and elitists which does not favor the "Chavistas", the supporters of Caracas' social revolution, providing good public services funded by oil revenue where few had existed before. They, and their puppet masters, believe they have the right to the country's tremendous wealth (Venezuela has the highest proven oil reserves in the world).

They prefer privatized hospitals which people have to pay for instead of free healthcare, they prefer to keep the people ignorant so that they cannot read for themselves, they prefer a high infant mortality rate because basically they are a bunch of self-seeking, selfish, spiteful opportunists  who collectively do not have an iota of humanity, decency or morals between them. In short, a bunch of traitors.

Now for the truth

What you will not find is any reference to the 150 meetings between the Opposition and the PSUV between May 2016 and January 2018 in the Dominican Republic, which ended with an agreement to hold early presidential elections, only for Rex Tillerson, ex-Secretary of State for the USA, allegedly to make a telephone call to Júlio Borges (ex-President of the National Assembly), from Colombia, telling the Opposition not to sign the agreement.

Washington's ethic: Heads I win, Tails you lose

Why? Because the USA knew the Opposition would lose, and therefore the right wing of the Opposition did not take part in the Presidential elections in Venezuela last May (other factions did), when Maduro won. The USA had other plans, because Washington follows a "Heads I win, tails you lose" ethic in international relations, and especially when it comes down to countries with massive oil resources. Washington wants to use traitors internally to channel the wealth outwards, not to use it for improved public services for the people.

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is Venezuela in a nutshell.

The League of the Yapping Chihuahuas

Interestingly, one only has to see which countries jumped to Washington's order to recognize this new imposter who has declared himself President of Venezuela, claiming that he has the right to do so because President Maduro is absent (he is actually in the Presidential residence where he performs his duties as President), to see Washington's list of favorite yapping chihuahuas. Top of the list as usual was chief bedboy the United Kingdom, always ready to receive a pat on the head then get off on a mention of "special relationship", along with 12 Latin American assimilated nations, including the Fascist Bolsonaro of Brazil who declared that he would rather a son of his die in a car crash than be gay.

The argument used by Washington and its yapping chihuahuas is as usual, as ludicrous as it is pig-headed and vapid. They complain about an absence of democracy in Venezuela. How can educating people and improving literacy be anti-democratic? How can making an agreement with the Opposition be anti-democratic? Surely it is undemocratic to make an agreement then break it just because your bedmaster tells you to, surely it is undemocratic to recognize any Tom or Dick who suddenly decides to proclaim himself King of Saturn or President of Venezuela, interfering in an internal process in a sovereign nation, which is a criminal act of intrusion and illegal as per the UN Charter.

So, it is a lie to say all the Opposition did not participate in the election on May 20. It is also a lie to speak about electoral fraud because those who know the voting system in Venezuela are aware that the act of voting uses biometric parameters, so it is impossible to have electoral fraud. Two lies.

Anyone can declare they are President

So the bottom line is that the opposition knew it would lose the election and so most of it refused to take part, to then complain about fraud, declare themselves the rightful winners and lo and behold, two days after the US Vice President Pence stated that the Opposition should go ahead with its plans, the USA was behind them, Guaidó declared himself President, Trump recognized him and the yapping chihuahuas came scrambling along obediently.

This is making a mockery of international law. The people who are responsible for choosing their representatives are the Venezuelans, not Washington. The United States of America today proves that it is ruled by a criminal regime which pursues criminal policies. It is a pariah state, an insult to international law, and has "shame" written on every page referring to it in the annals of history. The history book will be very cruel to Washington when it reports its heinous and hideous acts from 1945 onwards. Its assimilated, controlled and obedient yapping chihuahuas will fare no better.

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Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey

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Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey