The aims of the criminal bombing of Syria by the Transnational Elite and globalization

By Takis Fotopoulos

The dramatic events of the past weeks and days, which came to a head with the criminal NATO bombing of Syria during the early hours of Saturday 14th April (so as not to create unwanted disturbances in the stock market!), are very likely to have major consequences on the international stage. Furthermore, they were also aimed at the 'populist' movements, as the elites call the movements for national and economic sovereignty which are presently spreading rapidly throughout Europe and beyond. Therefore, the relatively narrow extent of the bombing is not the real issue, as the mouthpieces of the Transnational Elite (TE) claim in order to minimize its importance. It is the fact that the TE now assert that might is right and that they can therefore bomb Syria at will (on the pretext of false flag attacks), until they have enforced their own participation in negotiations on its future, so as to secure its full integration into the New World Order.

The NATO criminals have struck again, exactly as they did in Iraq 15 years ago (minus France back then, which was not yet another offshoot of NATO) - ignoring not only the UN and the International Law which they have had the nerve to invoke, but even the very people whom they supposedly represent. This was made clear through a poll on the eve of the Syria bombings, which showed that less than a quarter of British people approved of this action, while neither of the three ridiculous 'leaders' of the campaign dared to request the opinion of their own parliamentary/Congressional bodies. In other words they have deliberately acted before the OPCW could reach Syria, thus ignoring the very UN committee which they themselves sent there and which was due to begin its investigation on the same day. This had been to establish whether Assad's alleged chemical attack had indeed taken place, as the international mass media under the TE's complete control have been parroting. The immediate aim behind NATO's attack was most likely to pre-empt any decision of the UN body not to their liking, if not to obstruct the OPCW's fact-finding mission, as the Russians accused them of doing. And of course the supposed attempted murder of the double agent Sergei Skripal by Russian spies had already been staged in Britain, based on "evidence" that a Russian nerve agent had been used. In fact, according to Sergey Lavrov, the Russian Foreign Minister, the toxin was never produced in Russia, but was in service in the US, UK, and other NATO states.

These events have finally made it clear that the UN Security Council has become a disreputable propaganda machine for the NATO criminals who have destroyed at least four countries in the last 15 years or so (Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria). In fact, it is only the historical "anachronism" of the Council's permanent-membership structure - still reflecting the final events of WWII - that prevents the TE from fully controlling it, with Western calls to expel Russia and China from it on the grounds that they are 'irresponsible' powers recently multiplying! Barring this UNSC structure, the TE would now have absolute power over it - as it already has over the General Assembly and has had ever since 1991 when, with the New World Order (NWO) of neoliberal globalization going full steam ahead, it reversed the 1975 decision which rightly determined that "Zionism is a form of racism and racial discrimination." No wonder that Israel has now become a pure criminal state, shooting unarmed protesters in cold blood just because of their mass resistance to the seizure of their land by the occupiers - a form of resistance which has always been the unquestionable right of an occupied people. In fact it was a similar mass resistance by the Soviet, Greek, Serb and other peoples, who were also the victims of Nazis but who (unlike Zionist themselves!), were engaged also in a fierce mass resistance against them that led to the defeat of Nazism, as well as the creation of this criminal Zionist state, whose Minister of Defence did not have any qualms about praising the cowardly killer of an unarmed protester!

The above events, which may well result in a new Armageddon in the near future, are neither coincidental nor merely the outcome of certain conspiracies or geostrategic games, as suggested by the 'analysts' of the TE in the mass media controlled by the same elites. Actually, these events simply mark perhaps the final stage of an evolutionary process that began when transnational corporations emerged about a quarter of a century ago, a fact which coincided with the fall of "actually existing Socialism." This was when the New World Order of Neoliberal Globalization was established (the NWO), which is managed by the network of interwoven economic, political, cultural and ideological elites that I have defined as the Transnational Elite - i.e. the executive council of the major transnational corporations.

The process mentioned involves the use of both economic and military violence to subordinate people and countries which have not yet been fully integrated into the NWO, and which insist on preserving a degree of national and economic sovereignty - something which is incompatible with the economic levelling imposed by the "4 freedoms." That is, the economic levelling imposed by the opening and liberalization of markets for capital, labour, goods and services and the consequent loss of economic and, therefore, national sovereignty. The same general opening and liberalization of markets involves an ideological and cultural levelling which is the direct result of mass migration from South to North, and the promotion of identity politics and the human rights culture. In other words, the kind of politics which aim to turn citizens into simple individualist beings who, once appropriately conditioned by the mass media, are only out for themselves and are chiefly predetermined by their sex, their sexual preferences and other such criteria. 

As far as economic violence is concerned, this is the form of violence mainly used by the European Union - the TE's most subservient organ - which also functions as the model for full globalization. The peoples of the EU have in effect been condemned to lose every trace of economic and therefore national sovereignty, within the context of a distorted "internationalism" which certain "Left" con artists - such as those manning the SYRIZA government in Greece - advocate. It is distorted because, of course, true internationalism was founded upon the national and economic sovereignty of peoples whose unity was based on the ideals of peace, brotherhood and solidarity. It was obviously not founded upon the pseudo-internationalism of the EU whereby a bureaucracy, essentially appointed by the TE, simply carries out its orders while the people no longer have control over their economy, their borders, their national sovereignty or even their culture to any significant degree. The main example of this process is Greece, which clearly became a protectorate of the TE at the beginning of its crisis, as I emphasized in my book which was, naturally, ignored (directly or indirectly) by the "Left" which has been integrated into the NWO.

However these peoples did not sit idly by, leaving their fate to the TE. This is why, in the last few years, the movements for national and economic sovereignty have been flourishing in Europe. From Britain, where Brexit ignited a huge popular movement which spread to France (but was boycotted by a "Left" similar to the Greek one - that of Mélenchon), to Austria, Poland and recently Italy but also Hungary. There the sovereignty movement has just triumphed, while something similar has happened even in Germany - the metropolis of the EU - where the AfD party is currently leading the opposition in the Bundestag. Obviously these parties (which the integrated "Left" calls "extreme right" and "populist," if not "racist" and "fascist"), do not necessarily express the low-income social strata which have turned against the NWO, and there is no doubt that some of these parties have been infiltrated by (or always consisted of) far-right or even neo-Nazi tendencies. However, these tendencies have always been an extreme minority among their supporters, otherwise their huge rise could not, of course, be explained once globalization started to grow exponentially, creating millions of unemployed and under-employed people with no access to social welfare, which has gradually been eroded within the NWO etc. In other words, it was the inexorable separation of citizens into victims of globalization and those benefitting from it (who are always a minority), which brought about the huge and sudden meteoric rise of these movements and parties.

At the same time, for those peoples who resisted the process of globalization and the loss of their national and economic sovereignty, the TE held in store the most extreme form of criminal military violence. The main example of this was the hecatomb of the one million lives lost so that the Iraqi branch of Ba'athism could be destroyed through the use of similar sordid lies over Saddam's supposed terrifying weapons of mass destruction. This, on top of the ongoing total destruction of Afghanistan and Libya, in the latter case resulting in the complete dismantlement of the most highly developed social welfare state in Africa! Then, the criminal war against the Syrian branch of Ba'athism was launched by the same TE and its allies in the Arab world (i.e. the despicable protectorates of Saudi Arabia - currently busy massacring the people of Yemen, Qatar etc.) with the aim of wiping Ba'athism, a movement for national sovereignty, off the Middle Eastern map. The declared aim was, of course, to 'liberate' the Syrian people from the tyranny of Assad - a "tyranny" which did not prevent its people from fighting a heroic struggle for over seven years now, with half a million lives lost to the paid-up 'terrorists' who in fact started the insurrection, with the massive financial and military help of the Gulf states as well as that of the TE.

However, in all these cases in the Middle East - as opposed to Yugoslavia, for example, where the TE inaugurated their campaign and succeeded in partitioning the country completely - apart from the TE, the criminal Zionist elite have also played a decisive role. In fact, this Zionist elite have special interests that go beyond the satisfaction of the TE's general interests - which are of course both indirectly and exclusively economic in the Middle East (oil etc.) - and they mainly concern the creation of a series of protectorates in the region (even in Greece and Cyprus) so as to secure not only the eternal reproduction of the blatantly racist regime of Israel, but also the exploitation of the region's natural resources which this elite basically seized from the Arabs. Part of this process was also the 'might is right' seizure of Jerusalem, which was carried out with the approval of the indescribable leader of the "free" world who was elected by the low-income social strata and victims of globalization in the US on a very different mandate. In practice, he has proved himself to be an unscrupulous power freak who has now shown that he is perfectly capable of causing carnage across the planet to satisfy the interests of the TE and, especially, the Zionist elite, rather than risk losing the power which the TE allowed him to keep on condition that he obeyed them completely. In fact, Trump now plays exactly the same dirty role in the world that Hillary Clinton would have played had she been elected instead!

Naturally, the TE not only turn against all those peoples and countries that expressly fight for their national and economic sovereignty, but also indirectly against Putin's Russia. This is because, although Russia was formally incorporated into the NWO through its association with the World Trade Organization (the WTO), it never accepted the role of subordinate member of the TE (which at the state level is chiefly expressed through the G7). In fact, given the Russian people's high level of political consciousness as expressed through their desire to develop self-reliance and economic and national sovereignty, it is very likely that the present crisis will lead the country essentially to break ties with the TE and, instead, to develop ties with other countries in the Eurasian Union, which constitutes a confederation of countries defending their national sovereignty. Besides, it is no coincidence that the excuse for the present crisis in relations between the TE and Russia - which began with a dirty propaganda war as well as an economic war of increasingly stricter sanctions against the latter - was that Putin dared (very cautiously) to resist the TE's coup in Ukraine by recognizing Crimea as an integral part of Russia, as demanded unanimously by the Crimean people in the referendum that took place. In fact, Putin did not proceed to deny recognition of the illegal regime in Ukraine - which was set up only thanks to the massive help of the TE - presumably to avoid a direct clash with the West, only to discover that it is the Western elites who will readily proceed to an open conflict with Russia to impose their global dominance through the NWO. This is why the present conflict in Syria is in danger of becoming a military conflict with unpredictable consequences for humanity, having begun with an escalating campaign of dirty lies set in motion by the supposed attempted murder of a Russian spy in Britain and culminating today in Assad's supposed chemical weapons (which are just as real as Saddam's weapons of mass destruction!).

Thus Russia now finds itself at a historic crossroads: it will have to choose between reacting, even militarily, to the attacks aimed at overthrowing the remaining national liberation regimes in the Middle East (Syria and Iran) - which both the TE and the Zionist Elite ardently seek to do - or accepting some sort of 'compromise,' initiated by the TE-controlled UN. Such a compromise would involve Syria's partition so as to enable the creation of a "2ndIsrael," that is, a Kurdistan east of the Euphrates where the Kurds already occupy more than a quarter of Syria's soil and are setting up a network of pseudo-libertarian local communities, supposedly based on Murray Boockhin's project of confederal (libertarian) municipalism. Of course all those, like myself, who have studied this project in the past and even taken part in some of the related activities for its promotion are well aware of the fact that such a libertarian form of social organization is unthinkable within the framework of the NWO, as its success would depend on its full integration into neoliberal globalization, with open and liberalized markets that are completely incompatible with any libertarian form of organization! If we add to this the fact that, in the Kurdish case, this 'libertarian' form of organization could only survive through the military backing of the Americans today and the Israelis tomorrow, then we realize that all this propaganda (promoted heavily by the globalist "Left" and its mass media, such as The Guardian, the New York Times, etc but even by academics in Western universities) is just a myth to justify the TE's plan for the division of Syria, and the effective end of its status as a sovereign nation. Needless to add that this will also mark the formal end of the Kurdish movement as a revolutionary anti-imperialist movement, and the conversion of the Kurds themselves into orderlies of the Americans, playing a very dirty role in the planned dismemberment of Syria.

Regarding the present role of the Kurds more specifically, it is well known - and there is plenty of evidence to confirm - that the Americans have a significant number of military bases in Rojava (the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria) i.e. the unofficial Kurdistan) and this is why they have been threatening the Turks with a military counter-attack in case they progress even as far as Manbij! Naturally the Russians support Erdogan indirectly (allowing the Turkish air force freedom of flight), and rightly so since it is widely recognized that the planned partition of Syria by the West is precisely based on the "anti-Imperialist" Kurds, whom Trump officially considers to be his strongest allies in Syria! If indeed Assad had demanded - as he had every right to do - that the territories occupied by the Kurds (with plenty of military and economic help from the Americans!) were automatically returned to the Syrian state and he had then given the Kurds local autonomy as in the past, the Turks would have had no excuse to stay in Afrin or in any of the other areas which they have occupied. However both Assad and Putin, biding their time and hoping that the Kurds would not eventually proceed to create their little state (which, under the present circumstances, would be a protectorate of the Transnational and Zionist Elites, like Greece), did not demand this from the Kurds. This resulted in the latter having the nerve even to demand Syria's help in Afrin, which Assad - as the guardian of Syria's sovereignty - had to grant them, albeit symbolically.

In conclusion, the present crisis constitutes a systematically-organized attempt to destroy, or at least significantly undermine, not only the Middle Eastern states that remain subordinate to the TE (i.e. Iran and Syria) but, indirectly, to undermine even Putin's Russia, which has refused to play the role of an elite that is subordinate to the TE as it was under Yeltsin. Therefore, in case the TE's present attack on Syria were to succeed in undermining (or, even more so, overthrowing) Assad, it would directly undermine Putin's hegemony and have direct repercussions on the movements for popular sovereignty which directly endanger the TE's plans for global governance. Putin therefore has two possible options which he must choose between, after Nato's bombing:

  • One is for Russia to accept some kind of compromise with the TE over Syria, but also more generally over Ukraine etc., so as to become a sort of half-subordinate member of the TE within the NWO.

  • The other is for Putin's leadership to overcome these delusions and continue the struggle for territorial and economic sovereignty, not only that of Russia but also of all the Eurasian Union's members. This union could function as an alternative pole to the TE and the NWO, attracting movements for national and economic sovereignty from Europe and beyond. This way the Eurasian Union would also acquire an ideological dimension, which it now lacks since it is basically an economic union of states within the NWO. This ideological element would be crucial in attracting the victims of globalization from across the world and would help overturn the TE's plans for global governance and for a new Middle Ages, much wider-reaching than the first since its "subjects" would now be under the delusion that they were free, living in "democracies"...

 Takis Fotopoulos

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