The Sarah Huckabee Sanders scam

Recently, the Online world was filled with right-wing "outrage" over the fact that Donald Trump's chief propagandist, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, had been asked to leave a small restaurant in Virginia due to the owner's disdain for Huckabee Sanders's often disingenuous defense of Trump's policies.

Much of this outrage mirrored a theme I discussed in a recent Pravda.Report article, I Love Free Speech; I Hate Free Speech (June 5, 2018):  That people will vociferously support speech and/or actions that comport with their beliefs, and just as vociferously condemn speech and/or actions that don't.

As many commentators pointed out, Huckabee Sanders had no compunction about praising a recent Supreme Court decision that allowed a private business to refuse service to a gay couple, and undoubtedly many of those now expressing "outrage" at her so-called "mistreatment" most likely applauded this decision as well.  And how many of these same commentators, through online contributions, raised almost a million dollars for the owners of an Indiana pizzeria after they announced they would not provide catering services for same-sex weddings (How To Get Rich in America, Pravda.Report, April 9, 2015).

But what has been left out of the equation is that people like Trump and Huckabee Sanders, who incessantly holler "fake news" when the facts don't suit their delusions, certainly should know how to create fake news themselves.

Today in America, the media, and millions of its citizens, are outraged by Trump's immigration policy that separates children from their parents.  And, although Trump and his fellow goose-steppers have been largely successful in the past diverting attention from their cruelty and ineptitude by attacking the media, exploiting racism, and pandering to the mindless cultism of many of his supporters, these time-worn antics were ultimately unable to erase the images of crying children being held in cages.

So what better way to shift attention away from the true victims than to become a "victim" yourself? 

According to the Washington Post, the restaurant Huckabee Sanders was asked to leave is a "farm to table" style restaurant that seats twenty-six people and "is no bigger than some apartments."  It is roughly two hundred miles from Washington D.C.  Huckabee Sanders, or someone in her party, had apparently made reservations under her husband's name. 

The restaurant is located in a small Virginia town with a population of around 7000.  The citizens of this town had voted "overwhelmingly against Trump in a county that had voted overwhelmingly for him."

Also, according to Heavy.Com, the restaurant owner is environmentally conscious, receives vegetables from a farm founded by Mexican immigrants, and has gay employees-everything Trump despises.

So, let's examine this scenario.  First, the Washington D.C area has a plethora of larger restaurants Huckabee Sanders could have gone to, where she would have probably been welcomed; Second, the reservations suggest that Huckabee Sanders's party intended to make the two hundred mile drive and did not just come upon this restaurant by happenstance; Third, the restaurant is located in an oasis of liberalism surrounded by a desert of Trump supporters; Fourth, the political views of its owner, the fact that it is owned locally and not by a corporation, and its small size virtually guaranteed that the presence of Huckabee Sanders would cause consternation; Fifth, other slime that works for Trump, like Stephen Miller and Kirstjen Nielsen, have recently been heckled at restaurants; Sixth, Trump has already shown, through the sycophantic antics of Mike Pence, that he is willing to send his lackeys to places, just so they can make dramatic, highly visible, exits.

Add them up and what do you get?-the old diversionary tactic of criminals portraying themselves as victims to divert attention from their crimes.  This is reinforced by the fact that Huckabee Sanders did not simply state she was asked to leave a restaurant:  She made a special point of both naming the restaurant and giving its location, and, in doing so, may have, according to a former director of the Office of Government Ethics, violated ethics laws by using her official White House account to disseminate this information.

There is little doubt that Sarah Huckabee Sanders is one of the most despicable human beings to ever walk the face of the earth, and whatever shreds of a soul she once had have long since evaporated.  She is not a victim.  She is, like the tyrant she serves, a cold, calculating, dissembling, mendacious, hypocritical, sociopathic fascist. 

And she knows that, in the cult of Trump, you can fool some of the people all of the time.

David R. Hoffman, Legal Editor of Pravda.Report

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Author`s name David R. Hoffman