Barack Obama's birth certificate: Where is truth and clarity?

By Lord Howard Hurts

The controversy over the birth certificate of B.H. Obama ll is an issue to which I can bring both truth and clarity to the forefront. After being elected President of The United States of America, B.H. Obama ll had posted, on the Internet, a supposed certified copy of his Hawaiian birth certificate. This birth certificate posting came about because of the pressure put on him from conservatives, and a very few Congressional Republicans, who believed that Obama had been born in Kenya, Africa, rather than Hawaii as he had declared in his book, "Dreams From My Father". The upshot of this controversy was that if he had been born in Kenya, and not Hawaii as he had declared, he would not be Constituently qualified to be the President of the United States regardless of how may votes he had garnered in the elections. I can now tell you that this supposed Internet copy of his birth certificate is as much of a fraud as is the 'Transparent' Obama Administration, and the 'Puffed' accomplishments attributed, by Big Media, to Americas first black President. 

All during the back and forth exercise between those who believed Obama, and those who disbelieved the authenticity of this posted document, it became apparent, to any reasonable person, that to find the truth surrounding this most vital certificate, some major visual discrepancies would need to be found because of the fact that President Obama would not authorize any disbeliever to go to Hawaii, and view his original birth certificate so as to make a comparison. And this failure, by Obama, to let a disbeliever view his original birth certificate is by itself, enough, to make any reasonable person suspicious as to the validity of the posted birth document. It was during these discussions that World Net Daily, led by Joseph Farah, took the lead, and sent senior reporter, Dr. Jerome Corsi, to Kenya to look for an Obama birth certificate.  After being jailed, and harassed by the government of Kenya, Dr. Corsi returned to the U.S. and declared that he had found no evidence of any birth certificate for B.H. Obama ll, but this information did not invalidate, in anyway, the Obama posted birth document.

Years later the controversy continued. And document experts employed by Farah, using the latest and most precise computer tools to detect document fraud, declared the Obama, Internet, posted birth certificate to be a composite fake. Farah and Corsi continued to hammer away at Obama with the hope that he would let them go to Hawaii, and view the original certificate so as to make a comparison. But President Obama refused each and every request. President Obama further continued, publicly, to make jokes about the disbelievers.......and they were often referred to as "tin hat crazy people". Nobody in the Congress of The United States seemed to see the glaring 'red flags' posed by the refusal of Obama to let there be a comparison of the two documents. And any reasonable human being would have known that this failure, by Obama, to let anyone verify the posted birth certificate against the one held in the vault in Hawaii was proof positive that the two documents would not match. But of course the Congress of America held not one reasonable human being because this legislative body even made comments about the 'tin hat crazy persons' at WND.

It was at this time that I decided to take action. I knew that Farah and his WND could not use the methods of investigation that would be needed to procure the Obama, vault held, birth certificate. So I began the quest myself, and I want it known that I was never under the illusion that my mission would be legal from the standpoint of American law, but I believed that the truth and honesty about this Obama birth certificate was more important than any laws on record. I further surmised that if the vault in Hawaii held a birth document that did not match the one posted on the Internet by B.H. Obama ll, his election, regardless of how many Americans voted for him, would be the spark that could ignite a full blown Civil War. I also knew, at the time I started this mission, that if this vault held document matched the one on the Internet I would suffer the full consequences of law, and B.H. Obama ll would be able to laugh, and point out to all the disbelievers that they were Morons and Paranoid Bigots. 

My first move was to hire my own document expert to review the findings of WND and their purported experts. I also hired a private detective agency to give me the history of the document experts noted in the WND articles. I then hired a professional gem thief to give me a plan of attack so that I could get into the vault holding the Obama birth certificate. This last assignment proved extremely easy as I have  connections with persons who are not on polite society's A list. My gem thief suggested that the only way to get into the vault in Hawaii was to bribe someone who 'held the key'. I then hired a Miami firm that specializes in research reports for business' that want 'inside' information about their competition. Their assignment was to research the background of all persons who could get me the Obama birth certificate 'in hand' so that I could make my own 'certified copy' of it. As the reports rolled in it was apparent that the Obama, Internet, birth certificate was a completely fraudulent document, and that this fact was known to many of the esteemed Congressmen on both sides of the aisle. And it was while this research was being done that it came to my attention how this Obama birth certificate issue had never been vetted. The story here was that the birth certificate issue was brought to the attention of the media by the Hillary Clinton election forces in an attempt to eliminate this 'uppity' Black Man. With this 'revolution' by Hillary Clinton, the Obama backers were extremely worried because they knew that when vetted properly their candidate, B.H. Obama ll, would remain just a little known Senator from Illinois. 

