Don't Trust Trump!

By Konrad Rękas

There is some specific kind of men known by every good bartender all over the World. When such guy comes to a pub - you better hide all the glass. It is not a question whom he is going attack first but when a fight starts and how many rests to clean after. Exactly the same impression we have observing American policy about Iran and specially The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

Donald Trump in his international politics knows only two tactical games: direct attack and direct attack preceded by steal insults and avowed accusations. Interestingly, the president of the United States applies these techniques even if he theoretically wants or at least should avoid confrontation. If, however, we agree that Trump is only a fake copy of Ronald Reagan, who himself was only an actor playing the role of the leader of the strongest state on Earth - then we see that we are dealing with a parody of parody.

As has been pointed out many times by European observers of the American political scene - maybe since Dwight Eisenhower's presidency, and certainly since Richard Nixon's resignation, no one can even think about one-man management of American politics. The following White House tenants were and are just faces representing the interests of the US financial and political establishment, summed up by the voters and the foreign vassals of the States. Trump's situation is in no way diverted from this scheme. The United States president represents the specific groups of the war-industrial complex that play for a catastrophe in the Gulf region, rising oil prices, returning to tight sanctions against Iran and a free hand for Saudi Arabia and Israel in organizing the Middle East. There is no doubt that Washington will heat up three potential areas of international conflict: relations with Iran, China and North Korea to meet the expectations of its financial base and even the full-scale war in each of these episodes.

If, however, there is no conflict with America itself, where support for further Warfare fights has steadily fallen, it is even more possible hybrid War, played by America by the hands and in the interests of entities such as Saudi Arabia and Israel. Such a scenario seems to be very realistic. Let's see what happened in Yemen, Qatar and Bahrain. The obvious Saudi-Israeli alliance leads to a genocide so far unknown and as such represents the greatest threat to peace and security in the region and the whole World! Relating to such dangers, the JCPOA appears to be a minor obstacle to the US-Israeli-Saudi strategy and more as a pretext for escalating the conflict than as a chance to avoid it.

Don't let to be divided

Of course even the Warfare of the United States has some limitations and even the biggest War Hawks should be aware of the fact that overcrowded at the top and hungry on its roots US society cannot win a conflict unleashed on all fronts: Iran, Russia, China, North Korea, Venezuela, Europe ... While Hillary Clinton would probably have been able to follow Wall Street's orders and lead to a full World War III, only to hide under the rubble of the crisis of Western capitalist economy - those who are behind Trump count on "minor" (hundreds of billions...) profits on arms trade or fuel speculation, and at the same time pay tribute to the typical American belief that all are more stupid than the Americans. So that it will be possible to buy Russia by calming down Ukraine, to appease Iran by dividing Zones in Syria and Iraq and to defeat China or/and North Korea, and just then start with the next one opponent. The order could be different, because it is happening and succeed only because competitive forces do not communicate and do not develop a common strategy of phasing out the American hegemony, which is largely due to the quiet approval of the official hegemony of the dollar. The concrete arrangements that push the worthless green paper money into the face of horrendous debt - especially internal ones - will mean the long-awaited bust of the Western system. And what should be strongly emphasized that the only real and complete alternative to it -  remains the social-economic and axiological system of Islam, as we can see in Iran.

The misfortune of the Twentieth Century was The Sykes-Picot System, based on cheating the Arabs and the division of the Middle East between the European powers. At present, the World power is only one, but still uses proven colonial methods, trying to instrumentally use and exploit the old problems and conflicts of this region of the World, with now leading the Kurdish issue. If we add to this the artificial product of Daesh and the crossing of Israeli, Saudi and Turkish interests - then no observers will be able to doubt the motives and objectives of American policy in Syria and Iraq.

Just as for the international community there is unfortunately still no way to organise a referendum among the native Palestinian people about the future of their country - the will of the people of Syria and Iraq is steadily ignored, the same as a history, traditions, ethnic and religious values  of the inhabitants of these Lands. We need to point that for Centuries and Decades, the only country in the region where the Kurds could fulfil their national aspirations - was and still is Iran! Also, Iran remains the only safe state for Middle Eastern Christians, apart from the support given by the Shiite volunteers to their brothers in Syria, Iraq, and earlier also in Lebanon and Afghanistan. All this is should be seen in Europe, respected and appreciated.

The Greatest Crime in Human History

The views of European societies on the Middle East crisis are primarily related to two factors. Firstly, the role of the United States, Israel and Saudi Arabia is evident in triggering the so-called "Terrorist Threat" as a pretext for further restrictions against the Human Rights and Civil Freedoms in the West. Under the pretext of the "War Against Terror", we are dealing with the construction of a New Totalitarianism, much worse than the Nazi one. Secondly, the United States and its European elites have artificially created the so-called "Wave of Refugees", the influx of almost free wage labour to save the fall of Capitalism, and to feed the new social division: The Nation of the financial and political elites and the demoralized proletariat pushed to the level of almost animals ruled by primitive instincts.

Wars, first in Afghanistan, then in Iraq and Syria, are meant to bring this scenario closer: consolidating a totalitarian super-state that protects corporate capitalism for the elites at the expense of the rest of the World and humanity. No stories of "Terrorism", Democracy", "Human Rights," are no longer able to hide in Europeans' (and even many Americans') eyes the Truth about the greatest crime in human history, being made and planned further by Washington: destroying the World just in the interest of The Global Financier and Banksters. Overthrow of the JCPOA is a just first step...

Konrad Rękas

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov