Kiev Nazi Regime Planning Another False Flag?

The UAF (Ukraine Armed Forces) might be preparing a false flag in Donbass... In the interest of preventing this from happening, as was done in the cases of Volnovakha and MH-17, this is being documented in advance!

If US backed fascists again create an intentional genocide to blame the Novorossiya Defense Forces and Russia, there will be evidence around the world, ready to repost to every news site and government.

The Banderastan Nazi regime in Kiev is desperate and they are pushing for the EU to declare DPR and LPR terrorist organizations, which they are NOT.  The people of Donbass have the right to self-determination, but thousands have been murdered with military hardware and illegal weaponry (cluster bombs, missiles, phosphorous, chemical weapons).

Poroshenko trolls the globe while his military continue a murderous offensive.   The Kiev Nazi regime has not for one single day honored the ceasefire.  Every time his forces get beat back, like the boy who cried wolf, he cries "Russian invasion"! 

His last ridiculous claim was that 9,000 Russian troops are in the country.  Quite an accomplishment...these invisible men with their invisible equipment.

"The sorts of weaponry that NATO and the U.S. have charged Russia with providing are virtually impossible to conceal from the air. Snapping high-resolution photos of such war machinery is child's play for today's military satellites, and even civilian ones too. If the assertions were true, we should have seen a flood of photographs of Russian heavy equipment every step of the way as it passed into Ukraine."

But none have been offered.  The simplest explanation for this is that none exist.

There is not and has never been a shred of evidence that Moscow is behind any official state-sponsored support for the anti-Fascist freedom fighters in Novorossiya, who wish to remain Russian-speaking Ukrainians and who do not want any part of the Ukraine planned by the Fascist-backed murderous terrorist western-supported Putsch which seized power illegally back in February after ousting the democratically-elected President, Yanukovich.

It was a campaign orchestrated from outside Ukraine simply because Yanukovich was trying to protect Ukraine's economy by not signing up for a closer trading deal with the European Union (The Association Agreement) after the EU had typically imposed intrusive, arrogant and unacceptable conditions for internal changes which belonged to Ukrainians, and Ukrainians alone. The EU, acting yet again like a collective bunch of Imperialists who only yesteryear drew lines on maps, slaughtered "natives" with machine-guns "when they saw the whites of their eyes", wrecked economies and committed genocide in Africa and Latin America, imposed civilization with the Bible and the bullet and sold seventy million people into slavery: Africa's holocaust.

What followed was a gang of anti-Russian Fascists and their sympathizers rising to power in Ukraine, torturing and murdering Russian speakers in the streets, calling for the deaths of Russians and Jews and staging suffrage processes in which Poroshenko was eventually elected by part of Ukraine. Meanwhile the Crimean people stated en masse in a free and fair referendum that they did not wish to be part of this Ukraine and wished to return to Russia (which they should never have left), while the people of Donbass, wary of the Fascist hordes rising to power in Kiev, wary of their Russophobic edicts and claims, wary after Fascist massacres took place, perpetrated by those close to Kiev, took up arms and declared independence.

Lisa Karpova


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Author`s name Lisa Karpova