The wrecking ball of Western culture

Western culture of hatred threatens world peace

The West envisions itself as the saviour of the world and, whatever its actions, it firmly believes that the end justifies the means. And, as historical witness, America killed 2 million people during the Korea War and another 2 million in Vietnam without any hesitation, qualms, regrets, or apologies, for their murderous ways.

And, in their quest to conquer South America and Central America in the 1950s onward, they aided and abetted several, villainous dictators who killed over 30,000 innocents in Argentina's and Chile's Dirty Wars. Later, they supported similar regimes in El Salvador and Guatemala where murdering Communists and socialists was treated more-or-less as a hunting sport. Such abnormal, human behaviour can only be compared to the Nazis' treatment of Jews during WWII, and America was the chief collaborator and enabler in these horrific crimes.

The West's self-righteous approach to politics, economics, trade, and foreign affairs has always been "it's my way, or the highway”. Its misguided belief in their "divine right' to rule the world leaves it without a conscience when it comes to human life. Killing millions to complete its ambitions is done without any qualms, regrets, or remorse. "Elimination' is their answer to anyone who questions their authority or stands in their way. America has become the world's newest thug, and terrorist.

Today, North America appears to be mired in racial, religious, ethnic and social issues which are not easily solved, and which will eventually tear their society apart if not addressed. Added to this strife is the firm stance the West has taken against the Russian Republic, and USSR before that, which they see and portray as a tyranny that must be replaced, and it has also become the West's, perpetual bogeyman. Regrettably, the West has continued with its fixation even though the USSR disintegrated decades ago.

The culture of hatred bred, fostered, and inculcated by NATO and Western powers against Slavic peoples since the mid-1940s threatens world peace today. 1945 saw the dawn of peace after two, devastating world wars, but it was turned into darkness by the Cold War for another 45 years. Gorbachev's Glasnost and Perestroika olive branches did nothing to modify ossified, Western minds and attitudes toward the East.

As a war-child of the 1940s in Canada, I remember being indoctrinated by streams of vitriol on radio against Russia and, especially, its leaders. For successive decades, newspaper and magazine reports fed Western readers with vituperative articles inciting even greater hatred toward Russia. In Western archives, it is impossible to find one, news article describing Russian society in a positive way.

The West's disturbing obsession with crushing Russia into oblivion, or "bringing it to heel' by adopting Western ways, is both an idyllic fantasy which displays colossal ignorance, and illustrates the West's complete misconception of Russia, its people, its unwavering, Eastern Orthodox religion, its protracted history, and its deeply-rooted culture which is diametrically opposed to Western-style living.

For countries like Canada and the US, which extol the welcoming of all races, colors and creeds, the West has — for seven decades — slammed the door shut on any notion of Slavic people having the right to self-determination and, presume, must be delivered from their "evil ways'. For the West, democracy is inalienable, and co-existence with other cultures and beliefs is non-negotiable. Ronald Reagan's ill-conceived and misbegotten "Evil Empire' has unfortunately, indelibly, and irreversibly been engraved in Western minds. America is now deaf to the world, blind to reality, and directed solely by its delusional ambitions and misguided obsessions.

This longstanding, unwarranted, prejudice and deeply-entrenched, toxic animosity towards Slavic nations is a primary failing of the West, and its ceaseless compulsion to proselytize Western ways, culture, customs, standards, political views, and odd, neoteric, evangelical religions upon a people who have their own centuries-old, well-established culture, customs, beliefs, and Eastern Orthodox religion, is a wild pipedream. The West's repeated failures with these obsessions highlight its futile efforts.

Blaming Russia, Slavic peoples, and Eastern cultures for all ongoing, world problems is both dangerously misleading, and intrinsically myopic. Such deliberate provocations, incitements, misguided sentiments, acerbic beliefs, unabashed hatred, endless vitriol and continuous, orchestrated misinformation directed against Russia are both foolish and counterproductive, and an ever-present danger to world peace.

And, judging by the West's present woes and dissonance, it should look to saving itself.

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Author`s name David Harasym
Editor Dmitry Sudakov