Barack Obama’s humane solution for illegal immigrants

By Mark S. McGrew

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Barack Obama's humane solution for illegal immigrants is business as usual: Invite them in, with no oversight, letting them do as they please.

I have a different idea.

There are approximately 20-30 million illegal Mexican immigrants in America. They cost the American economy $500 billion each year. They kill 5,000 people each year through crime and driving accidents. They are bankrupting hospitals and draining other government services.

Crooked politicians say it is not possible to deport 30 million people. They are lying. Just cutting off their free money and benefits will create an exodus of many of them. If we spend $2 trillion to deport them all, it will create savings of $500 billion and the $2 trillion can be recouped in 4 years. Any investment that returns 100% of your investment in 4 years is a fairly decent return. After 4 years, we are earning an extra $500 billion per year. In anybody's investment portfolio, this is an excellent return.

Illegal immigration is a disaster all over the World. Europe is proving that without proper assimilation, absolute chaos and destruction of property and lives is the result.

There is no creature on Earth that goes through the day without working to support themselves. Why should immigrants be allowed and encouraged to engage in a non-productive lifestyle, assaulting and offending the people who supply their food, housing and medical care? It is not good for the host country and it is not good for the immigrants. The current policies destroy lives and cultures. It is a cancer upon the face of the Earth.

Politicians around the world are losing their control over their citizens. Tolerance is not an option anymore. Hundreds of immigrant shelters in Germany have been set on fire, by patriotic citizens. Australia now sends incoming illegal immigrants to an island in New Guinea. Patience of the people is gone.

In America, we have not yet begun to fight. We have been welcoming, accepting, understanding, tolerant. But no more. The illegal alien gravy train is about to be derailed, one way or the other.

Immigrants have severely overburdened our health care system. Illegal aliens get faster and better treatment than American veterans.

Immigrants have severely overburdened our education system, creating a very disturbing classroom experience with their many languages, resulting in 50% dropout rates in some cities.

The arrogance and aggression against Americans is horrendous. Many have not only a complete lack of respect for the American people, but some sort of a "hate". That is beyond rudeness. It is the disrespected Americans who pay their expenses.

Americans in all states have lost their patience with the continued insults. Americans are angry with the situation. Americans know the fault lies with their crooked politicians, but the anger is directed against immigrants. Immigrants are dividing us and creating an enormous amount of resentment against the immigrants.

Americans have had more than their share of abuse from immigrants. We want them gone.....yesterday!

We want to institute this program in the spirit of creating good citizens to stay in America and good citizens returning to their home countries, with skills they can use to prosper and help with the development of their own countries.

We want to return to the times when we were all friends. We want good immigrants to join our system, learn from it and enjoy it here, or take what they learn back to their home countries to help in developing their home countries. We want them to learn how to stop corruption in their own countries.

We want them to be happy, enjoy life, prosper, raise good healthy kids and not live in the shadows of the American experience.

If we deport them all at once, unbearable problems will be created for the home countries and their citizens. We do not want that to happen.

If we can implement this plan, America can educate the immigrants to be good citizens in the USA or be a positive productive force in their home countries.

Not only will this plan benefit both countries, but the immigrants themselves will be healthier, happier and better prepared for a rewarding life and they will develop a pride of achievement. On their successful completion of courses, Americans will be more willing to accept the immigrants.

Our plan is simple. It offers freedom. Freedom to travel, work, raise their children, take risks, develop projects...............freedom to live as all Gods intended the human race to live.

Vicente Fox is the voice of the spirit of Mexico. Donald Trump is the voice of the spirit of America.

We are the majority. We have been silent. We know the limit of how much insulting behavior we will take. It is just too bad that the Democrats and the immigrants don't now our flash point. It is going to be a very rude surprise for them, very soon.

We just do not want the legal immigrants to be denied their fair rights and opportunities. We want them. The more the merrier.

This is the plan:

  1. Any Immigrant who wants to self-deport will be provided financial assistance to get home, with a bit extra to get re-established.

  2. Immigrants in jail will be educated in English, their own language, their Nation's history and politics and trained in a trade or educated in a profession that they can use in their own home country. When their incarceration term expires, they will be deported and not allowed to return for 5 years.

  3. Immigrants who do not chose self-deportation will be placed in a prison converted into Boarding School for 2 years in their local area.

  4. Friends and family will be able to visit weekly at specified times. Boarding Schools will be set up as any reasonable Boarding School, with exercise facilities, outside park areas for congregating and cooking out with their family. If any friends or family visiting creates any problems, the immigrant will be punished, dependent on the severity of the disruption. The visiting offender will be charged with Disorderly conduct or whatever charge is appropriate for the disruptive behavior.

  5. There will be classes in reading, writing and arithmetic with special classes to learn driving, budgeting, house maintenance, home finance, a trade or profession along with classes on proper bathroom usage and civilized behavior.

