Blaming Putin for everything: Ridiculous!

In Germany was arrested the Afghan refugee of 17 years (he says) that in October, in Freiburg, raped and murdered the schoolgirl of 19 years Maria Landerburger, daughter (among other things) of a very high EU official, the assistant head of the Commission's legal office. Last month, the German agents have arrested seven Afghan refugees who, in a refugee camp, raped an Iranian teenager. "An epidemic of rapes takes place in Germany", as much as possible unmentioned by the media, because they are committed by refugees.

original Italian article by Maurizio Blondet

Whose fault is it? But Vladimir Putin, of course. It is possible that the Russians are infiltrating in the refugee collection center, Syrians rapists linked to Assad, and Iraqis linked to Saddam Hussein (rest in peace), in cahoots with the Russian mafia to attack them [the refugees - NdT here: 

 The prosecution has been elevated by Gustav Gressel, an "expert" of the European Council on Foreign Relations. That's the think tank in which is also involved the Italian Emma Bonino; despite the name you connect it to the historical Rockefeller's Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) that from the '20s influences much of US foreign policy, the ECFR was founded and funded by George Soros

Here:  Obviously, this output is inserted in the great campaign underway in the US to accuse Putin of having interfered in the presidential election, ordering his hackers to penetrate the emails of Hillary Clinton and put her in a bad light; and in the wider propaganda storm so if atrocities and bombings take place in Syria and in Aleppo the last children's hospital is destroyed, if the IS reconquests Palmyra, "it was Putin." Brexit is due to Putin, as the EU and the Euro crisis; Putin who "occupied the Crimea", Putin who orders the civil war in Ukraine, forcing NATO to send troops in the Baltic states fearing for an invasion. By now the entire Establishment of the global left, after having laughed at for two decades as plotters those who took care of the strange backstory of their oligarchic power, now lives in the obsession of being the victim of a plot.


However, the expert's thesis of the European Council on Foreign Relations is so far-fetched, so stupid, baseless, that exceeds the needs of propaganda and disinformation. The mere fact of being able to state in writing, and have it published in the newspapers, invokes another explanation: from psychiatry. Here we lack the ability to submit to the test of conscience our own blunders and hallucinations, which differs the crazy man from the healthy. It's a mental and ideological alteration, as examines an intelligent article of Washington's Blog site. Strikes across the Atlantic all the bearers of globalist-progressive ideology and its benefited and profiteers, in the face of the events that are cracking their beautiful project. They "blame everyone and everything except their policies that have impoverished their citizens and fellow countrymen" of which they do not feel part of it.


"It's an indisputable fact - Glenn Greenwald wrote - that Western institutions and authorities for decades and with absolute indifference, have trampled on the economic well-being and social security of hundreds of millions of people. While the elite circles were gobbling of globalism, free trade, speculations in the Wall Street casinos and endless wars (that enriched the authors and forced their weight to the poorest and marginal), they completely ignored the victims of their greed, except where the victims were protesting a bit too much, causing confusion - and have since been condemned as troglodytes who deserved to be the losers in the glorious race of global meritocracy ".


Of course: the Brits who voted Brexit are "rural", whites voted for Trump because left jobless by progress, the shock to the waves of immigrants is the result of backwardness and provincialism, if not racism from the last century, growing dissatisfaction to the bureaucratic oligarchy - for Mogherini and Merkel - is due to the influence of the Russian media (which therefore must be closed) on the infantile minds of their subjects, and from the suggestions that come from bloggers and parties paid - by Putin...  From here we see that this psychiatric disorder is in fact a moral disease: the haughty, iron conviction of the elites that they are right, anyway. The politically correct ideology, the only permissible, is theirs. Who is against, is contemptible, stupid or moved by ignoble and unacceptable reasons.

"From the 80's, the elites in rich countries have walked the hand, hoarding for himself all the gains and closing their ears when they talked about the other.  And now they look with surprised horror the revolt of the electorate". The opinion elites who do so are so grouped, so incestuous, so far away from the people who would have decided the election (in US), they scorn them [the people] so much,  that not only they did not see the wave that went to Trump, but have accelerated the trend, unwittingly, by their attitude arrogant and self-glorificating".

In the US, Democrats have "deliberately chose to present a deeply unpopular candidate, vulnerable, with countless skeletons in the closet", Hillary, who "was perceived by all as the beneficiary or the protector of the worst aspects of the corruption of the elite", Now that Hillary lost, accused of failure all but themselves: Bernie Sanders, Jill Stein (the Green that took away a share of "progressives" votes), James Comey (the head of the FBI), Wikileaks, alternative bloggers who have spoken ill about Clinton - and above all everything, finally - Vladimir Putin.


It was Putin.


Even after Brexit, we have seen how Eurocratic oligarchies reacted, between Brussels and Berlin: angrily. Farage's fault; be careful with Grillo and Salvini, or will be Italexit too! They are subject to the propaganda of Moscow! The British have to suffer for their choice, said Hollande and Juncker. "Instead of recognizing and correcting the fundamental flaws in the system, they devoted their energies to demonize the victims of their corruption, in order to delegitimize their grievances and so lift themselves from any responsibility to correct them". But such a reaction has been able to "reinforce the common perception that these elites and institutions are interested in themselves, toxic and destructive in a hopeless way; therefore, they can not be reformed - therefore, they must be destroyed".

In Italy, after the overwhelming NAY to Renzi, we saw the globalist oligarchy government do the same as before, with the blessing of the oligarch Mattarella [President of Republic - NdT] and the satisfaction of parliamentarians not rated by anyone. Beware Salvini, which receives money from Putin!

Who is old enough will remember they were already suffering by this mental-ideological disease when they made the Marxists-Leninists and wanted to reduce Italy to Soviet country: those who opposed them were not entitled to the speech, because their reasons were definitely interested and ignoble, they wanted the exploitation of workers, they were paid by the Americans. Gentiloni [new Prime Minister after Matteo Renzi defeated by the constitutional referendum result - NdT] was so: a militant in the Party of Proletarian Unity for Communism and he was right; now he stays with Hillary and he is always right. With all the Left, became from Marxist-Leninist as globalizing, stra-capitalist, pro-American and anti-Putin. The only thing that does not change: they are always right.

Obviously it's not a personal case, of Gentiloni. It's a contagion, an epidemic in progress unleashed by the news disruptive the Project. According to a former British MP, Ben Bradshaw, it is "likely" that Russia has distorted the vote on Brexit. Merkel has suggested that Russian hackers, infiltrating the Internet and spreading false information, could cause her defeat in the September 2017 elections.


In front of the galloping dissatisfaction towards the EU and the Euro, the response of the European Commission: "The Russian propaganda has penetrated all European countries".


Mogherini has set up a "task force" to counter the propaganda of Moscow (i.e. the news of Russia Insider and Russia Today), which instils in subjects ideas "contrary to our values". Is there a certain "democratic deficit" in the Union? On Monday, in Brussels, it was decided that the important decisions - such as the European army, greater integration, federalism - will be subtracted from public view (and Eurosceptic opposition) abolishing the steps of Parliament; everything will be decided in "trialogues" between Commission, Council and selected members of European Parliament. Behind closed doors and no information to the media.


But "It's Putin fault". These are crazy masters who do not want, can not reform the system. They must be destroyed or they will destroy us.




Original article by Maurizio Blondet:


Translation by Costantino Ceoldo - Prevdafreelance


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