Texan fights tyranny in Ukraine

By Xavier Lerma

The Alamo has always been known as the Thermopylae of the West. Like Spartans, the state of Texas in America has been known for fighting tyranny since they defeated Santa Anna and his men in the early 19th century and also for defying the government in the American Civil War. In WW2, Audie Murphy was Texas' best in fighting the Nazis. Ever since Obama has come into office they've made threats to leave the US government. One Texan last year wrote me to tell President Putin to invite Russian military so they can secede. Texans are not afraid to fight for freedom. Even in SE Ukraine the spirit of Texas fights the tyrannical US beast in Donbass.

Was it Bush who wrote me last year? No, unless he used an alias. Russia today is not the Soviet Union that was quick to fight in the past. President Putin is more practical and will not accept Texas under Russia's wing. Although I wrote him that he should help the Russian people in Ukraine, he will not invade Ukraine militarily to help Donbass. The president was advised it is a NATO trap that could lead to WW3. The US army already has a base there in Yavoriv, Ukraine since September 2014 training Ukrainian soldiers to this day.

Unlike Putin, Mr. Russell Bentley of Texas comes to the Ukraine unafraid to fight. Alone, like the "Lone Star" of his proud state, as a cowboy legend he comes to bring order as Wyatt Earp did.  What motivated him? He said when he saw a photo of a woman barely alive for a few minutes in Lughansk, she had looked into his soul. We found the full video of that tragic day here. We must warn you that it should only be viewed by adults. She lost her leg and died later in the video.

When Russell arrived last year he thanked the people of Russia and the people of Donbass in helping save the world from fascism. He told an audience in Donbass, "I lived in America most of my life. I was born in 1960 and have seen the quality of life there going down and down and I knew that something was wrong. And I saw the crimes the Unites States government was doing against countries around the world. Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Syria and then I saw what they were doing in Odessa and this war (Ukraine Civil War) is caused only by the American government. I was inspired by the heroism by the Donbass resistance and I decided that I had no choice, no choice, but to come here and help and be with the good people and heroes of Donbass. I am no longer an American. I cannot and do not want to go back to America. Donbass, Donetsk is my new home."

In Horlivka, Ukraine he said. "This is the work of the Ukrainian Nazis that the United States and Barack Obama back, direct and pay and arm. Last week this was a nice home. A happy family lived here, went to work, went to school. Early in the morning 3 days ago, out of nowhere come bombs from the Nazis. Killed the people, hurt the children, destroyed the home...THIS IS WHAT THE UNITED STATES IS DOING IN UKRAINE. You see this video. You know what's the truth. You're in America. You vote for Obama, you vote for Bush. You vote for Hillary Clinton. What kind of person are you to do that?. This is your responsibility. Americans are like the good Germans that supported Hitler and that said we don't care what the Nazis do in other countries. We just have our jobs. We just want to watch sports and drink beer. This is a war for the future of mankind and you decide which side you're on."

From Horlivka, Anna Tuv had lost an arm and her husband and daughter were killed. She was sent to the hospital in Donetsk and Russell brought Anna and her 2 wounded children some fruit. "We're going to go see her and give her our support." At the hospital they filmed what she had to say. "If I'm shown to Poroshenko, I want...I'm not black hearted at all. I'm too religious, but from the bottom of my heart I wish you (Poroshenko) a long life. I want you to suffer the same pain I'm suffering now every moment for the rest of your life. The wounds will heal up but this is you who planted a dagger in my heart, who bereft me of my child. You bereft me of my beloved who was living and breathing. I wish you were in the same awful fear my little daughter had been in before she was torn asunder. If you are not totally devoid of humanity yet, I beg you stop! I beg all the world: Stop Ukrainian Regime! Stop hammering mothers and their children!" Anna sits with only one arm and tells Ukrainian soldiers that, "Nobody will reward you when you have your arms and legs shot away. You won't get social payments. Nobody will say thank you!"

When he was in the Donetsk area, in the video he said, "Every one of these houses, every one of these houses that have been destroyed - the bombs came straight from the United States. The orders came straight from the United States. The guys who pulled the trigger on these bombs get paid by American tax dollars. US government doesn't have money to fix their own roads, their own schools but they got money to destroy the roads and schools and homes and churches and families here in Ukraine.

It's just random attacks. Just random. They just shoot where the people are. They shoot at the people here. We're here, we're defending them. We're defending this land for these people. But the Ukrainians, the fascists, they would be here if not for the defense forces of Donbass. I am proud to have fought here.  It's just random acts of terrorism. Random acts of terrorism against the civilians, against the people here. I came here to fight these Nazis that do this to end this war." A war the people of the west blindly support or do nothing about.

"Around the Antichrist his servants were leading several people whose hands were bound as they had not bowed down to worship him. They said, "We are Christians, and we all believe in our Lord Jesus Christ!' The Antichrist ripped off their heads in a flash and Christian blood began to flow. A child was then led to the altar of the Antichrist to worship him, but he boldly proclaimed, 'I am a Christian and believe in our Lord Jesus Christ, but you are a minister, a servant of Satan!' 'Death to him!' exclaimed the Antichrist. Others who accepted the seal of the Antichrist fell down and worshipped him." From the vision of St. John, Wonderworker of Kronstadt.

