2014, when humanitarian aid is used as a political pawn

If humanitarian aid is needed, it is a disgrace for President Poroshenko, who over a month ago vowed to quash the unrest in the south-east of the country within one day. The bottom line is not everyone is as dishonest as Poroshenko and his toyboy political clowns in Kiev. Maybe the Trojan Horses he sees are pink elephants in disguise. Hic!

Whether or not Poroshenko's comments were made before or after lunch is not clear. The fact is he is the only European President to have turned his military against his own people, and yes ladies and gentlemen, those fighting in Eastern Ukraine are not Russians, they are Russian-speaking Ukrainians.

Now for some home truths. It is quite evident from the recent consultations between President Putin and his Members of Parliament in Crimea, Russia and the Russian citizens who recently voted en masse to return to the Russian Federation, that living conditions in Russia are far superior to those in Ukraine. This does not mean however that all Ukrainians wish to live in Russia and Russia has always respected the frontiers of the country. If Russia had wanted to invade Eastern Ukraine it would have done so from the beginning, and Moscow has made it quite clear that it has no responsibility in what has happened in the South-East of its western neighbor. (For those who invoke Crimea, it has been said time and again in this column that under the Constitution of the Republic of Crimea, with the removal of the legitimate Head of State, Yanukovich, by illegal means, the legal entity in force in Crimea was its Parliament, which decided to hold a Referendum on its Status within the Russian Federation. NATO did not get the Russian military base, threw a hissy fit and hurled its toys out the pram and today we see what we see).

What happened is crystal clear. The illegal Putsch which removed the legitimate President of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovich, illegally and without the existence of any of the three necessary conditions for his removal, came amid cries for death to Russians and Jews on the streets of Kiev, and came alongside anti-Russian edicts by the Putsch.

All the Russian-speaking Ukrainians wanted at the time was to be listened to by Kiev. Amid all the latest fighting, we must not forget the massacres of civilians committed by Ukrainian security forces and pro-Kiev Fascist scum. For example, on Friday May 2, at least 40 anti-Kiev protesters were burnt alive in the Trade Union building by jeering Fascist scum which had surrounded the building and hurled Molotov cocktails through the windows, screaming "Death to Russians". A cleaning lady was strangled and had her throat cut. Let us not forget that. And karma will come to those who did it. And those who support them.

Let us not forget the massacre by Fascist scum in Slovyansk. Let us not forget the massacre by Fascist scum in Mariupol. Let us not forget the massacre by Fascist scum in Donetsk. And today, civilians are being indiscriminately targeted by Ukrainian armed forces in and around Lugansk and in and around Donetsk. War crimes are being committed and in sending these troops to perform these outrages, Poroshenko is a war criminal and deserves to be hauled before a court.

Russia is not sending soldiers. If it had wanted to, it would have invaded Eastern Ukraine back in March or April and there is nothing anyone could have done about it. After all, did anyone stop the USA and UK from invading Iraq and slaughtering civilians with military hardware, destroying civilian structures with military equipment, destroying a sovereign State outside the auspices of the UNSC? Did anyone stop the same forces of evil setting up torture and concentration camps and facilities half-way across the globe (and yes there are records, all you have to do is check the registers of the slots at airports in Europe at the time)? Did anyone stop these same legions of Baal from attacking Libya, murdering civilians, destroying the water supply and electricity grid "to break their backs"? Did anyone stop them from using terrorists in Libya and Syria and trying to stage false flag operations using chemical weapons to blame President Assad?

So what right would these countries have to complain about Russia invading Eastern Ukraine? None. But Russia did not invade Eastern Ukraine. Russia is sending humanitarian aid to the people of Eastern Ukraine because the Ukrainian government is murdering them.

Yet the same Axis of Evil, led by the FUKUS trio (France-UK-US) complain about Russia's humanitarian convoy. Which country in the world would complain about a humanitarian convoy, if not the United Napalm States of Double-Atomic Terrorism Perpetrator America, of course - surprise, surprise with its recent murderous history, and of course its poodles, the eternal chief lapdog the United Kingdom, the wannabe Napoleon, France and now Swiss, sorry Ukrainian chocolatier-supreme Mr. (hic! Whoops sorry) Poroshenko?

What a fine bunch. And who the hell does Samantha Power think she is telling Russia what to do or not? Why doesn't she take a trip to Guantanamo Bay torture and concentration camp, place her hand on her left breast, or let one of the inmates do so, and sing God Bless America? Russian humanitarian aid convoys on Russian soil are Russia's business. And if she or anyone else sees Trojan Horses in an aid convoy, perhaps they should take their meds in the morning. Does anyone seriously think that Russia is going to smuggle troops into Ukraine in a convoy when if it wanted to, it could simply march across the border? And what about the border regions adjoining Russia? How ridiculous can anyone get?

We know NATO wanted the Crimea base and lost. Sour grapes. But using humanitarian aid as a political pawn, could only come from the FUKUS Axis and its new bedboy in Eastern Europe, Ukraine. Instead of saying thank you, Russia, as any decent human being would do, Poroshenko is playing silly little games. The fact that the convoy is necessary at all speaks volumes about Kiev's handling of this entire crisis. Moreover, the fact that Poroshenko tries to snub an aid convoy speaks volumes about him as a man and as a person. Perhaps the Trojan Horses he sees are pink elephants in disguise. Have another glass of champagne, Petro... hic! Put a drunk in charge of the wine cellar, and just look what happens.

Kiev has blood on its hands, starting with the shots fired from Hotel Ukraine back in February against the protesters to create a false flag event to blame the police and President Yanukovich, and continuing right through the Fascist massacres at Odessa, Mariupol and elsewhere.

Very few Russians favor any intervention at all in Eastern Ukraine by Russia and very few Russians hate Ukrainians. They might laugh a little when a Ukrainian tries to speak Russian. Not all Ukrainians hate Russians. Not all Ukrainians want to be Russians. Not all Eastern Ukrainians want to join Russia. Some do, in some regions many do, in other regions practically all do. In others, few. Villages are divided, families are mixed and until recently this made not a shred of difference as both peoples celebrated their heroic Soviet past (except a few psychopaths who worship the Galician SS and that mass murderer and pervert child molester Bandera).

If some in Eastern Ukraine took up arms, it was for a reason. All Kiev had to do right at the beginning was listen. But no... and the result is the mess we see. How Kiev can expect to be respected again in Donbas for many years to come defies logic. Whatever the outcome, there are war crimes to be investigated and international lawyers are already working on the case.

Poroshenko should hear the screams of those civilians his Fascists burnt alive every single night for the rest of his life. He won't however because neither he nor those who support him could care less. After all, whosoever uses a humanitarian aid convoy as a political pawn is beneath contempt. Not everyone is as dishonest as Kiev, its Putsch joke of a government and its murderous FUKUS masters.

Oh! and why are the Ukrainian military targeting the chemical water treatment plants in Lugansk and Donetsk? To release a poisonous gas cloud and murder the populations of these cities and create an ecological disaster which makes Chernobyl look like a grandmother's tea party? What a difference between Yanukovich, who was trying to protect the Ukrainian economy and the jobs for its people, and this motley bunch of incompetents who have led their country on a murderous path to civil war, hatred and division. All they had to do was listen. Not commit massacres.


Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey


([email protected])


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Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey