The American Government Does NOT Represent The American People!

By Tommi Trudeau

As an average American, I would like the Russian People to know that I as well as many other Americans believe that this present Government is in no way a reflection of who the American People are! It does not represent us and we do not condone its actions. For the most part, the American people are strong, kind, friendly, honest, loving and generous. We value intelligence, strength, honesty and integrity above everything and yet our government has become corrupt and oppressive. During the recent Democratic Primary, I as well as many other Americans watched in horror while the DNC rigged the system and sabotaged the Bernie Sanders campaign.

It was at that moment, when our revolution died, that we were struck with the harsh realization that our country was no longer a Democracy and that our vote no longer counted. I as well as many other Americans now believe that the United States has essentially become an Oligarchy that is controlled by a small group of billionaires. These same billionaires also control the United States Federal Reserve and the Military Industrial Complex.

WAR is their #1 export and by far, their most profitable business. I as well as many other Americans believe that these billionaires would like nothing better than to plunge the United States and the rest of the world into an all-out, never-ending, WAR with the Russian Federation and in order to provoke this WAR, Hillary Clinton and the mainstream-media daily vilify Vladimir Putin and the Russian People! Every single day, the Clinton campaign and the mainstream-media refer to President Putin and the Russian People as "thugs and criminals" who are intent on sabotaging the United States and overthrowing its democracy.

Hillary Clinton even went as far as to blame the Russian People for exposing her own email scandal as well as the vast corruption of the Clinton Foundation! Every day, the American People are barraged by the mainstream-media with horrible images of mortally wounded Syrian children being pulled from the rubble of bombed-out buildings and we are told that, "The Russians did this!"

I would like the Russian People to know that even though Hillary Clinton and the mainstream-media seem to have nothing but utter contempt and unbridled hatred for the Russian People, they are in no way whatsoever a representation of the American People! I as well as many other Americans would like very much to have an excellent relationship with the Russian People where our two countries would not only be close allies, but also exist together in a spirit of love, friendship and understanding. I as well as many other Americans envision a world where our two countries are no longer divided by the rhetoric of corrupt politicians who profit from the misery of others and are hell-bent on increasing not only their own political power, but also the immense financial profits of the Military Industrial Complex.

I realize that I am just an insignificant, lowly, average American; and nothing more than a small voice crying out in the wilderness. But nevertheless, though it may be foolish and unrealistic, I am extending the hand of friendship and I hope that I can reach across the ocean to my Russian brothers and sisters. I know that many other Americans also feel the same as I do and it is our hope that someday, this Cold War will end.

Tommi Trudeau

An average American

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov