American Bioweaponry

by William Edstrom

The Zika mutant was the kick off. 99 US government viral constructs on their way to break out.

The US government has a vast arsenal of biological weapons of mass destruction and plans to let loose. Much was written before on various themes that relate, directly or indirectly, to the US bioweapons program in book chapters authored and co-authored with scientists from the Ivy League, the Albert Einstein College of Medicine and the US Department of Energy plus in articles co-authored in journals like Nature, the Journal of Molecular Biology and the Journal of Biological Chemistry about research done at Columbia University and at Department of Energy special life sciences research facilities (e.g. Brookhaven National Labs, Argonne National Labs).

The Department of Energy (DoE) is the agency primarily tasked with making weapons of mass destruction for the US government (e.g. nuclear weapons of mass destruction, biological weapons of mass destruction). Biological weapons are life forms that cause illness or death. Examples of bioweaponry include viruses, bacteria, fungus, parasites and prions. Most American bioweapons are de novo viruses. de novo means 'of new.' Never before existed in nature.

Although some bioweapons can be classified within families such as Arenaviruses, Astroviruses, Bornoviruses, Bunyaviruses, Caliciviruses, Enteroviruses, Flaviviruses, Filoviruses, Hepadnaviruses, Herpesviruses, Nidovirales, Orthomyxoviruses, Papillomaviruses, Paramyxoviruses, Parvoviruses, Picornaviruses, Polyomaviruses, Poxviruses, Reoviruses, Retroviruses, Rhabdoviruses, Rhinoviruses, Togaviruses, Adeno and Adeno-Associated Viruses, Hepatitis A like viruses, Hepatitis D like viruses, Hepatitis E like viruses or prions; most US government bioweaponry cannot be classified into any natural virus family. Because they're de novo - unnatural man-made viruses.

With 1536 well plates, armies of life sciences synthesizers, robots (e.g. liquid handling robots) pipetting away, analyzing away, aspirating away and so forth - in the dark (robots don't need the lights on) - millions of new DNA oligomers can be synthesized and tested within days.

Much of the technology which led to thousands of de novo viruses being synthesized, tested, validated, propagated and scored for pathogenicity may sound futuristic to those not familiar with "Beowolf" clusters, armies of synthesizers and bots working in tandem followed by robotic cell culture testing on several cell types in a seemingly countless number of wells, sterile room conditions, robotic replenishing of cell culture media, continuous analysis for contamination (e.g. bacterial, fungal, cross-cell) and for effects on various cell types by de novo constructs.

Animal facilities where legions of rodents have been tested in parallel, simultaneously per week. (Incinerators have minimized landfill space needed post-experimentation.) Followed by testing the 'hits' on rabbits and dogs. Followed by testing 'top hits' on monkeys.

Most de novo constructs are not quick kill "zombie apocalypse" type viruses depicted in Hollywood shows. De novo constructs include:
* slow, society damaging (e.g. Zika mutants) which can affect many people, causing high costs, but few deaths
* slow kill viruses (e.g. Hepatitis C mutants) that slowly debilitate then slowly kill within a few decades
* medium kill viruses (e.g. certain retroviral chimeras, HIV-1 like mutants) which debilitate then kill within a decade, losses build up over time
* fast kill viruses (e.g. Ebolapox) which are highly contagious and kill hosts within weeks, some with kill rates in excess of 50%

(Rodents live 2 years on average, so 1 rodent year equals 40 human years, allowing for rapid experimental estimates of 'kill times' and 'kill rates' on people from rodent studies.)

Although many bacteria (fungus, parasites, etc.) have larger genomes than many viruses, the same system of battalions of synthesizers and bots working in parallel, 1536 well plates, can mutate each nucleotide in every known fungi, bacteria, parasite (automated "site directed mutagenesis" aka "directed evolution"); do genomic deletions or insertions (e.g. certain viral constructs) resulting in mutant, chimeric or de novo fungus, bacteria, parasites, etc.

Such studies have been done too, although viruses have been the primary focus due to lower costs (of money and time) involved in mutating viruses, mixing and matching viruses, synthesizing de novo viruses, embedded or not embedded in larger organisms (e.g. bacteria, parasites).

Oligos of every possible nucleotide combination were made past 50,000mers (which can easily be stitched together to make 100,000mers, 200,000mers and so forth, bringing new meaning to phrases like "large scale biology," "big biology" and "directed evolution"). Large oligos, like synthetic genes, are technically 100mers stitched together to make larger size oligos, then size exclusion purified and sequenced for validation. PCR'd as needed for amplification.