Are children being killed by America because they are Christians? Mind control or demonic possession? Is that why some people worship Obama thinking he can do no wrong? Ukrainian soldiers are taught to die for the interests of the United States. It is their destiny the CIA tells them.  In this video he tells the Ukraine soldiers, "No feelings. You cannot feel in war. If you have emotions you're dead!" The most basic form of mind control is repetition. The "Putin invaded Ukraine" chant still continues in the west. They've brainwashed Americans and they continue to brainwash their soldiers. Some of whom have committed suicide in Kiev. 

A 5 year old boy, Vanya, was killed in shelling of the city of Telmanovo by Kiev soldiers. Russell Bentley was there too. "In this town a little boy, Vanya, 5 years old, was killed by the fucking Nazis yesterday. Grad rockets, heavy, heavy artillery against civilian areas filled with explosives. Shot against civilians by the Ukrop fascist swine backed by the American Nazi swine. These are mass murdering Nazi mother fuckers. War criminals. They're backed, armed, paid and directed by the US government. This is what you're government is doing in Donbass, today."

Witnesses in Telmanovo were still being shelled but they are not afraid to tell the truth. One man said, "They just want to wipe us out. And the fact that Poroshenko considers himself a peacemaker. Well, it's, actually, there's no justice in Europe at all if he is considered to be a president peacemaker." A woman who witnessed the little boy's tragedy said, "Here it was twirling and there it blew up. And there was a boy in the sandpit. I thought he was murdered. He fell on the ground but remained sitting. And it was rattling, hitting and hitting. What is that? Are they shooting now? That's it! Go to the basement! Let's go, they are going to open heavy fire! Run!" The people followed her and ran to the basement for safety. Can Americans imagine living like this and in poverty too?

Mr. Bentley continues: "Vanya tried to run across the street to get home. He was playing here in the sand. This is his house right here. This is his blood right here. That's his blood (pointing to blood stains on the road). This is where he was killed. Another little kid murdered. His funeral is today. He's gone on to a better place, but those of us that are still left behind. It's up to us to do something about it. To get justice for Vanya and to stop crimes like this being done by the Nazis in Kiev and the Nazis in Washington DC."

At the little boys funeral the choir chants prayers and "Lord have mercy". The relatives are crying and the parents shout, "Oh God! Oh, my God, what for? Murderers! Bastards!" A man I thought was made of steel broke into tears. Russell said, "I would rather be at the front killing the Nazis that did this than see their work here. This is my job so I'll do it. This is the piece of the grad missile that landed here in Telmanovo yesterday. It's razor sharp. It's this kind of stuff that killed this kid. It came from the Nazis in Kiev and it came from the Nazis in Washington DC. We'll get some payback for this and we'll stop them."

"The way to stop them is to take their power away. The way to stop them is to stop them before they do it. That's what we're here to do and we need your help. These kind of crimes happen every day here. The Nazis attack. We'll never surrender. We'll never surrender, they can't kill us all but we need your help to stop them. Now's the time for you to understand that this is the responsibility of the American government and the American government is the responsibility of the American people. So let's get busy before more kids like this get murdered by the US backed Nazis. Russell Bentley reporting for  Суть Времени on battalion information service Donbass,Ukraine."

We have written what he said that you might be moved to see the video and the truth. My US Marine friend said he has talked with people there that don't believe the US has any involvement in Ukraine blaming Putin for everything as though he's an evil dictator. He wrote me, "I know people here in America who when they see this say it's fake or refuse to think about it. I tell them to their face about what's happening in Donbass. One guy told me no one cares about Ukraine. Most say it's Putin's fault no matter how many facts I give them. Can you believe it? Denial or evil in their souls?"

Solzhenitsyn once asked can a man who is warm in his house feel the cold of a man freezing outside? When he was in the gulag he understood why the guards would not give them water when they were thirsty because they would urinate and it would cause more trouble for the guard. People in luxury will not be moved to action. Overseas in America even the adults say, "If it's too loud, you're too old".  Like drug addicts they catch the newest movie or song. Brainwashed, addicted or deaf, the average American cannot be expected to respond like Russell in the least of ways not even to call their congressman. 

There are many Russians who have relatives in Donbass and understandably volunteered last year to fight fascism. It's amazing that someone afar with no relatives in Ukraine has the courage to do what is right. The people of Novorossia are thankful for men like Mr. Bentley and wish there were more like him. Men like him are a dying breed in the west. America is "going down" and has changed from being a wholesome and decent society to Sodom and Gomorrah. The spirit of Texas has been found only in one man thus far.

Unfortunately, most people of the US will not believe one of their own in our video links of him. Why? Over the past decades, Americans have been trained to accept information through the voice of propaganda in movies or news. If they have him tour ABC, CNN, CBS and FOX news or make a movie about Russell Bentley, they would certainly see and believe the truth. Sadly, that will never happen behind America's Iron Curtain.

Xavier Lerma

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Author`s name Xavier Lerma