Never underestimate the CIA

Never underestimate the CIA.  They are capable of anything.  Brilliant.  Strategic.  Focused and deadly.  

Many in the USA have come to realize this stealth organization does not work on the behalf of the USA but rather to its own ends.  And, in this realization, comes a jaded view of both the CIA and the government it represents.  

This realization may have begun with the assassination of John F. Kennedy.  The Warren Commission, a congressional investigation was convened.  The commission concluded there was a single lone shooter, a fringe outcast, Lee Harvey Oswald who acted alone in the assassination of the president.  Many felt, in light of the facts, that the Warren Commission was a cover up of what really went down on November 22, 1963, in Houston, Texas.  

In 1976, the Congress reopened the Kennedy investigation.  They created The United States House of Representatives Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA) to investigate the assassination of John F. Kennedy (and Martin Luther King Jr.). The HSCA completed its investigation in 1978 and determined the Warren Commission was faulty and there was more than one shooter and there was indeed a conspiracy to kill the president.  So much for the official narrative of the Warren Commission.  

Why the Warren Commission cover up back then that even the Congress in 1976 (HSCA) reported was bogus?  One theory... April 25, 1966, The New York Times wrote, "And, President Kennedy, as the enormity of the Bay of Pigs disaster came home to him, said to one of the highest officials of his Administration, that he wanted to splinter the C.I.A. in a thousand pieces and scatter it to the winds."  Kennedy was no fan of the Director of the C.I.A. Allen Dulles or his agency, and in the autumn of 1961 he purged the C.I.A. of Dulles and his entourage.  This included Deputy Director for Plans Richard M. Bissell Jr. and and Deputy Director Charles Cabell.  You do not mess with Allen Dulles and the C.I A.  Let's leave it at that.  Kennedy was dead within two years.  

Then there is 9/11.  This one also has a USA government narrative that defies logic.  This time it is so blatant and egregious that an organization called "Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth" was founded by Richard Gage, an architect with vast experience in steel structured buildings and fire.  The organization demands on official investigation by Congress into exactly how the buildings came down. By December 2014, over 2,300 architectural and engineering professionals had signed a petition for this investigation.  If one looks at controlled demolitions and how the buildings actually came down it is obvious the collapse was not due to an airplane flying into the buildings, but rather a controlled demolition. 2,300 architects and engineers with verified credentials all testify that the narrative of the government is patently false and scientifically implausible if not impossible. 

At about nine a.m. the Twin Towers are crashed into and collapse.  At about five twenty p.m. that same day, Building Seven collapses.  No planes fly into Building 7, it just collapses.  Again, the videos show a controlled demolition.  

There are various theories as to why 7 WTC was taken down.  Theories range from 7 WTC being the operation center for the demolition of the Twin Towers to more nefarious motives.  " According to a statement reported by the BBC, Loose Change film producer Dylan Avery thinks the destruction of the building was suspicious because it housed some unusual tenants, including a clandestine CIA office on the 25th floor, an outpost of the U.S. Secret Service, the Securities and Exchange Commission, and New York City's emergency command center."  Wikipedia


These are but two examples of hundreds where we have been mislead by the official narrative of the government and its MSM news.  Remember the Trump Dossier that was leaked and printed as fact?  Or, the death of Seth Rich, a "botched" robbery?  Or, the list of 200 news outlets in the USA that were Russian Propaganda fronts?  All reported as fact by the New York Times and Washington Post.  All fake news by the MSM fed to an unsuspecting American people.  

So now we have Prime Minister, Teresa May, accusing Putin and Russia of the May 4 nerve agent attack of Sergei V. Skripal (66) and his daughter, Yulia (33), in Salibury, England.  Both are in critical condition after being found unconscious on a bench outside The Maltings Shopping Center in Salibury.  

As we all know Russia is the new Antichrist.  The harbinger of all evil.  The enemy we all must view with the utmost fear and loathing.  Daily, the MSM in USA recoils as they report story after story of Russia meddling in our elections, shaking the very foundations of our democracy.  

Let's get this straight.  Mr. Skripal was convicted of high treason in Russia in 2004.  He was not tortured, killed or murdered, rather he was allowed to settle in Britain after a spy swap in 2010.  Sounds pretty friendly to me, considering that Putin is portrayed as a sadistic monster out to settle scores with those who cross him, by the Western media.  Teresa May called the act "reckless" and "indiscriminate", and basically said Putin put innocent English bystanders at risk.  She upped the ante by dismissing 23 Russian diplomats, the largest such expulsion in thirty years.  

On Thursday, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov accused May of grandstanding in her response to the incident. Russian news agency Interfax reported that The Kremlin denies involvement in the nerve agent poisoning, insisting one motive was to complicate Russia's hosting of the World Cup this summer.  Ah, dear Kremin, the motive was much deeper than the World Cup games, which were only a bonus to the attack. 

So, why now?  Why this attempted assassination now?  This is the question, dear reader.  Why attempt to assassinate Mr. Skripal now?  He was convicted of high treason 14 years ago.  He has been in England for eight years.  Russia knew at this point he was no threat to them with no new secrets to betray.  What would be gained at this point by assassinating the man?

None.  However, if the CIA took him out, or paid unscrupulous foreign mercenaries to take him out, much could be gained.  The narrative of big bad Putin, in his big bad Russia, would be reinforced.  Now, not only is he meddling in elections, getting the dastardly Trump elected, he is using nerve gas to take out enemies on foreign soil.  My god, what will be next?

Nikki Haley, Ambassador to the UN tells us, "The United States of America believes that Russia is responsible for the attack on two people in the United Kingdom using a military-grade nerve agent," Haley said in her remarks at a UN Security Council emergency session, blasting the Russian government for flouting international law.

"If we don't take immediate concrete measures to address this now, Salisbury will not be the last place we see chemical weapons used," said Haley. "They could be used here in New York or in cities of any country that sits on this council."  CNN Politics 

The USA needs an enemy to foment fear to justify it's astronomical defense budget.  It just loves a good cold war.  However, now that Russia is no longer a pinko commie nation to be demonized, and is indeed a captialist democracy, we have to resurrect a  new straw man to hate.  It is remarkable the degree to which the liberal left has bought into this industrial-military-complex narrative.  The USA always has to be bombing someone, droning someone or napalming someone to keep the monies flowing into the defense budget.  Take a look at our spending compared to Russia or other nations.  

Alas, it is certainly not out of the question that the CIA was behind the attack.  After this amount of time Mr. Putin had nothing to gain in assassinating Mr. Skripal and his daughter.  In fact, he had a lot to lose.  The CIA?  They had a lot to gain, and nothing to lose.  Never underestimate the CIA and its brilliance in setting the narrative for its agenda.   And, never underestimate Mr. Putin in his resolve not to become their lapdog.  

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Nancy O'Brien Simpson
Ms. Simpson was a radio personality in New York.  She was a staff writer for The Liberty Report.  A PBS documentary was done on her activism for human rights.  She is a psychotherapist and political commentator.  


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