Syria: An American Senator speaks

In recent months, the Syrian war entered a new phase thanks to the liberation of most of the country's southern territories. A victorious advance, that of the Syrian army, which drives many to look at Idlib as the final battle, the mother of all battles. The liberation of Idlib will seal the victory of the secular, socialist and multi-faith Syria writing the word end to the dismemberment plan of Syria as an ineluctable condition to the security of Israel and above all as a necessary step to the conquest of Russia and China. Conquest, that of these two great nations, not simple geopolitical downsizing.

In the West, there are not so many politicians who have stood against the war in Syria: personally, I do not know anyone except Republican Senator Richard Black, of the Virginia State senate. I interviewed him several times in the past and again a few days ago, during a long video conversation of which I propose here a summary.

Black's attitude has not changed compared to the past few years: this American Senator has always spoken out boldly and courageously against the war that bloodied Syria, while remaining within the limits of its political term of office and has often highlighted the hypocritical inconsistency of Western attitude on the Syrian crisis. In this way, he attracted the harsh criticism of part of his own party and the ISIS has even publicly declared him as his enemy.

One of the focal points of Black's reasoning is that the fall of Syria by the jihadists would be followed by that of Lebanon and Jordan, leading to the creation of an Islamic fundamentalist caliphate that would have constituted an existential danger for all Western society and above all the European one. For this reason [min. 2.10 of the interview], the senator points out that he never thought he was wrong, that he never believed he was wrong in opposing the common narrative. Thanks to his past experience as an officer at the Pentagon, Senator Black was able to analyze this narrative, first about the Libyan crisis and then to the Syrian one. Precisely, the Libyan crisis [min. 4.00] was necessary in order to supply arms to Syrian rebels through Turkey, so that they could use them against Syria which was "the most modern of all Nations in that area", a Nation where women had the same rights as in the West, unlike those Saudis who have always lived and live like dogs. Syria respected all religions while the jihadists were in the process of genocide Christians and all the other religious minorities.

In this war, there are only two sides: the Syrian one, led by President Assad and the terrorists. We can call them "moderate rebels", says the senator [min. 5.40 - min. 70.10], but they are not. They have all fought side by side, shoulder to shoulder, with Al-Qaeda and ISIS, which are the two main groups and among their crimes have turned Syrian women and children into sexual slaves, sold them in real slave markets in the territories they conquered.

Black uses the word "Quisling" to remind us [min. 8.00] as the intentions of the United States, NATO and the Gulf kingdoms to impose a puppet government on Syrians were similar to those of Hitler in imposing his puppet Vidkum Quisling to the people of Norway. Like the Norwegians, so the Syrians opposed, loving their homeland and their president. Here is another focal point: the Westerners have made the decision to destroy a country, replacing its legitimate government with a puppet, for a cynical and ruthless geopolitical calculation.

However, as Black strongly emphasizes [min. 10.00], two-thirds of the industrial and military world have focused on destroying a small country of just 23 million inhabitants but these 23 million have fought them back: there is therefore a tremendous unity in the Syrian people, a people that makes no distinction among the terrorists. The West has recruited mercenaries to fight in Syria, sent them to that country to slaughter women and children and all this was called "exporting democracy" [min. 12:00].

None of the great battles of the past recalls the tenacity of the Syrian people in defending their homeland [min. 13.20] and it is Senator Black's personal opinion that the will of God supports the Syrian people.

The Western world did not like Russian intervention, without which Damascus would have fallen. The Russian one is a small contingent, a little task force compared to the western ones present in the area. Yet it achieved incredible results such as the complete destruction of the entire fleet of tankers that stole Syrian oil and brought it to Turkey. The American-led coalition, recognizes Black [min. 17.00], has never interfered with the oil trade of ISIS but the Russian aviation in two days has destroyed 500 tankers that were part of the ISIS supply line: the Russians were not only smart and effective but, says Black, even on the right side, against insane cutthroats.

Senator Black recognizes the wisdom of the political line adopted by both the Russian foreign minister Lavrov and President Putin. He compared them to two chess players [min. 20.45]: this position is remarkable in an American politician and is one of those statements that we never heard before the Trump presidency. It is a further evidence of the need for change that part of the US political world feels and which has recently triggered a clash between different sides within the American deep State.

Germany, France, England and even the United States should be grateful to the Russians for their intervention in Syria [min. 23.00] because, as a side effect, they literally saved Western civilization. Again, words never heard before and with a tremendous meaning: it means recognizing that, despite the Western powers and the monarchies of the Gulf have been and still are among the sponsors of the jihadists, Islamic fundamentalism is not a controllable phenomenon and inevitably turns against its occult sponsors. The Western powers have their faults but the true supporter of Islamic terrorism is Saudi Arabia, not Iran as it is often said. Senator Black [min. 25.00] finds no evidence of Iran's involvement in terrorist activities around the world: the real culprits are in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, which was the ISIS's main trading partner. However, why is Iran present in Syria? Iran fights terrorism on the Syrian ground [min. 29.00] because Tehran needs a buffer State to guarantee its own security. Iran needs a united and strong Syria and a united and strong Iraq precisely to guarantee the defense of its borders. Iran is therefore an ally of Syria but does not control it: Damascus is not under Tehran's orders.

As for the Kurds, it was an unwise plan involve them in anti-Syrian activities [min. 33.00]: the Kurds are a divided minority, surrounded by enemies and without a real army and true leadership. Once again, according to the senator, it will be the balanced approach of the Russians to solve the situation, although there are still challenges to be resolved.

Senator Black makes another statement, inconceivable until recently [min. 36.00]: the United States have been at war in the Middle East for 17 years and have not achieved a single victory in any of the countries in which they fight. They have been present in Syria for 7 years but the Syrian government has defeated every single terrorist group that the Americans have sponsored. It is not the Iranians an obstacle to peace in Syria and when peace will be restored, Tehran will not maintain a military presence in this country because such a garrison would be expensive. From them, and these would be President Trump's intentions, the United States should cut off all help to the jihadist fighters. Withdrawing sanctions against Syria, Syrian refugees in other countries would return to their homes to resume their lives.

It is interesting to note at this point that Senator Black warns [min. 39.00] against indiscriminate immigration, which did not exist before the destruction of Libya. European countries let enter their borders immigrants that are alien to the European society and commit crimes that have never been seen before in the countries hosting them. Black says: "It is time for Europeans to understand that these wars in the Middle East are destroying Europe and that they have to stop following the American-led coalition and start taking care of their nations."

 Senator Black speaks clearly: immigration must stop, if we want to keep our nations.

While the West imposes sanctions, no-fly zones, bombs, fills the streets with dead bodies and infiltrates terrorists calling all this "bringing democracy" [min. 42.00] Russia is committed to bringing peace. So China, which builds roads, factories, bridges and does not overthrow governments... In the end, this approach is successful. The West, says Black, has gone through a period of madness, of absolute madness: there are good people in the West but the rulers are incompetent. Something is changing but not fast enough: Western civilization still risks dying.

During the election campaign, Donald Trump promised normal relations with Russia in order to avoid dangerous tensions between the two superpowers. Senator Black recognizes the correctness of this behavior and believes as fake the accusations made against the Russians to have driven in their favor the last American elections. President Trump, according to Black [min. 46.00], truly want to collaborate with Vladimir Putin: you can talk to your own worst enemy too and if you talk to each other for a while, you can find something you agree with. It is the principle of dialogue, I would like to add, always necessary between superpowers. Russia is not a danger to Europe. It does not pose a danger to the United States. It poses no danger to anyone: it has abundant land and resources.

Russia has had problems with Ukraine but these problems have not exploded until [min. 47.00 - 49.00] CIA and MI6 did not overthrow the past Ukrainian government, placing a puppet in its place.

Russia had to react, move to the Crimea because its fleet was stationed but Russians did so without firing a single bullet. Black asks: why? Because the Crimeans consider themselves as Russians and wanted to be part of Russia. The same for the Russian peoples of Donbass, who refused to be part of a group of terrorists in Kiev.

We need to clean the blackboard, Black admits, to start over again by working closely with the Russians.

Senator Black explicitly remembers that one third of American public debt is due to wars in the Middle East [min. 53.40]: ​​these wars are destroying the American society without having achieved a single result, a single victory. Black believes that President Trump really has the power to end the war in Syria by stopping the maneuvers of the American deep state. This process is already underway: Trump has ordered the end of the "Timber Sycamore" program managed by the CIA and supplying weapons and equipment to Al-Qaeda, ISIS and to all the other rebel groups. It is necessary to send a signal to the rest of the world: the war in Syria is over. Send the terrorists home, let's finish with all this.

As you can well understand, Senator Black's opinions are the opposite of those taken from the current narrative, still favorable to the Syrian war, to the non-existent "moderate rebels", to the destruction of Middle Eastern countries following a plot that had nothing to do to do with democracy. It is good to remember that Richard Black knew the war in first person: he fought in Vietnam when he was a young man of twenty, he was seriously injured in fierce clashes with the enemy, he saw dying fellow soldiers who were under his orders, he was awarded with the Purple Heart.

I firmly believe that Richard Black is a true American patriot: he is a witness who does not turn away but speaks with a firm voice to denounce an unsustainable situation. Like all true patriots, he says unpleasant things, uncomfortable truths but, also in America, something moves in the right direction.


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