The Provocateur - Israel The Big Loser

By Jim Jones

Strange rumblings in the Middle East. I sincerely doubt that even the big players in this game really know the full story and the machinations of nations in this game without rules which is being played out.

I wrote previously [] about the possible interpretation(s) that could be placed on the recent unholy Alliance strike on Syria; about possible "False Flag" operations by the Alliance.  Praise God, the USS Donald Cook was moved from close proximity to the Syrian coast and the Russian Naval Base at Tartus, to a location between Cyprus and Crete close to the Turkish coast and out of range of the Russian coastal defence missiles.  At least that provocation was removed by the US.  If the Donald Duck had launched missile from a distance of 100 km from the Naval Base, the reaction time for the Russian AD units based at Tartus would have been very small and I suspect they could not have taken a chance as to where the missiles were ultimately headed. Most likely, they at least would have been engaged and shot down - it begs the question, would a counter-attack have been launched against the Donald Duck?? Well, we're not to know as it would have depended on whether or not the Donald Duck was destined by the US as a target. To my thinking it would have been foolhardy to have launched from that location and I suspect that words were exchanged between Russia/US on the location of the Donald Duck - thus prompting the relocation to an area whereby the possible trajectory of the missiles launched could be verified. [Trust but verify].

However, the complete calamitous planning and execution of this surgical strike with really smart missiles; of which none were shot down [LoL] has left the Alliance in serious damage control mode. Not only are Pentagon Staff and White Office staff coming out with bold-faced lies, such as "no missiles were shot down, we had no communication with Russia,", but their whole pretext for the attack is now totally discredited by independent journalists - some of them even hardened anti Assad journos from "respected" UK publications who have personally travelled to East Duma and witnessed for themselves that there is no proof of this "gas attack".  I cannot shake the similarities of this botched attempt to discredit with WMD with Colin Powel's waving of a test-tube filled with poisonous chemicals in the UN general Assembly.  Are you a reasonable person? Are you willing to view with an open mind? Then tell me what chance would Colin Powel have had of taking an actual vial of deadly poisonous  substance into the UN General Assembly - or even out of the laboratory where is was held - to wave it around like some crazed lunatic where it could be dropped or broken??  Yet, rather than consider the event objectively, people were swayed by the theatrics of the demonstration; MSM pushed the "show" for all it was worth and the sheepeople, like lemmings, blindly followed the scripted narrative.

Fast forward to now - we have the same type of scenario being played out. The Doctors who were in the White Helmets production have come out and told the truth; there was no poisonous gas. They said that the terrorist had taken over the people's houses to avoid being bombed and forced the people into tunnels underground.  The tunnels were full of rotten and decaying matter as well as excrement and on the night in question there was a rather strong wind which cause a build-up of putrid air in the tunnels which caused hypoxia to occur in some people [especially children] who were sheltering in the tunnels.  The doctors said that as they gave oxygen to these children the White Helmets rushed in shouting gas, gas, gas and proceeded to cause bedlam.

This whole sad story is unravelling fast for the Alliance and it is amazing to see the various actions of the factions as they try to recover and stave off disaster from defeat.  France, this staunch ally, sent planes but didn't launch missiles. It seems they gave "moral support" to the US/UK plan. The UK Astute class nuclear submarine was so hounded by the Russian Diesel Electric Kilo class submarine and the Frigate Admiral Gorky that it was unable to manoeuvre into position to launch its 20 something missiles.  Even with the assistance of the US P-8 Poseidon Antisubmarine aircraft, sent to "help" an NATO partner, the UK submarine could not shake off the Russian tail. The UK MSM have taken up this story [surprise, surprise] and it is causing much embarrassment to Theresa May.  This wholely ill-conceived gamble by the UK/US has soundly reverberated in the UK electorate and the Tefon Lady is looking for yet another way to divert public scrutiny. 

She thinks she has found it - hop from one disaster to another! The British Fleet has sailed for the Democratic People's Republic Of Korea [all three ships] ostentatiously to enforce the UN embargo against North Korea.  Be aware that the only things embargos achieve are wars - ask the Japanese what provoked them to war in 1941 - they will tell you it was the illegal US embargos on materiel necessary for Japan to continue to be a nation [oil, rubber etc].  Now the UK media at least, has a distraction from the Middle East disaster.  The fact that this may actually derail détente currently underway between the US/South Korea and North Korea, which offers a substantial opportunity for peace to break out, would seem of little concern to Theresa May and her political future.  [Short-term gain, long-term pain]. This demonstrates the fickleness of Anglo-Saxon politics and diplomacy; with complete arrogance, still acting as the ruler of an Empire on which the sun has long set.

So then, what is the outcome of the debacle in Syria?  Who are the winners and who are the losers?

Clearly Marcon has been seen as a total buffoon; his comments that he is the equal to Putin, that he understands Putin,  have all the resonance of an empty vessel trying to sound important.  France was seen to be impotent - they couldn't muster a force capable of delivering a strike and I suspect, was actually afraid to make a strike fearing possible repercussions and unexpected events as a result of a strike.  Their noise was to show support and to try and ease out Germany as the main voice of Europe. [Garner flavour with the UK/US cabal].

Angela Merkel is having her own problems with the electorate and her coalition is holding on [only just] to power.  She has read the polls and knows that the majority of Germans didn't want a bar of this action and in reality, prefer intercourse with Russia and trade with Russia [North Stream].  She has two years to hold out - can she make it? The electorate caused her to say "Nein" to the US/UK invitation to Syria.  Besides, the German defence sector is in a very bad state - they look at missiles placed in Kaliningrad and wisely consider their options based on recent history.  This "vacuum from the troika is where Macron saw an opportunity for his beloved France.

Theresa May - well what can one say about this Tefon Lady - nothing sticks to her!  Look at all the botched issues she has been involved in and still she sits in her seat in Westminster.  Discerning public however, have noticed the problems of the UK Defence Forces and this recent Syrian adventure has proven to be too big a problem to simply go away by itself. Resurrect the Russian hacking, pour more on the double agent poisoning and create a distraction on the other side of the world and she has the perfect escape again.

US - Donald Trump with Mickey Mouse and friends. Oh dear, how the US has lost out in this - only one nation has lost more. The hype, the rhetoric, melodrama and the endless Tweets all pointed to a crescendo which failed to materialise. The conductor dropped the baton. " New smart weapons"?  What, recycled 30 year old Tomahawk missiles? [Ok, maybe they had some new electronics, but they were the same vintage as the Syrian AD units].  The UK missiles were a bit more modern. "All targets were hit and no missiles were shot down".  How can the US have any credibility in the world after such statements? The most elementary analysis of his disaster for the US will show that it was nothing more than a staged event entered into because of bravado talk and half-heartedly because of an intense desire not to provoke retaliation from Russia. Those in the world who need to see, can see this and it will have cause utter dismay in some and utter jubilation in others; depending on who relied on the US and who wants to rid themselves of the US shackles. This is a major blow to the US in the Middle East.  The USS Harry Truman task Force being sent there is the waving of the flag too late, the battle is over.  Mixed messages have been coming out of the US [State Department/ Pentagon/White Hose] of the end of US participation in Syria - Trump appears set on withdrawing US troops - does he really have a say?  Time will tell. But this has a hugely unsettling effect on the other players in the region.

The terrorist state of Israel - well the New Zealand Government lists them as terrorists.  If you are to pick one major loser in this whole affair - it is Israel. Under Obama, the US/Israeli relations were deteriorating and Israel sought closer co-operation with Russia on the basis that they saw Russia taking over major influence in the Middle East and hoped that Russia would assist them curbing the actions  of Iran in Syria.  When Trump came to office [many say with the huge help of the Jews in the US] they saw a new Cyrus - here was a friend of Israel and once again they could count of the army of the US to defend Zionist foreign policy. Bibby Netanyahu was very quick to embrace Donald Trump and soon the Zionists once again focused their attention on the great US power base. The US would stop Iran in their tracks, dissolve Syria [Federation] and leave the Zionist with the unlawfully annexed Golan Heights as part of the Promised Land. But cleaver Jews as they were, they still rode two horses - just in case. And the Just in case happened! No one is more bitter, more critical of the failed Alliance strike than Israel. They see the longer-term result of this botched episode and fear for their existence. They put too much money on the loser and now they are the biggest losers in the Middle East.  They see Assad as now fully ensconced in Syria and any future government/political settlement will of necessity involve Assad, and in a major role. The one they have vilified, they will have to deal with and somehow reconcile the Golan Heights as Assad has stated that they will be returned.  With the US stating that they are pulling out of Syria, Israel has to face the uncomfortable realisation that Iran isn't going anywhere fast; but may be well established in Syria after the conflict is over.  The best they can hope for is that Asad has said he wants all foreign troops off Syrian soil [apart form is invited Russia and their bases].  Perhaps they may count on Assad to act in their interests post conflict?

However, not being ones to rely on other events to suit them, the Zionist have embarked on their own campaign to try and salvage something from the ruins they see before them - "we need to get the US back!"  And as always, they resort to the military option - another pre-emptive strike against the Syria Air Bases - this time, where there are Russian servicemen, but more importantly; there are Iranian servicemen.  Recall that Iran stated that if Israel got involved, then they would join in too?  Well, here is a clear case of provocation - start a fight with Iran and then the US will have to come back and help. However, I think Moscow is up to this poly and I do not think the Iranians are as hot-headed as the Zionist may think. I expect clam heads will discuss this at the top level and Russia/Iran/Syria will decide on a reaction which will not be a direct confrontation that would provoke the US intervention.  Too many Zionist attacks are launched from the "safety" of the Lebanese sky - the Russian AD can close this but that would be a problem for Russia and Israel to deal with - better Russia gives Syria the S-300M AD system [after all, they have proved themselves worthy by their performance with older technology] and Syria could retaliate against the air strikes that violate their sovereignty. [Allowing Iran to bring forward AD systems would be too much of a provocation for the Zionist].  Such a scenario would almost be a worst-case for the Zionist - the weapon they have used most with impunity would be severely curtained.  What's more, even the air over their airbases would be in effect, closed.

Out of all of this, Israel now faces major problems - all because they by nature, cannot be true and faithful; they have to have a foot on each horse.  This double commitment has now come back to bite them, right at home.  Don't think for one minute that the King of the North [Turkey] has been sitting back un-interested. Why do you think Turkey is so interested in the S-400 system? They need something to counter Israeli air attacks because if they rely on NATO systems, the NATO block will prevent their use in the event of a strike with Israel [or forward the codes to Israel like France did to the UK over the Exorcet missiles used in the Malvinas Campaign during the 1980's]. 

Make no mistake, while Israel may be the biggest loser in this whole episode, Turkey will be the biggest winner. Notice the cunning manner in which Erdogan played the Zionist game; he agreed with the attack BUT did not allow Turkish bases or air space to be used for the attack- thus showing some loyalty to Russia.  The King of the North will gather his forces in the near future and move against Israel to clear the Gaza issue and give the Palestinians a home.  I wonder, where will Russia sit on that conflict?


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