Further research gave me the name, Loretta Fuddy, who had served as the Hawaiian, State Health Director since January of 2011. She would be my key to the 'vault'. Research furthered showed that not only had Ms. Fuddy been the person who certified the Obama, Internet, long form posted birth certificate, but that she had been a casual friend of B.H. Obama ll's mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, by way of being member of an obscure Indonesian cult, Subud. Armed with all this information I commenced to make the acquaintance of Ms. Fuddy. This was not an easy task. I had information about where she would eat on occasion, and made about 14 attempts to meet up with her while she was out and about. I finally caught up to her at a Honolulu restaurant, Mac 24/7 Bar & Restaurant, in the Hilton, Waikiki Beach. I gave the maître d' a fifty dollar bill and he let me 'plant' myself down at Ms. Fuddy's table. And it was at this time that I got the impression that Ms. Fuddy was not in the habit of having dinner with men, if you get my drift. I made a fast and crude proposal to her about getting a certified copy of the B.H. Obama ll birth certificate. She was not interested at first, but acquiesced when I offered her one million dollars in any bank account she wanted. She was drinking some alcoholic beverage, and ran her pointer finger around the rim of the glass, and then looked at me and said, "Make it two million and you have a deal."

I was slightly shocked at how easily things were going. She began to laugh and told me that I was a very funny man. I took this as a denial of her giving me the Obama document, and I impressed on her that I would give her one million dollars, and have it put into any account in the world she wanted. And that after I had in hand 2 copies of the Obama birth certificate, I would put another million dollars in her account. She tilted her head back as if in deep concentration and said that she could do it......but that I would need to personally come to the Health Department by myself, and she would show me the actual Obama birth certificate. She further said that she would contact me, and give me the name and address of the person she wanted me to send the first check for one million dollars to. Then I would meet her at a place of her choosing, and she would trade me two copies of the Obama birth certificate for my assurance that another million dollars would be sent to her designated 'friend'. I gave her my hotel address and room number and told her to call within 24 hours or no deal. She told me that she would do nothing until she had the first million dollars sent and secured by her lawyer in Honolulu. With this she got up and left the restaurant. I was very nervous about the situation, but I stayed and had a quite good, overpriced, meal. 

The next day around 10 am I received a phone call from Loretta (we were on a first name basis now). She told me that she wanted the first installment sent to a law firm located in the Cook Islands.... Rarotonga to be exact. I wrote the name and address of this firm and was further told to make the check out to this law firm with a note that it was for the account of "Deliana Fuddy". She said,  "I will give you 10 hours to send my lawyer the check. I will confirm it and tomorrow, at 10:30 sharp, I want you to be in the Hawaii Department of Health office." She further stated that she would let me see the original birth certificate, and that we would meet later that night at a restaurant she would choose. She said that she would call my hotel to tell me where and when.

I had a certified check sent to the lawyer in Rarotonga. I sat that night in my hotel room geared up. I kept thinking that Loretta had informed the local police about my attempt to procure the Obama birth certificate. But as the night turned into early morning I fell fast asleep. 

At 10:30 am on the dot, I was in the Hawaii Department of Health office. Loretta was there talking with some other worker, and she acknowledged me when I arrived. She then took me into a private office, and then she took a folded paper from her brass trimmed Coach purse that hung on her left shoulder. This paper was a computer copy of a document that seemed to be a 1961 certificate of live birth. The name of the mother on this document was Stanley Ann Dunham. This was not a certified copy of the Obama birth certificate. It was a copy on regular computer paper. I was slightly angry because I had fulfilled my part of the bargain, and now I was out a million dollars. Loretta saw the concern and anger in my face and said, "Don't worry. I just want you to see that I can get a copy of what you want. I will call you later and we will meet, and I will give you two copies of the actual certificate, and I will trust you to send the second payment to my lawyer. Await my call", and with this she opened the office door, and all be pushed me out into the main public office.

I went back to my hotel room and had lunch brought up. And while I was eating my well done burger and fries, the phone on the table between the beds began to ring. Picking up the phone and saying, "Yes", I heard Loretta's voice. She seemed calm and business like. She told me to meet her at 8 PM at a restaurant called, Murphy's Bar and Grill on Merchant St. Then the connection went dead.

When I got to Murphy's Loretta was standing outside. She was once again quite calm, and after looking about she took a manila envelop from her large purse, the same brown leather Coach purse she had at the Health Department. She gave me this envelope and said that there were two copies of the birth certificate inside, and for me to have the final payment sent to her lawyer in the Cook Islands. She turned and walked away. I did not dare look at the contents of the envelope at that time. I was so excited that I nearly went into a 'faint'. I went into Murphy's and ordered beef tips, sauteed mushrooms, and mashed potatoes. While waiting for my meal, I called my accountant, and told her to send a certified check to the lawyer in Rorotonga. I told her to also include a note that the check was for the account of "Deliana Fuddy". This done, I ate and was in my room at the hotel by11 PM. 

Upon entering my room, I looked at the plain manila envelope, and opened the clasp on the back. Inside I found two copies of the 1961 Obama birth certificate. I looked at one certificate carefully and noticed that in the space that notated: Full Name of Father, that there was the distinct typewritten name: Barack Hussein Obama, just as found on the Internet posted birth certificate. But surprise, surprise. Over this typewritten: Name of Father...... There was a ballpoint ink, hand printed, notation. This notation is clearly printed over the typed name of Barack Hussein Obama. And this hand printed name is: Frank Marshall Davis, and it is initialed in cursive form: SAD. 

Suddenly it all became clear as to why President Obama did not want anyone to see his original birth certificate. Evidence pointed to his mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, at sometime....... coming to the Hawaiian Department of Health, and amending the Obama ll birth certificate. Of course if one researches into the person named: Frank Marshall Davis, one will find a connection to the Dunham family, and the young B.H. Obama ll that borders on 'creepy'. Now please don't misunderstand. There is no proof that this initialed amended 'Father' notation was actually the work of Stanley Ann Dunham, but what other reason would make this addendum rational? So now I find that the controversy over President Obama not being born in America is much drama about nothing.

The evidence seems to prove that he was born in Hawaii. The only fact in dispute is that his mother named a person as the father, and at some later date amended this 'original' father, B.H. Obama, to Frank Marshall Davis. And just as a side note: President Obama physically looks more like F.M. Davis than B.H. Obama. Frank M. Davis was bi sexual and President Obama seems to be of the same persuasion. So it seems reasonable, to me, that Frank M. Davis was his real father. It is not know when or how Stanley Dunham made the change in the name of the birth father. But it is reasonable to guess that it was close to the time of Obama ll's birth date. Further study and research came up with other facts that make this altered birth certificate, that I purchased from Loretta Fuddy, to be 100% real. And when all the facts are viewed in perspective, there is no doubt that President B.H. Obama ll was born in Hawaii, and is constitutionally qualified to serve as President of the United States of America.

His only 'crime' seems to be that he has intentionally written a book about a fictional father. But I am not sure this action rises to the status of an Impeachable offense. Unfortunately, I find that I have spent nearly 3 million dollars to investigate not much of anything that proved to be really earth shattering........but then again during my research and investigation I came across several interesting aspects concerning this false birth certificate and Hillary "My daughter and I were under fire in Bosnia" Clinton. 

Interesting fact number one: Loretta Fuddy, Hawaii's Department of Health Director, mysteriously died after a plane crash, December 11, 2013, when all the other persons involved in this crash lived. News articles state that Loretta Fuddy died from an irregular heartbeat that was the result of stress from the Dec. 11 crash. The Maui police department announced this revaluation after an autopsy was conducted two days after the crash. Fuddy was 65 years old. 

There is reason to believe that Ms. Fuddy died because it was found out, by 'team' Obama, that she had sold a copy, or copies, of the original B.H. Obama ll birth certificate to someone. I attest that I do have two copies of the original Obama ll birth certificate which I paid two million dollars to some lawyer in the Cook islands who represented "Deliana Fuddy". I have one copy in a vault in Switzerland, and the other is included with my will, and kept by my attorney, and friend, in Andorra. I have taken these precautions should some unfortunate accident happen to me. Please, also, remember that three openly homosexual men, who attended Rev. Jeremiah Wrights Trinity United Church, where B.H. Obama ll spent over 20 years in attendance........three members who had had homosexual relations with B.H. Obama ll..... died mysteriously. I personally hate any mysterious death.......especially my own. 

Interesting fact number two: When Hillary Clinton tipped to Big Media that there was a problem with the B.H. Obama ll birth Obama went into 'overdrive'. They were at first worried by the new and forth coming investigation, but then someone came across the fact that Senator John McCain the Republican candidate had a birth certificate problem also. They decided to attack McCain, and force him to fight the issue in both the Big Media and the courts. And please remember that at this time McCain was running in the polls at less than 5% of the Republican primary vote.

McCain was for all practical purposes a sure loser. But when this issue of his birth certificate started to 'ferment' the Democrats put into the Big Media the false story that McCain was the only Republican candidate that Democrats respected and would change parties to vote for. Suddenly, McCain was found, by the courts, to be Constitutionally  eligible to serve as President......even though he was not born in the U.S. and not eligible to hold the office of President as per the Constitution. But the Republicans and McCain wanted to believe that an election fight between McCain and Obama would be a 'cake walk' for Republicans, whereas a McCain-Clinton fight might end in defeat for the Republicans. And so the vetting of Obama was 'swept under the rug' by both Big Media and the Republicans. And alas, about the only thing truthful to come out of Hillary Clinton's mouth was also 'swept under the rug' by Big Media, and her chance to be President was soon squashed.

Lord Howard Hurts

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov