Trump: Sit down, shut up and listen!

Two weeks into his Presidency, it is time for Donald Trump to sit down, shut up and listen because we already have sabre-rattling against Iran for no legitimate reason whatsoever, we have the new US envoy to the UNO showing she is as bad as, or worse than, Samantha Power and we have chief poodle the UK mouthing off against Russia, again.

As usual, we have the ASS (Anglo-Saxon Syndicate) approaching international relations with sheer, shitfaced arrogance and as regards Russia, an unacceptable degree of insolence, which simply cannot and must not be tolerated. So time for the new boy on the block, Donald Trump, to do a little more reading and listening than speaking and writing, and time for the entire US team to show they are serious in improving the international situation and prove they are not more of the same, following on from Obama's insult to the hearts and minds of the world community.

The parenoid Flynn

Let us start with the threat from the new US National Security Advisor, General Michael Flynn, against Iran, or in his words "as of this day, we are officially putting Iran on notice". What is this, a freaking grade school or something? Putting Iran on notice for what? Blaming Iran for an attack by Houthi rebels on a Saudi vessel is the same as Washington admitting guilt for the atrocities carried out by western-backed terrorists in Libya, Syria and elsewhere.

Blaming Iran for testing a missile (a medium-range ballistic missile was tested last weekend)? And so what? The missile was Iranian, it belonged to Iran and there is nothing in the agreement signed with Iran over the nuclear weapons program that prohibits Iran from testing its missiles. Perhaps the USA should become more worried about the missile testing of its chief poodle, the UK, which last year sent a Trident missile flying straight into Florida after it "went the wrong way, eh what".

What Iran does in its own territory with its own equipment is Iran's affair, not the United States'. It would be good for the new administration to realize that it was elected by just under half of the electorate of the USA, and was elected to govern the USA, nowhere else. So where Washington's rights begin and end is at the frontiers of the United States of America, and the second it puts one Goddam foot outside them and starts bullying sovereign nations, it becomes an imperialist power spreading international terrorism.

As regards the money the USA "returned" to Iran, it was Iran's. Bottom line: do not bank with US institutions, because they are liable to steal your money, as Libya found out with its sovereign fund.

Conclusion: Flynn is the one to watch. His personal history of provocation against Iran is well known, indeed he was allegedly dismissed as chief of intelligence for the Defense Intelligence Agency precisely for his personal hostility towards that country.

Exit Michael Flynn, go and stand in the corner. And grow up.

Nikki "The Comet" Haley

Enter Nikki Haley, the new US ambassador to the UN. She starts by demonstrating sheer pigfaced insolence against the Russian Federation, claiming that Russia should return the Crimea back to the Ukraine. For her information, Crimea is Russia, so how can Russia return part of herself to a belligerent country which has from the beginning been violating peace deals in Donbass and which not too long ago was sending groups of Fascist thugs to massacre Russian-speaking Ukrainians in the South-East?

In a clear demonstration that she is way out of her depth, she stated "The United States continues to condemn and call for an immediate end to the Russian occupation of Crimea". This is perhaps one of the most idiotic statements to have ever been issued. It should gain a media Oscar for crass stupidity and ignorance. Crimea is not occupied by Russia, Crimea voted in a free and fair democratic election under the proper auspices, the Crimea Assembly, in the absence of the legitimate democratically-elected power (President Yanukovich having been removed in an illegal coup), to return to Russia after having been included in the Ukraine Soviet Socialist Republic of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics by decree back in the 1950s.

Where has Nikki Haley been and where does the United States of America get these women from? Exit Ms. Haley, next time do some reading before you make an idiot of yourself in public. I want a ten-thousand word essay on "Why Crimea is Russia" by Monday morning. Now skit!

The Batshit nuts Brit

And enter Sir Michael Fallon, the Defense Secretary of the Poodle-in-Chief, the United Kingdom, who (yawn) (again?) insinuates that Russia is launching a campaign of cyber attacks targeting democracy in the west, "weaponizing misinformation".

Student Michael Flynn appears to be paranoid, student Nikki appears to be thick as pigshit and student Fallon appears to be batshit nuts. For a start, Russia has a democratic system, Russia has a President with an 80%+ approval rating, more than the leaders of the ASS Syndicate combined. Second, I ask Sir Michael Fallon to present the evidence in public for all to see, otherwise perhaps he would like to be sued for libel.

Thirdly, what is this nonsense about "misinformation"? Does Sir Michael mean that Russia is a liar? Misinforming whom about what?

Did Russia forge papers trying to link Saddam Hussein to yellowcake uranium produced in "Nigeria" (in fact it is from Niger and the document was forged by guess who?) Did Russia provide "magnificent intelligence" to the UK's bedmaster about Saddam Hussein's Weapons of Mass Destruction (in fact a thesis copied and pasted from the Net and sexed up by Blair and his spin doctors)? Did Russia invade Iraq based on shitfaced lies? Did Russia support terrorists on its own list of proscribed groups in Libya? Did Russia lie and lie and lie and lie and lie and lie and lie and lie and lie about Syria, claiming that the government was using chemical weapons when in these attacks the victims were Syrian Arab Army soldiers? Did Russia support terrorist groups in Syria who cut the heads off small boys? Did Russia stage an illegal coup in Ukraine, staged by a motley bunch of fascists, terrorists and murderers, among others, who perpetrated massacres of Russian speaking Ukrainians and threatened to clear the Ukraine of Jews?

Did Russia copy and paste photographs from the Net from two decades before and from another country to claim Assad was murdering civilians (in fact photos of a NATO massacre in Iraq two decades before)? Does Russia conduct 24-hour-a-day cyber terrorist attacks against western publications, the way the west attacks Russian publications? Was it Russia that sent me, personally, a flurry of emails threatening to place my dog in acid? No it was not.

So what the .... is Sir Michael Fallon talking about?

The point is that the international community is losing patience with the UK and its 250-year-old abortion across the seas. If this is what the country spent gestating, why didn't they leave it for the French? Or the Spanish? Or the Native Americans? The point is, the world does not need the USA for anything; the USA needs the world.

The point is, we are all getting sick and tired of ignorant schmuks who know jack about squat opining on international affairs, meddling, interfering, murdering, cajoling, blackmailing and bullying, being insolent and acting like a bunch of drunken oafs at a dinner party. And it's always the same two, the United Kingdom and its foul-mouthed failed test-tube experiment over on the other side.

Remember this: nobody likes a bully and what happens to the bully? He gets his snout smashed in right to the back of his (rude word) neck. Then everyone cheers. So if I were Mr. Donald Trump, I would sit down, STFU for a second and listen. He has had good press in this column and during the campaign. Time to show a bit of respect.

If the Trump troupe and its bedboy want to do something worthwhile, today a whale beached itself in Norway trying to die because it had so much plastic in its stomach it was driving the poor suicide. When a whale decides that death is better than the living hell humankind has created, then something is wrong.

So instead of bickering and threatening to murder people, perhaps the UK and its experiment could do something useful, for once, instead of committing war crimes bombing hospitals in Yemen. Do something about the planet, do something in tune with the hearts and minds of humankind. Otherwise,'re fired!

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey


Twitter: @TimothyBHinchey

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