Many Americans see Putin as Chuck Norris of international politics

According to the news agency, Beitbart, "A shocking finding from a recent Gallup survey reveals that a staggering 75 percent of Americans say that "corruption is widespread throughout the government."

As more and more Americans continue to lose faith in our leaders, an unlikely hero is rising to the level of Rock-Star status; Vladimir Putin. Yes, that's right, the President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, is becoming a cultural icon right here in the United States! In fact, many of us think of him as the "Chuck Norris" of International Politics!

Above everything, Americans appreciate strength, honesty, intelligence, integrity and directness. I as well as many other Americans believe that with the exception of Senator Bernie Sanders and a handful of others, our politicians no longer possess these qualities. During the Primary, the entire world witnessed what happened to an honest man as he tried to run for President. 

Even though Senator Sanders had the vast majority of the popular vote and was consistently filling up 25,000 seat stadiums with his supporters, his opponent, the former Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton handily won the nomination despite the fact that she had virtually none of the popular vote and could not even fill a small room with her supporters!

It is this kind of unfairness, inequity, and corruption that American citizens have seen their leaders commit time and time again as the mainstream-media pumps out lie after lie spinning every story in favor of the government. 

I as well as many other Americans have also watched in horror as those same corrupt politicians have squandered the wealth of our country and destroyed the once great American Economy. For many years now, our government has been printing trillions upon trillions in flat money at an alarming rate (they call it "Quantitative Easing") while at the same time, they allowed corporations to outsource millions of US jobs to other countries via corrupt legislation such as NAFTA and now the TPP. Combine this with our massive national debt; over 19 Trillion dollars and growing at the rate of around $4,000.00 per second; and the fact that our system is also hemorrhaging money; for example, the Pentagon admits that it cannot account for more than 2.3 trillion dollars!

Take all of this into account and you have a recipe for economic disaster! The American economy is teetering on the edge of a bottomless abyss and we are in for a period of hyperinflation not seen since post WWII Europe. On top of all of these government abuses, the American people have also been subject to unprecedented government spying, the mass-incarceration of over 5 million citizens and the erosion of our basic civil rights via the Patriot Act. Yes indeed, it looks as if our politicians have miserably failed us and we desperately need a hero. Now enter Vladimir Putin; a strong, direct, extremely intelligent and brutally honest leader who's not afraid to stand tall and tell the world the naked truth without spin and without deception.

Please keep in mind that I as well as many other Americans do not agree with everything that President Putin does. In fact, we disagree with him in many areas. Nevertheless, I as well as many other Americans have come to deeply admire him because of his intelligence, strength and brutal honesty which is quite rare now-a-days among American politicians.

I have seen pop art posters of the Russian President proudly displayed in several American homes as well as in many dance clubs. Yes, it appears that President Putin has become COOL in United States despite the fact that he is daily vilified by the mainstream-media. If the corrupt and deceptive mainstream-media constantly praised Vladimir Putin, I as well as many other Americans would not like him. But the truth is, Hillary Clinton, the DNC and the mainstream-media hate Vladimir Putin and that my friends is exactly what makes him COOL!

Tommi Trudeau


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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov