Why the West Creates Wars & Muslim Refugees

Many in America say Obama is a Muslim. Really? Then why has he sent his CIA and military to kill Muslims in North Africa and the Middle East? US involvement has caused Christian genocide. Muslim refugees have been growing since Bush's presidency. Even the Pope welcomes immigration but never demanded the US Congress to stop abortions and the selling of baby parts. Like a frog in water that gradually comes to a boil they don't get it. The strategy of the western aristocracy is to rid the world of Christianity.

The promotion of open borders, mass immigration, and a watering down of current immigration laws is Soros' scheme. The sinister plan is to accept immigrants who refuse to assimilate. To have cultures break the back of national identity, direction and unity and promote division and violence in their new land. The shadow government, their "Shadow Party" is run by Soros and other Oligarchs. They also want social welfare benefits and amnesty for illegal aliens.

In Russia, Muslims and Christians co-exist peacefully as in the city of Kazan or in Moscow because they are united as Russians. The recently opened Moscow cathedral Mosque is the largest in Europe. There were about 150,000 Muslims celebrating the Feast of Sacrifice dedicated to the Prophet Ibrahim. President Putin knows the immigration problem is not severe as it is in the West. "Most migrants come here from different parts of the former Soviet Union." Meaning they all speak Russian and share a common history.

Who are the victors in the West? Those who despise Christ and had him removed under the law. They are the victors collecting the spoils of war. They had him "legally" removed from public view and discouraged worshippers in every way that a spider can spin a web. The legalization of abortion in the west and their acceptance of homosexuality as normal are just a few things that have caused the western empire to fall as the Roman Empire did. Over 2000 years ago, those who despised Christ had him crucified under the law. So, it is today. Few stand by Christ, and those in power in the west prefer him dead and forgotten.

They will not make peace. After all, making peace is losing money, either in Europe or the Middle East. They say "Yes" most emphatically because of their greed. Their souls are darkened by Sin and cannot comprehend the light. Obama claims it's Russian propaganda while escalating the war. Bush used to call it the "New World Order". It's just another chapter in Obama's book of "Hope and Change". "For they are the spirits of devils working signs, and they go forth unto the kings of the whole earth, to gather them to battle against the great day of the Almighty God."

The red dragon's tail almost choked Russia to death. Russia is still alive, Russia is still singing. The Murder of the Royal Family began the onslaught on every Christian family in the world that continues to this day in the West. The Romanovs and other martyrs of the 20th century go quietly unnoticed overseas but not in Russia where their sufferings enkindled their nation's faith. Christianity is under siege in America and the world. Christians were murdered in North Africa and Syria. Bishops are held hostage in Syria. Christians are held hostage in America. Solzhenitsyn once said, "The Soviet Union was the Russian people held hostage by the Communists". Now we are free of the "Beast" and its atheistic government.

Unfortunately, the Beast is currently active in Ukraine where priests are assaulted or killed. The puppet government backed by Obama wants genocide in SE Ukraine for shale gas exploration. Fracking started in Slavyansk. The Beast yells, "Kill Everyone! Start Fracking!" Money is power and it hopes to feed its children with it while stopping Russian expansion of cheaper gas to Europe. Its Father of lies has a powerful propaganda machine in the US. The Beast does not want people to know the truth about Russia.

Monday Sept 21, the US supported Right Sector (Neo-Nazis) attacked and seized St. George Church in the village of Katerinovka in the Ternopol Region in western Ukraine (video). Fifteen people were injured. One is in the hospital, reports Interfax. Russkiy Mir Foundation reports, "according to figures provided by the Russian Orthodox Church, over 20 churches belonging to the Moscow Patriarchate have been seized in Ukraine over the last year. Attacks on church buildings and congregation members have also been recorded." That is the least of the violence.

Kiev priest Roman Nikolayev died at the age of 41 without regaining consciousness 30 July 2015. Two men with guns shot him twice in the head. After the attack, they fled, a neighbor found the priest sprawled on the steps of his home and called the police. The police noticed he was not robbed. Fr Roman was comatose before he died. The same month, Sister Alevtina was found murdered in her apartment in Kiev. Her nephew found the nun's body, with her hands tied and showing signs of torture. The dead nun was 62-years-old.

Last year a priest was killed. Fr. Paul Zhuchenko was shot in the Donetsk region, SE Ukraine. In early August, Archpriest Vladimir Kreslyansky was killed during the bombing of Lugansk. August 9th in Lugansk another Orthodox priest was killed during the bombing. "The witnesses say that he died praying. While he was praying the dropping bombs blew up in the air before they reached the ground, and no other people got wounded." His prayers miraculously saved his people. More priests are missing and assumed dead.

Churches are bombed and civilians are not spared. Also last year a church was bombed then later filmed by Anna News in this video. Recently in Gorlovka, the Annunciation Church was set ablaze by bombs that hit it intentionally. Kiev wants genocide in SE Ukraine. They obey their master well. It's the CIA way of doing things. The Russian Church says it, "is renewing its call for the immunity of holy places and the clergy not to be sacrificed to hatred". Sadly, I do not hear the western churches protest Kiev. Certainly their governments do not implore Kiev to stop the bombings.

No, they will never stop hating Christ and his followers. They will continue to try to blind the world from the miracle in Russia. They own the western media and they have some control of the internet. Who is "they" you ask? Those who are financially wealthy and despise Christ who have the power to remove him under the law. You know a tree by its fruit don't you? Then you can know a person by their actions. Call them Communists, Marxists or liberals. No names are necessary. They failed in Russia but are winning in the West. The "Mark of the Beast", or rather the character of those following it can clearly be observed by those with "Russophobia" or hatred of the Church.

The Christian men and women of Russia prayed, suffered and died for today's free and united Russia. Holy Mother Russia was attacked by Hell itself yet it endured and rebuilt Christ's Church. Over 58 Million were killed in Communist Russia but the Faith survived. It is one of the greatest miracles in world history. However, the western media chooses to ignore or defame Christianity's success in Russia. They prefer to focus their attention on Putin accusing him of being an evil dictator while they themselves have rejected the Holy Spirit and proudly wear the seal of the Antichrist. They laugh but God is not mocked. Christ is Victorious in Russia. It is not about Putin. IT IS ABOUT CHRIST AND HIS CHURCH.

Christ himself conquered the Red Dragon in Russia and now the Russian government protects the faith. Putin defends it. More people were killed under Communist Russia than the first 300 years of Christianity. The people of Russia prayed for deliverance and they were saved. It's that simple. In 1988, the 1000th Anniversary of Christianity in Russia, hundreds of churches and famous monasteries were reopened. The Faith survived and Communism went down to defeat! From 1994-2000, the Cathedral of Christ the Savior was rebuilt in Moscow.

In 2010, "A total of 23,000 Orthodox churches have been rebuilt in Russia in the past 20 years. Nothing of the kind has happened in any country at any time in history. The world should see the Orthodox Russia's great feat of rebuilding all that was destroyed" said Patriarch Kirill. Last year was the 1,025th anniversary of the Baptism of Russia. The blood that once soaked the land was the seed for Russia's new destiny. Russia's renewed faith will heal the world.

America's oligarchs play both sides of the coin. Conservative media sources in America who claim to be Christian ignore their Christian brothers in Russia who are now successful. They ignore martyrs and the blood that was shed to restore the Christian Church in Russia. The conservatives will never believe Putin and shout that it's all propaganda. They dare call Christ's work "propaganda". They should at least believe and obey Christ and learn from the Soviet mistake. However, their masters will try not to let that happen. Because it's not a nuclear threat but rather a spiritual renewal that threatens them.

Mark Penn, who commented on one of my articles wrote, "The tables have turned. We (Americans) are the wicked degenerates that hate God. Unlike the Soviet Union that had it forced upon them, we willingly vote for atheism both on election day and in the TV programs we support. Do a search of the top churches in America and you'll be hard pressed to find the gospel clearly defined. The churches have become social clubs in which the only real sin is to not be popular." A Russian priest said God may have allowed Muslim refugees to enter Europe so that European "Christians should follow examples of Muslims and treat their faith more seriously." His insight may be the same reason the Muslim faith is spreading in America.

The world needs many things; food, water, medicine, a home and peace of mind. Some seek to fill the emptiness of their souls with many things. The Samaritan woman was told by Christ, "I will fetch out some water for you, right from my soul, from the inside of my heart, the water will flow right from my heart and quench the thirst of yours and all the thirsty with thyself. The time is coming and it has finally come. The followers of God will come to God and serve him". Christ saved Russia and he will save the world. "Now shall the prince of this world be cast out." - John 12:31

Xavier Lerma

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