The Congress of Curmudgeons

A curmudgeon is a common person, someone you might find lying around the house, or the Senate for that matter. Could they be the reason why it is so difficult for all sides of our ideologically divided nation to fathom why our US Legislature has devolved into a Congress of Curmudgeons?


Democrats and Republicans alike, when speaking all too often haughtily before their constituency are in turn perceived as self-righteous, bellicose, and bellyaching. The average American Joe and Jane can be heard musing that their congressional representatives no longer work for them or that their elected officials consider themselves above their oaths of office and no longer do what is in the best interest of the nation.

Others characterize these self honoring law makers as reminiscent of the old stodgy neighbor who refuses to give candy to young trick or treaters on Halloween and curses Christmas Carolers with a bah, a humbug, and don't "offend me".

But why? Is it simply the pure avarice of our congressional courtesans to wait for some licentious lobbyist or a procuring political opportunist to grease the lawmaking curmudgeon's palm or make a deposit in a campaign coffer, in the appropriate and civilized way of course? Or is it simply the nature of the beast that seeks public office to be mean-spirited, ill willed, salaciously self-serving, and corrupt?

A clause in our Constitution that is all too often neglected and erroneously attributed to welfare programs and government handouts is the "Common Welfare" mandate. In the Preamble to our Constitution it is laid out as a rudiment of government and the duty of those in public office.

"We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America."


To the average American that can still read, this means that it is the duty of the legislature to work in the interest of American citizens rather than pandering to a legion of lawyers to parse words for them, skew common sense, and slyly argue about what the "framers" meant.

Even the US federal courts, our own "Judicial Curmudgiary" if you will, refuses to accept the Preamble as having anything to do with the Constitution at law, even though the common welfare clause is repeated in the opening line of Article I Sec. 8.

"The Congress shall have Power To lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts and Excises, to pay the Debts and provide for the common Defence and general Welfare of the United States;"


And that friends has nothing to do with a "welfare state". It is about who your elected or duly appointed representatives work for.


Originally it was believed that the term curmudgeon came from the French phrase, coeur mechant, meaning an "evil heart". Don't worry though, you'll know a judicial or congressional curmudgeon when you see one. They'll be self righteous, greedy, spout disingenuous, absurd, and harmful opinions and most important they will be corrupt from head to toe.

So how well has Congress' Curmudgeons provided for the common welfare of America and its citizens?

I Congress has failed to promote and advocate for the American family.

The family unit is the lifeblood and backbone if not the soul of every great nation. The support of the American family is not simply about tax incentives but also economic opportunities founded upon a wholesome and stable home life.

Our American families are now in dire need of a guarantee for a real and superior education for our children and the generations to come.  Without these provisions our future Americans will not be able to compete on a more demanding world stage and as the American family collapses, so too the nation.

Instead of making America a greater and more honorable nation and more so a world leader, our law-making curmudgeons, while claiming to be our representatives, have become our "reprehensibles" whose laws subvert the family foundations of society that are the fundamental guarantors of individual freedom as well.

We are now an ideologically, racially, and economically divided nation where political gibberish and a mendacious mass media distills propaganda to place blame squarely and almost fully on others. In our times, specifically the press all too often and gratuitously, blames President Trump or President Putin or some other political poltergeist when on the contrary it is Congress, the sole makers of our laws, that has failed us miserably

These larcenous lawmakers refuse to take inventory of themselves, or their speech, or their actions, and more so refuse to investigate their own lack of integrity which heretofore is a nullity, that promotes disunity and derision under the color of patriotism while partaking in public corruption behind a curtain of deceit and duplicity.

Our Congressional curmudgeons deride the public's welfare. 

II Congress has failed to take the necessary measures to halt the pandemic disease

of illegal and quasi legal drug abuse in America.

This is killing America. There is little time left if any to stop this pandemic disease which is a national cancer of colossal dimensions. Congress, vis á vis its failure to take what steps are necessary to stop drugs entering or manufactured in the nation, being aided and abetted by our own federal and state judiciary, has signed America's death warrant.

These seductive drugs, even those that many see as medicinal or innocuous have been like roach poison, where upon infecting one insect, the poison is taken back into the nest to infect and destroy all its insect relatives. The American family has fallen victim to these poisons. Look at it objectively. Our American family is in a coma and there is no Clintonian village that can resuscitate it.

Our own United States government in conjunction with foreign governments and organized crime has allowed America to fall into the trap of a narcotic drug driven black market economy. It has all but destroyed the nation's youth and what was once the world renowned "American know how".

Our own Congressional curmudgeons betray the public's welfare.

III Congress has failed to effectively address ubiquitous public corruption.


How can Satan cast out Satan? A house divided cannot stand. Words of wisdom that the American citizen has no choice but to heed. The alternative is the lethal lesson of history. Corrupt nations fall.

The criminal curmudgeons infesting the Congress and America's judiciary will of course deny that they are constantly putting their hands in the cookie jar. They demand evidence. Here it is! Look at the results of your follies.

Look at what the plethora of US corrupt public officials have done to America, its economy, its schools, its ethics, its intelligence, its principles, and then look at these political purse snatchers' own lavish if not outrageously opulent life styles.

You don't get that on a Congressman's paycheck, which most citizens would find more than ample. And giving the congressmen and women and federal and state judges their cookies is done in a myriad of ways ranging from cash in the hand to seemingly legal campaign contributions.

Quid pro quo can don many masks.

These so-called American public servants have a history of serving themselves and raping the American public and their children.

There is no Separation of Powers nor is there congressional oversight when it comes to public corruption. It's "help yourselves boys and girls"!

Our Congressional curmudgeons exploit the public welfare.

IV Congress ignores or supports yellow journalism and the US mainstream media's false news reports.

Congress has a duty to be truthful to the American taxpayers that not only pay their salaries but pay for some of their many and varied expenses. At the risk of a Jeffersonian condemnation of our US mainstream media and press, our fourth estate has continued to show itself as not fulfilling their obligation of being truthful to the public and are considered by many if not most Americans to be morally bankrupt vis á vis illogical and skewed partisan news commentaries and reports.

Those journalists that are not as jaundiced cower before the money-changers of the corporate world and simply spew pseudo patriotism and politically correct propaganda.

Congress just plays along and in almost all instances dons the false mask of honesty to hide their duplicitous Dorian Gray faces of the grandstanding greedy gargoyles they really are and that only appear in Gray's mirror of self inspection.

Rarely do our congressional curmudgeons speak up and challenge the veracity of fake news and bogus press reports. Our counterfeit curmudgeons kneel to lick the boots of mass media so as not to be "Trumpized" and then become the strumpets of the fourth estate and lackeys the likes of ABC, AP, CBS, Reuters, Fox, CNN, NBC, PBS and virtually all the US mainstream press and news outlets.

Without not only a free press and media but a fourth estate that is honorable, veracious and just, the nation suffers and wallows in ignorance.

Without this lifting of the veil of America's ignorance our nation is weak. How can we have a strong military and a genuine national defense? Stupidity with arms is still stupidity.

So all you crotchety congressional curmudgeons, you really don't need to complain about throwing tax dollars away. To prevent waste and "provide for the common welfare", the nation needs intelligent, honest, and incorruptible American patriots, which in the US Congress have gone the way of the dodo.

Our Congressional curmudgeons scorn the public welfare.

O Congressional Curmudgeons, thou art no thy lane.

So, forget not this in thy disdain:

"Thy wee bit housie, too, in ruin!

It's silly wa's the win's are strewin!

An' naething, now, to big a new ane!"




Photo: By Shawn Ishihara - BLOOD poker!, CC BY 2.0,


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