(Oligo is short for oligonucleotide, a chain of two or more nucleotides (i.e. A, T, C, G).)

It was more challenging for them to figure out barcoding (barcodes freeze over at -80°), storage and database construction for the 6 x 1018 constructs than to computationally and robotically synthesize, purify and sequence them.

Robotic operations on -80° floors (corridors, rooms and freezers), robots freezing up, were challenges to them as were robots dropping things on rare occasions.

6 x 1018 is 6 quintillion.

Money is the limiting factor. How many countries have had the budget for supplies for quintillions of experiments to make every possible DNA combo in oligos, 50,000+ nucleotides long, then testing on cell types and mammals to assess pathogenicity or the technical expertise for programming and maintaining bots, databases, bar codes, synthesizers, computer programming and so forth.

Thousands of viruses (e.g. mutant, chimeric, de novo) - classified as slow/society damaging, slow kill, medium kill or fast kill - were extensively tested, validated and re-validated. Criteria for a short list of 100 viruses included whether or not both vaccines and medicines could be developed.

Vaccines were made and tested for over 1,000 mutant, chimeric and de novo viruses.

Drug screening - also in parallel with 1536 well plates, armies of bots - was done to discover back-up medicines (in the event of vaccine failure which typically occurs in a minority of people vaccinated). The best back-up medicines and vaccines were validated in cell culture, four animal types and human subjects (e.g. prisoners).

A set of the 100 most effective vaccines and back-up medicines were chosen along with their respective viruses.

(Chain inhibitors, like AZT, a broad spectrum anti-viral drug, are good to personally stockpile as they slow down viral replication and in some circumstances prevent viral infections, when taken early enough in large enough doses.)

Vaccine doses and back-up medicines were made for 100,000 people. A short list of 100,000 names was written. Most people (more than 99.9% of Americans, 100% of everyone else) are not on their list for vaccines. The vaccination sequence: time zero, plus 3 months, plus 6 months and booster shots every 5 years. The 100,000 received their first three shots already.

The American government signed and ratified the Biological Weapons Convention, an update to the Geneva Conventions. The US government, however, refused to sign the Compliance Protocol to the Biological Weapons Convention which would have meant compliance and inspections of US bioweaponry facilities.

The US government cannot acknowledge having bioweapons without acknowledging they broke yet another treaty. Clever euphemisms were devised by US government lawyers for bioweapons like life sciences research materials. mechanism of action studies, biodefense research, etc.

For example, the US government also signed and ratified the UN Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment, but refused to sign enforcement mechanisms like the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court. US government lawyers devised euphemisms like "extraordinary rendition" for kidnapping and "enhanced interrogation" for torture. Clever huh?

Sign treaties to outlaw things like torture and bioweapons, but refuse to sign enforcement agreements, so that what's signed by US government officials is on an "honor system" which depends on US government people telling the truth and being honorable.

US government people, however, are not truthful people. They're not honorable people either.

US government officials devise word definitions as if day is night and night is day and a dog is a cat and a cat is a dog. But. Day is day just as night is night. Day is not night and night is not day. A dog is a dog just as a cat is a cat. A dog is not a cat and a cat is not a dog.

Torture is torture just as bioweapons are bioweapons.

But, according to US government officials, torture is not torture and bioweapons are not bioweapons. The US government's abuse of the English language makes it all the more of a compelling imperative for immediate independent inspections of their bioweaponry facilities.

In the USA, social unrest is building. Street demonstrations, riots and uprisings (e.g. the Ferguson Uprising, the Baltimore Uprising) are growing. Political instability is intensifying. Drug abuse and suicide rates are higher than ever. Crime is escalating hand-in-hand with the deadliest ever illicit drug epidemic, the epidemic of Afghan heroin. The Texas succession movement is gaining traction as is the movement for the reunification of California with Mexico. The USA may soon shatter.

Do top US government people seem like they care? They care about musical chairs. Getting to a chair in a bunker in the nick of time when the music stops playing.

The US government owes over $46 trillion (e.g. debts, unfunded liabilities). Do US government "leaders" seem like they care about their financial obligations? They don't care. They never planned on paying that $46 trillion or so in money that they owe. They have a different plan.

Timeline. I don't know the day and the hour. Could be 2030. More likely, it'll be closer to 2020, when the US government is tapped out, maxed out on credit and cannot borrow any more money. Debt collapse American style plus escalating social unrest, riots, and political instability in the USA. For some time now, top un-elected 'leaders' of the US government have had a plan for that.

