Silk Road To Germany: New Molotov-Ribbentrop-Mao Pact

By Jim Jones

There has been a changing of the guard in world hegemony that has been underway for the last decade; it has been clandestine as befits the scenario, least it is exposed before the trap is sprung. To understand what is happening, one needs to step back in time and follow the leads that have been given by the various players.

The players in this game of world one-upmanship chess are; Germany, Russia and China. It would be easy to say that three more unlikely bed mates would be harder to find; at first superficial glance this may well be so.  Germany and Russia hardly have had the best of relationships over the last 200 years and China may well be perceived as a major threat to Russia in the Far East.  But if we examine the strategic benefits of such an alliance, we see major benefits to the parties.

Germany has been the powerhouse of Europe; it has born the brunt of the expenses of the EU and reaped little of the benefits - save massive problems with Arab terrorgees. The EU has used Germany as a cash-cow and relied on Germany's political clout to give the EU standing in the international arena.  Germany has a very run down military - some 180,000 strong standing Army with about 145,00 in reserves; a veritable shadow of the military might it used to have even to 15 years ago.   Germany would have no chance of stopping Russia in an armed conflict [arguably even with NATO support] and quite logically cannot see any benefit to be had in trying to re-arm to catch up to Russia; it won't happen! [Recall the saying - "if you can't beat them, join them"]. Trump has signalled that NATO now needs to take more responsibility for their own affairs and America is going to look after itself first [which is no different than they have always done, except now they are openly saying it].  Comments like that sent shivers through Europe. The cold reality of Realpolitik hit home. In this regard, don't think that Germany is alone in looking over their shoulder; there are several other EU/NATO countries seriously re-evaluating their allegiances.  The Poles and sprats of the Baltics are vociferous in their condemnation of the bear but voice such remarks out of ignorance and extreme short-sightedness. Their anti Russian rhetoric is used to buoy each other up while they take turns at poking the bear with a stick. 

Germany on the other hand has taken a very pragmatic view of the changing world dominance. Probably around 15 years ago, they realised that their market potential lay in the East and that the US would thwart them in Europe with the aggressive and anti-competitive nature of US politics merged into commerce. [The recent "Free Trade Agreement" was yet another attempt by the US to stifle European markets]. Russia was [is] a virgin market and with the connections in the CIS, making it an extremely attractive bed fellow for German industry.  German industry started the Eastward encroachment. Joint ventures were entered into, Germans invested in Russia and Russia reciprocated in kind and in spirit.  It would be fair to say that Tsar Putin has a "soft spot" for Germany having spent a great deal of his time in East Germany and is also fluent in German.  Putin is a pragmatist and sees the benefits of co-operation with Germany.  Russia has a huge reserve of natural resources and man-power, just the thing German industry needs for its industrial growth. [Further East sits a huge developing market].

China on the other hand, while it has a huge potential market, it also has a need for high tech industry for its huge industrial base. Already, there is cross-fertilisation between high tech industry in Germany and China; there is the development of state-of-the-art jet turbines underway between the two nations and other projects of similar hue.  The West has what China needs to develop; technology and resources.  The Russia/China gas pipeline is the first major project of which I predict will be many more that link Russia to the East. I can envisage the three nations combining to develop a new high speed rail link from Vladivostok to Berlin/Hamburg. Such a concept has been the aim of China for many years - this single belt/one way Silk Road.

The sheer size of the new market will like a magnet, drawing others into it. I can see that Turkey, Iran/Iraq/Pakistan/Afghanistan [once the US is out of it], states of the Caucusus, Hungary, Czech Republic will all end up being involved. Ukraine will finally get rid of the US yoke and the remains of the Colour Revolution and join forming the link to by-pass the Poles.  The size of the market and possibilities may well be too much for India to ignore and seeing a pear rather than a lemon, decide that it is best to join the club. This association of markets makes the TTPA look rather endemic.

The Anglo-Saxon world stranglehold will be broken, they and their vassal states will be left to ponder the demise of an empire. Vassal states and fringe states, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Belgium, Holland [France - or are the Frogs once again going to be Gaelic?], Greece, Italy and Spain will be left to test their loyalties.

Turkey, that strategic gem in NATO has serious issues with the US -  Erdogan has called the US the single biggest threat to Turkey  [22 April 2018] saying that the US is supporting terrorists on Turkey's border; will not sell to Turkey weapons but freely gives the terrorists weapons - 5,000 US trucks with weapons recently passed the northern Iraqi border. See how Turkey is positioning itself to exit NATO;  currently they are calling for peace with Greece - secure that threat; they are buying Russian S 400 system so that they can have an effective AD against NATO  - otherwise NATO would block any AD that Turkey had as it is all NATO/US operated. Yanks are being kicked out of the NATO airbase in Turkey.  The "soft underbelly" of Europe [and the threat to the Silk Road] is crumbling.

Of course for all this to happen, the US dollar needs to be broken; it is the dollar that makes the US military so strong. We see the process of de-dollarizing the world already underway. Earlier attempts at it were mercilessly crushed by the US and NATO puppet, as Iraq and Libya fell.  But Russia's support and intervention in Syria has proven to be a game breaker. China has joined in an asymmetrical attack on the Dollar and little countries like Venezuela are now emboldened to denounce the dollar for trade.  Several countries are now using national currencies in trade swaps.  SWIFT has declared that it will not cut Russia off regardless of pressure from the US. [Incidentally, Tsar Putin said that IF Russia was cut off from SWIFT it would mean war]. The rot has begun.

OK, I realise that some of you will be no doubt thinking that I may have had a tad too much of the wacky backy - but I assure you that I have not touched it and I am actually quite sane and balanced. Let me run over some recent history for you, which I believe supports my hypothesis.

Germany has huge amounts of Deutschmarks still squirreled away; huge amounts.  Nostalgia is put forth as the reason for holding them but why would they spend large sums of Euro's just to hold onto and carefully store their Deutschmarks just for nostalgic reasons? It doesn't make economic sense and the Germans are quite analytical in matters like this.  I say the Deutschmarks are held for when they finally ditch the Euro and join the Eastern Corridor.

The Yanks have had wind of this for quite some time and their spoofs in the CIA went about wiretapping Angela Merkel's private telephone in order to get more information on the degree of planning and the likely timing. Obviously Germany pulling out of the EU/NATO would have a major effect on the EU and most likely spell the end of NATO; both scenarios would not be in the Yanks interest.  You recall, the Yanks were caught and it produced a serious rift between Germany and the US.  Obummer even apologised.

Germany asked for the repatriation of all of its gold held in the US only to have the request denied. Many theorised [including myself] that it was because the Fed Reserve actually didn't have the gold. But what do you suppose the reason was for asking for the repatriation in the first place? - Surely it was to back the Deutschmark once Germany dropped the Euro? Why would the Yanks refuse to deliver them their gold? - to stop the process of divorce!

The recent illegal US sanctions [aimed at Russia] were supposed to be a salutary reminder to Russia that they cannot meddle in international affairs without the consent of the US.  How dare Russia undermine the US attempt to steal the Naval base at Crimea. However, consider who has really suffered as a result of the sanctions - those EU countries that were leaning to the East.  Germany was a major loser and very recently Angela Merkel has petitioned Donald Trump to lift Germany from the burden of the sanctions because they are crippling Germany. Now, do you think this crippling effect on Germany was a coincidence? I don't!

The majority of Germans do not want enmity with Russia but seek closer co-operation. This is reflected in all recent opinion polls and the industrial leaders of Germany have been pushing closer ties with Russia since the start of the illegal US sanctions. Merkel can read the polls and she has a very shaky coalition majority. She is also astute - she will lead Germany out of the EU/NATO.

Germany has suffered the influx of the terrorgees; these animals who have fled the Middle East, most are illiterate, many are fundamentalist Muslims and most seem to find great joy and excitement raping German women and stealing from German stores. Germany sees these are part and parcel of the US/EU policies forced on Germany. 

Germany has opposed the US with the Nord Stream - gas pipeline bypassing Ukraine. This is serious rapprochement with Russia - I don't care how you want to dress it up. Germany has thumbed its nose not only to the US but also the EU! The North Stream may well be the Rubicon for divorce.  

Germany has been "instrumental" in assisting Russia to "freeze" the situation in the Donbas.  Merkel has been the one who has behind the scenes played an important role in implementing Tsar Putin's plan for Ukraine.   While seeming to play the Star Spangled Banner, she has been humming the Volga Boatmen.

Consider now, very recent events - The ridiculous incident of the Skripal poisoning.  Germany was one of the nations who didn't immediately back the UK claims and said that there needs to be evidence provided. Other UK/US vassals immediately joined the orchestra and sang the same song as the UK, but Germany didn't. That was a major diplomatic slap.

Join the related event in Syria - the staged gas attack in Douma - again Germany didn't immediately condemn and when the unholy Alliance decided on an attack - Germany didn't participate - you can be sure they were under considerable pressure to join the party.  "Come on Germany, drink up your medicine".

All of these events point to an easing away from the US/UK/EU yoke that has choked Germany; to the zone of influence of Russia and China which is full of promise. It is a sensible move for Germany, but one fraught with great risk. Look what happened to Hitler when he dumped the Banks and rebuilt Germany - they started a war with him. Hitler knew Germany's future lay to the East but unfortunately he tried to get it by military might - like Napoleon before him.

Germany needs to walk a tightrope here, one false move, a slip and there is no safety net.

Jim Jones

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