  6. Anyone who disturbs the Boarding School will be placed in a prison and put on a work program for 30 days. Second infraction will be for 3 months. 3rd infraction will be permanent removal from Boarding School and placed in Prison for 5 years.

  7. All immigrants will retain the assets they have and either take them with them to their home country or sold here and the money will be given to them.

  8. Direct family members of all immigrants in Boarding School will be financially supported for the 2 years of schooling.

  9. Upon successful completion of Boarding School, the immigrant will have the option of returning to their home country with financial assistance to get there and get themselves established in a job or business.

  10. Children of immigrants will be placed in school with classmates of their own language. The classes will be given in English in the morning and in their native language in the afternoon.

  11. Immigrants who own a legitimate business will be permitted to stay and run their business, provided they comply with all licensing, zoning and insurance requirements and attend daily classes of 2 hours to learn English, civility, American customs and other lessons to help them make their business a success. Upon successful completion of a 2 year probationary period they can apply for residency.

  12. All immigrants will be required to learn basic conversational English within 6 months.

  13. All immigrants will go through a program explaining what America has done for them and that they should appreciate it rather than flaunt it.

  14. All immigrants will be subject to all laws. For any infractions, they will receive the maximum penalty. They will be entitled to legal representation as any American citizen.

  15. Babies born to immigrants are not American citizens.

  16. All immigrants who successfully pass their course will be given a Mexican Passport and will be welcome to apply for a Visa to visit America.

  17. Any government benefits the immigrant currently receives will be continued for the 2 year education period.

  18. This is a "Second Chance". Any violations of the conditions will result in 2 year imprisonment followed by deportation and will not be able to apply for a Mexican Passport for 5 years. There will be no American Visas given for 10 years.

  19. Any imprisonment will include educational classes and work programs to pay for their upkeep.

  20. Free medical care will be available to all immigrants, only for life threatening conditions. Non-life threatening conditions will be the immigrant's responsibility. Purchasing health insurance will be available.

  21. Immigrants will not be allowed to participate in any political activity. If so, 10 years incarceration.

  22. Immigrant families will not be separated. America will support the families of people in prison or Boarding School.

  23. Immigrants will not be permitted to display their home country flag for any reason, except inside their own homes.

  24. Immigrants will not speak their native language in public areas or businesses. They can learn basic English words and phrases in a few days and use an electronic translator when they need it.

  25. Mexican consulates will be part of the solution instead of the problem. Various policies will be rescinded and replaced with a system to create good citizens.

  26. Any immigrants caught entering illegally will be immediately sentenced to 5 years under the guidelines above.

We want all people to be healthy, productive, happy and free. We want all people to enjoy the benefits of living on this beautiful chunk of rock floating in Space.

America brought people from every nation on Earth and forged them into one united group dedicated to the freedom of people. But those immigrants accepted our ideals and our language. The illegal alien invasion has not brought us productive people who want to work together to build a safe and prosperous society. Instead, all these newcomers want is to take our money. Take the government benefits that we paid for, that we created. All they want is take, take, take and give nothing in return.

They take our money, they take our food, they take our jobs and they take our lives. And in the process, they reward us with disgusting behavior and theft upon theft, rape upon rape, murder upon murder.

Ignorant people can never be free. Life is tough. It is tougher for ignorant and illiterate people. Everybody knows that. That is why Democrats have struggled for over a century to keep people poor, ignorant and illiterate. The Democratic Party in America has never fostered human rights. Every effort to give freedom to the slaves in America was obstructed by the Democratic Party. In our own time, every effort to give civil rights to the Negroes has been obstructed by Democrats.

Every home of black people, every automobile, every job, every freedom they have, every Constitutional or civil right they have has been made available to them by the Republican Party and only after years of vicious fights against the Democrats.

The Democratic Party will never give freedom to immigrants. All the Democrats want is to make promises, get the vote of the ignorant, forget their promise and move on.

The major race riots in the 1960s were created by a Democrat. John F. Kennedy promised civil rights to Martin Luther King, if King provided the black voters. Dr. King did his part and provided the voters as agreed. After Kennedy won the election, he stopped returning phone calls to Dr. King.

Dr. King and the entire black population suffered from a breached contract and saw violence as their only chance for freedom. That is why major cities across America were put to the torch. Democrats cannot be trusted to provide freedom to any people. They have a 155 year history of aggressively fighting any attempts to give Negros a chance to live like a normal human being.

Anyone who expects the Democrats to give rights and freedom to illegal immigrants had better be prepared to wait another 155 years. They're not too good at keeping promises.

Democrats only want the immigrant vote. They are rotten to the core. Democrat is not a political party. It is an extreme mental disorder. Untreatable.

Mark S. McGrew

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Author`s name Mark S. McGrew