Bunkers. They're already vaccinated. Booster shots, back-up medicines, seven year supply of food, water, ammo, weapons (and more) awaits them in their bunkers like Raven Rock (Site R) near Fort Richie, Maryland (now administered by Fort Detrick), Camp David's bunker is a few miles from Raven Rock, Greenbriar WV for Congresspeople (most of whom are not on the vaccine list), Mount Weather (Presidential bunker) in Virginia (near the Appalachian Trail), Warrenton Training Center in Virginia (45 miles from DC), Olney Support Center near Laytonville MD, Mount Pony near Culpeper VA (reportedly mothballed in the 1990s along with the Greenbriar bunker), Lambs Knoll near Middletown MD, underneath the Pentagon, underneath the White House, underneath Fort Meade, Peter's Mountain, 15 miles east of Charlottesville, there are thousands of bunkers (public and private) in many places, many states.

Bunker building activity has been at it's highest level ever in the USA since 2001. Many of the 100,000 on the list have private bunkers where they prefer to go (rather than public bunkers) during the final phases.

Most of the 100,000 on the list don't have a "need to know" most things. A few don't even know they're on the list, they were told to get shots and they obeyed. No questions asked. (Some other people were "vaccinated" with sterile saline water, but told they were being vaccinated with real vaccines, long story.)

Is it all doom and gloom? No. Do we just wait until they say it's time to let loose lethal viruses, they go to their bunkers and most everyone else drops dead? Doesn't have to be that way.

They're almost all "Yankee White" which means it's unlikely they'll go outside of 5 Anglo countries (USA, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand). It's also unlikely they have contact with anyone outside these 5 nations.

No one from Australia, Canada, New Zealand or the UK is on the list. Interestingly, most spouses, children, siblings and parents (of those on the list) are not on the list. How do they feel about their vaccinated "loved ones" ready to take off to a bunker without them?

The 100,000 on the list have circulating antibodies to the viruses they have only just begun to let loose. The beginning, slow societally debilitating viral attacks, have already begun with Zika mutants which are anticipated to result in Zika babies who will live, but with societal costs of approximately $50,000 per year per Zika baby, about $1 billion in public health costs in year 1, about $2 billion in added costs in year 2, etc.

As the Zika babies spread to every state, every county, every town, people will be reminded more frequently of mutant viruses (and "newly discovered" viruses) coming about, one way or another, in the environment.

The first series of viruses will make many infected people and their families more dependent on government for health care assistance (certain elements within the US government want to force 'learned helplessness' and 'formed dependency' onto people to try to get more power over people's lives). It's also a part of a divide and conquer strategy to pit the families of the infected vs. non-infected families (who may not want to pay as taxes escalate, virus after virus).

Pitting the infected vs. the uninfected will be for the US government what the Colosseum games were to the Roman government way back when.

The 100,000 on the list have antibodies to the 100 viruses on their hit list. Blood samples from them will provide samples of these antibodies which can be reversed engineered. Several blood samples may be necessary depending on titer levels.

Most lab workers are not on the list for vaccines (or were "vaccinated" with sterile saline water and told they were vaccinated with real vaccines).

A short list of places most likely to hold the bioweapon stockpiles: DoE labs, DoD labs and black op laboratories. People deemed to have a 'need to know' know exact locations. Most of the 100,000 on the list don't have a 'need to know' this info.

There has never been, imho, a more compelling imperative for the continued existence of the human race as we know it, than now, to do inspections to find these stocks (bioweaponry, vaccine and medicine stockpiles), to get samples and to get the list. And to get people on the list. Anybody on the list is continually making antibodies to mutant Zika (a verification that they are indeed on the list) and 99 other viruses planned for release.

With the slow societally debilitating viral attack phase already in progress, there's no telling when the lethal viral attacks will commence. This could take years. Or. Things could spiral out of control at any time, prompting them to more rapidly execute all phases, in an accelerated fashion.

If locations of bioweaponry stockpiles can be ascertained, then rest assured that a high heat (e.g. from thermonuclear heat sources) can annihilate these bioweapon stockpiles subject to such intense heat. Be sure as well, it will take a tremendous amount of heat to solve this US government bioweapons problem.

Get the locations of their stockpiles, get samples, get the list, get to some of the people on the list, and you can save hundreds of millions of American lives and billions of lives globally. Fail to get locations, samples, some of the people on the list, then prepare for the Apocalypse. Godspeed.

William Edstrom

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov