Konstantinovka: Naked American Empire's Ticket to Hell

The cities of Donbass under Kiev Nazi Regime control regularly experience terror attacks: disappearances, rapes, drunken beatings, kidnappings and every outrage imaginable. Even the German Nazi invaders were not this bad. This horror came to a head in Konstantinovka when a Ukrainian BMP ran over a mother and two children.

An 8 year old girl named Polina was instantly killed. An infant and mother were injured and brought to the hospital. It is believed that both later died. However, since Kiev has cut off all Internet and phone communication, the two other deaths cannot be confirmed.

It was 14:30 local time. One of the first images to be transmitted was that of a little green baby stroller lying on its side and blood stained pavement. The BMP was speeding and the driver acted as though drunk. Drunken, rowdy Ukrainian soldiers plague the town daily.

After a series of incidents, this was too much for the townspeople. Word got around and irate citizens filled the streets. They shouted at the Ukrainian soldiers calling them fascists, telling them to get out of Donbass, while the guilty party was whisked away...the Ukrainians' priority was protecting the perpetrator. The protesters blocked Lomonosova and Kalinina streets

The angry residents burned tires and Ukrainian military vehicles were toppled or burned. They threw rocks and attacked a school being used as a barracks for Ukrainian soldiers.

No "authority" had the courage to come out and speak to the protesters face to face. Instead, orders were given to shoot to kill.

People have been bringing flowers, toys and candles. Many carried placards saying "We mourn, it hurts us...", "They wanted to live", "Poroshenko and Co! How many more children's lives will you take away?" Large pictures of Polina are seen throughout the city.

There is no lower form of life than a child killer.

A helicopter arrived from Kramatorsk. Locals report that Right Sector units, numbering about 150 people, have arrived into the city. Arrests started today in Konstantinovka. Numerous locals are reporting that they started to go door to door, trying to identify those with protest sentiments.

No one is safe, neither are the people of Konstantinovka expecting any semblance of justice from junta "authorities." There will be many arrests, torture and deaths. The Ukrainian SBU will be meticulously going over tapes of street protesters and rounding people up. Fathers, husbands and sons will be taken away, sometimes never to be seen or heard from ever again. Not even women will be spared.

The Americans and their European vassals, meanwhile, are silent. Not only silent, but continually approving and supporting these murderers and terrorism against the Donbass people. This one incident clearly shows what western and especially American "values" mean. They cannot make claim to freedom, democracy and human rights. They are all about murder, terror, the use of force and violence, bullying, bribery, blackmail, slavery and plunder. The Empire is naked for all to see.

The uprising in Konstantinovka also clearly shows that people in Kiev Nazi Regime occupied cities can organize, can create partisan guerilla activities and eventually drive out the fascist invaders and liberate themselves instead of waiting for the NAF.

Freedom for all of Donbass!!! You can all be Givis, Motorolas, Mozgovois, Batmans!!!!

Lisa Karpova


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Author`s name Lisa Karpova