Russia's Kenyan Gambit

by Guy Somerset 

The Times (New York, that is) they aren't a changing. Contrary riveting news a would-be Adolf in the person of Vladimir Putin had of his own volition requested the Federal Assembly strip him of authority to make war on neighbors the Manhattan editorial staff paradoxically reported his pacifism was more proof of belligerence. Indeed, rather than accolades the deed was met with additional American threats.

Moscow has actually repeatedly called for negotiation within Ukraine and favors ceasefire. This is not merely because it is better for Slavs but also better for business. At present Russia and China are finalizing agreements concerning natural resources, with rumors percolating Beijing will this year surpass the U.S. as dominant global economy. (Hint: Gazprom might be a wise long-term investment.)

Now a Malaysian Airlines flight, which is a total coincidence to be sure, has crashed near Donetsk with John McCain and Geraldo Rivera convinced it was caused by missiles loaned from Moscow. Naturally, they offer absolutely no proof except that which has already been discredited.

Thus far Western overall response to the Ukraine crisis and Chinese expansion has been a series of moderate sanctions on Russian businessmen and weak reassurances to minor Pacific players.  In reply Deputy Prime Minister Rogozin suggested astronauts use trampolines to reach the International Space Station given NASA is currently preoccupied with Muslim outreach.

Alas, rather than getting our own dilapidated house in order many representatives are simply getting mouthy. Neocons outside the Obama administration and low-level apparatchiks within it intimate they will make things "personal" by seizing the mythical Putin fortune (extant based on the fact he wears a mighty fine wristwatch).

Halfwits urge full engagement by arming coupists in Kiev even while as-yet untried war criminal Zbigniew Brzezinski emphatically states American arms and its ubiquitous advisors be deployed. Left unexamined is what occurs the morning after a skirmish leaves scores dead on either side, both national populations enraged, with each demanding officials "hold someone accountable." If Mika's papa is eager to exit this earth few would bid the cad remain, but he can go without dragging all humanity with him.

As usual the Washington crowd is playing with fire but this time there is a difference because the supposed fall guys have the guts and the gumption to strike back. For if Barry and his bunch are intent on disregarding the rules there is nothing to keep Vlad within the boundaries of good manners either.

The ultimate "nuclear option" Moscow could deliver? A televised public announcement the conspiracy crowd had it right all along. Obama really is a sleeper agent. He was schooled by his purported Kenyan father who was an avowed Marxist or (more likely) by suspected father Frank Marshall Davis who was a radical Socialist. Confess publicly the Kremlin supplied his misbegotten mama with liberal funding to study in Communist or Communist-leaning countries during her twenty-year dissertation sojourn.

Reveal it was Soviet monies sourced through Arab exchange-students from fundamentalist regimes which bankrolled his university education. Admit sympathetic contacts in high academia with admitted collectivist notions, for example faculty with similar reputations as at Columbia and Harvard, were instructed to shepherd this unlikely lad into positions of great power and import.

Provide documentation (actual or fabricated) showing how extreme liberals of a socialist bent were called upon throughout mainstream broadcasting to puff and place Obama in the upper echelons of politics. (Did foolish Americans genuinely believe the innumerable depictions of a benevolently omniscient black President in films such as The Fifth ElementDeep ImpactHead of State, and Idiocracy was anything other than media conditioning into tacit acquiescence of a fait accompli?)

Demonstrate for United States citizens how much campaign financing came from slush funds of die-hard true believers who made certain their operative was elected even after the Soviet Union was finished.

Following a sorrowful recantation of these past methods and antiquated indignities, Russian leaders could bare their souls of the secret - Yes, they did have spies in the United States. Surely, some of these were deep-cover.  Da, one of those was none other than Barack Hussein Obama; groomed from infancy to be a Communist-collectivist-socialist force to rend America from within as the Cold War still raged.

Only now, Putin might lamentably state, due to "recently discovered" documents in forgotten Soviet archives could the whole story be revealed. Although it might do damage to international relations, he may intone gently while wistfully gazing into the camera, the decent American people who were so horribly deceived deserve to know the truth. Obama was never one of yours, he was one of ours; an ultimate "agent of change" created andconcealed in plain sight to destroy life as you know it.

Such a public admission, regardless of merit, by a Russian President would immediately end this American Presidency.

If anyone doubts, consider how many voters already believe some version of this fiction to be reality? Indubitably most citizens already grant aspects of it as true. Even Republican turncoats who routinely side with Democrats could never contain the frenzy within their ranks; particularly back home. It is plausible impeachment would be proposed. Certainly dozens of committees would be investigating the startling allegations. In this climate could Obama pass any legislation? Unlikely. Even if he attempted an infamous "false-flag" to rally support who would follow him as Commander-in-Chief? Few.

To date the President has been a surprising statesman in responding to the Ukrainian Crisis even as inflammatory elements of both parties increasingly demand radical action. This is an unexpected role for a man accustomed to drone wars and drawing "red lines." Perhaps he suspects, or has been cautioned, what would be the result of unloosing the ties too slackly around his political bag of dirty tricks. Either way it is a sorry exposition for the country once ruled by likes of Thomas Jefferson. Military bluster often leads to unintentional blow-black. Still one more reason why we ought best tend closer faltering gardens than stick our nose in family squabbles of other peoples half a world away, especially lest they stick their nose in ours.

Guy Somerset

Guy Somerset writes from somewhere in America. He is a lawyer by profession.

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Author`s name Guy Somerset