Dogs of war meeting in Israel

The Answer to Duplicity

By Jim Jones

Israel, that terrorist state who openly defies UN resolutions, persecutes the Palestinian peoples and claims the right to bomb anybody while denying the right of any sort of retaliatory action, has once again embarked on a most serious provocation in the Middle East.

On 29th April, Israel launched an attack full of duplicity, on an Iranian weapons depot in Syria, the depot said to be one of the biggest in the country, is located in Mount Azzan near Aleppo and was reportedly being used by Iran's Lebanese proxy Hezbollah and other Iranian militias in Syria.

The attack caused a 2.6 magnitude earthquake [on the Richter Scale] and supposedly destroyed some 200 missiles as well as killing a number of Hezbollah soldiers and some Iranian advisors - the exact number of these casualties seems to vary from one report to another; but total number of dead would appear to be in the order of some 30 pax.

It was very interesting [and telling] that immediately after the bombing, Russia accusingly asked the US if it was responsible for this attack. The Pentagon very quickly and publically, as well as via their hot-line to Russian Command in Syria, denied that the attack was carried out by any of its planes or planes from the unholy alliance. The spotlight fell on two players, the Saudi's and the Israelis - the Saudi's didn't have the balls to do this alone and to risk Russia's ire; the culprit was exposed; Israel, although they will make no comment on this attack. And for good reason too - the Israelis realised that in carrying out this deceitful raid, they may well have crossed one bridge too many.

You see, the attack went something like this; the US and Russian Forces have "an understanding" in Syrian airspace - Russia controls it. The US ask permission to carry out operations in Syria from the Russians and are granted "rights" to fly depending on the mission statement. The Russians are provided with the US transponder codes and know exactly what aircraft is at any location at any time in the Syrian airspace. These planes could be engaged by the S400 system Russia has established in Syria; initially a top NATO General complained that Russia had established an "iron Dome" over Syria [A2/D2]. NATO operates there with the consent of Russia. But what the sneaky Israelis did was to fly one of their F-16I Soufa aircraft, over Jordan, through Iraq and approach the Iranian base from the US area of operations in the East of Syria; and did so, using US transponder codes. The plane flew low and fast and was observed by Russian radar but assumed that it was a mission that had not been properly recorded. Requests were made back up through the "channels" about this intrusion but when the plane abruptly climbed then dropped again but on a different course, the alarm was sounded to the Syrians about the "suspicious manoeuvre" of the "US" plane. The reason for the abrupt climb was to give the GPS guided bomb sufficient height for its glide path of some 70 kilometres to the target. The Syrians simply didn't have enough time to react and it is doubtful if they had the correct AD systems there to intercept the guided bomb as it has an extremely low Radar signature and as it is "passive", there is no thermal emission from it for the missile to lock onto as well.

It is obvious from this as to why Russia immediately went to accuse the US for this attack. It is equally obvious too as to why the US would vehemently deny ownership of this attack - the attack puts in jeopardy the "friendly sky" arrangement the US has with Russia and has the potential to provoke a conflict between the US and Russia; something neither of them want as they both prefer having proxies do the dirty work and they act as Godfathers.

So, who and what is behind this? Well, just consider the Dogs of War meeting in Israel on 29th April - Pompeo meet with Bibi Netanyahu. Remember Bibi Netanyahu, he is the pathological liar who produces little presentations about Iranian nuclear bomb manufacture and infamously produced the bomb with flaming fuse and a 90% red line on it showing unequivocally just how close Iran was to developing a nuclear bomb, some years back. Well, he is back on the world stage with yet another "presentation" trying to persuade us that blood comes from a stone and yes, Iran does have nuclear capabilities. Ask Bibi Netanyahu if Israel has the Bomb - and see the colours he changes into - a real chameleon is our Bibi. No one else may have a "bomb" but Israel reserves this right and what is more, obtained the Bomb without any world sanctions being imposed on it. Don't worry the US knew about it - just look up "The Velda Incident"; it was quietly lost in double-talk and never again mentioned.

I am convinced that Pompeo "gave" Bibi the go-ahead for the strike using the US codes. Both of these guys are sadistic warmongers and both are intent on destroying Iran. For Israel, the destruction of Iran is part of their Greater Israel scheme whereby they are the neighbours from hell, create total mayhem in the Middle East, untold suffering and destroy sovereign states so that they are not longer a viable, coherent military force and in Israel's eyes, no longer a "threat". To achieve this goal, Israel has employed the resources of the US via its very powerful Anti Semitism League in the US. Poor delusional Americans are confused by their own Bible Belt rhetoric that the Jews are God's Chosen people and so as God loving Christians, they need support the Jews in everything they do; little realising that the Jews have nothing to do with the Hebrews in the Scriptures. [That's another story]. The US from its perspective wants to destroy the growing alliance - Russia, China, Iran [and now, possibly Turkey too]. This alliance is too strong to confront face on, so attack the weakest one and do so via a proxy so that the US as Caesar's wife can claim they are whiter than white in the matter. Break Iran and then start on one of the other two, possibly Russia which is under the Anaconda Ring. But Russia may well be a nut too hard to crack. Whatever, both the US and Israel have a vested interest in destroying Iran and will use all methods [underhanded as well - all is fair in love and war] to achieve their gaol.

This underhanded attack has, however, resulted in some unforeseen results for both the US and Israel. The first and most obvious one is the statement from Russia that they will provide the S300 Favourite AD system to Syria "as a gift". We have seen what the Syria AD are capable of with old Soviet AD systems, consider the A2/D2 capability of Syria with several batteries of S300. Immediately we had bellicose statements from the Israeli Minister of Defence that Israel will destroy these units before they become operational. [Remember that these S300 systems are DEFENSIVE systems and not used to attack any country]. Israel later modified this statement to the effect that IF they are used against Israeli planes, then they will be destroyed. What a cheek. Israel wants to go into a boxing match with their opponents hands tied behind their backs - sounds quite reasonable, doesn't it?

The delivery of the S300 [and I am sure it will happen - if it has not already happened] is not an immediate panacea as Syrian operators will need to be trained and integrated into the AD network in order to utilise the potential of the S300 system. This training I understand, will take some 4 top 6 months. But, guess what? Iran happens to have operators who have experience now with the S300 systems and what is the bet that they will hope onto the operators' seat of the S300 and not only train Syrian operators, but also use the system until the Syrians can take over? The reason Israel is now so piqued over the S300 being given to Syria is their "smart" plan has actually backfired and put Iran in a stronger position on the Israeli boarder. Russia took umbrage over the double-cross by the Jews and considered that Russia no longer had any moral obligation to with-hold the S300 system that Syria ordered several years ago.

Be assured that along with the S300 system will go a significant number of Pantsir AD systems for close-in air defence of the S300 systems [the Pantsir proved to be an outstanding success against the unholy alliance attack earlier].

So we see a repeating scenario here, each time Israel undertakes from provocation, Russia seems to come up with an asymmetrical response which not only causes the initial attack to be of less significance, but also strengthens the position of Syria and Iran in the region. This has caused a series of "one-upmanship" events with Israel intent on getting the upper-hand but each time ratcheting up the stakes; we are close to contact now.

Today, I noticed something which ties nicely into this evolving game in the Middle East; Hezbollah has won the Lebanese elections. Oh, so what I hear you say. Well consider this. Not too long ago the Lebanese Prime Minister was summonsed to Saudi Arabia. From the moment Saad al-Harri's plane touched down in Saudi Arabia on Friday 3rd November, he was in for a surprise. A poster depicting Lebanon's Prime Minister, said " Saad Harri Has reigned from his post" - was seen in the streets of Lebanon. This was a betrayal which the Lebanese people remembered come polling day. The Christian lead coalition in Lebanon has given way to the confrontational Hezbollah party and Hezbollah sympathetic minority parties. Hezbollah is the big winner here.

Israel now faces a much more complicated situation that they faced preciously - Hezbollah kicked Israelis arse in the earlier invasion of Lebanon; now that Hezbollah are better trained [war hardened in Syria] and better equipped by Iran, what sort of force do you think they will be now? Any notion that Hezbollah are a terrorist organisation is just simply Western/Jewish propaganda. Israel is a bigger terrorist state than almost any nation in the world, but because they control the MSM, nothing is said about them - just the ones they want to label as terrorists are so called by the MSM. If Israel attacks Iran, they will now find a fired up Hezbollah organisation on their northern border and perhaps supported now by the Lebanese Army? A war on two fronts - and possibly against Syria too - not even Hitler wanted a war on two fronts. Last time Israel had that happen, they were on the brink of defeat and had to call out to the US that they were going to use the atomic bomb; the US arranged with Russia for Russia to halt the Egyptian Army in the most disadvantageous place possible, under the foot of hills, so that the Israelis could mount a counter-attack. That way Russia and the US avoided a major nuclear confrontation.

Watch for the Lebanese sky to be closed to the Israeli planes, either from S300 operating in Syria or by Lebanon getting their own AD systems from Russia. Also, what is the bet that now Hezbollah will "speak" with Russia and open a port or Airfield [or both] for Russia to "use" on a very friendly basis in Lebanon. This also gives Russia a "foot closer" to the huge Leviathan Gas field off the Lebanese coast which Israel is claiming but Lebanon disputes. [This gas field is a potential threat to Russian monopoly of Gas in Europe]. Russia being in the area may well be a major moderating factor or possibly a key player in determining the outcome of the Leviathan Gas field and holding the USS Harry S Truman group at bay. This carrier group has now moved to the Eastern Mediterranean and may well not be posed for any strike on Syria but to support Israel's claim to the gas. The establishment of a base in Lebanon, with a friendly government may well be a king move for Russia and put the whole gas field under Russian land based missiles. Does Russia do this? Well, I think it depends on the provocation of the Jews, but I am sure that a close relationship between Russia and Hezbollah, would be rather like an nightmare for Israel. And they only have themselves to blame.  

Jim Jones

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