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Ukraine: Murderous regime plans false flag event

"President" Poroshenko of Ukraine, instead of acting like a President of all Ukrainians, dubs the Eastern Ukrainian rebels "parasites" and "filth" while the Ukrainian armed forces devastate towns with terrorist attacks from the air, and office workers are torched by Fascist thugs sent from Kiev. Ukraine today is a real-life "Hostel".

The films "Hostel" are perhaps the most revolting, disturbing and warped form of "entertainment" a disturbed mind could even think up, let alone put together. Innocent tourists are lured to a medieval-style castle turned into a hostel and are butchered by bidders who paid to enact their perversions on them after viewing their profiles on the Internet. Sick? Today, a real-life Hostel is unfolding in Ukraine.

Setting the historical context, a Fascist Junta seized power in Kiev in February, ousted the elected President, Yanukovich, after making an agreement with him to hold elections next December, and while including terrorist and Fascist elements within their ranks, started issuing anti-Russian decrees amid cries of "Death to Russians and Jews" on the streets of Kiev.

Russia, seeing its Crimea bases being given to NATO, and worried about the Russian population in a region which should never have been given to Ukraine (under the Soviet Union umbrella), was quick to hold a referendum, and the Crimean people voted en masse to reintegrate into the Russian Federation. NATO lost its ploy to take the bases.

This said, Russia has stated from the beginning that it has no involvement in the incidents in Eastern Ukraine, although obviously the heart and mind of Moscow sides with a peaceful solution to a question in which ethnic Russians or Russian speaking Ukrainians are being slaughtered by a callous demonic horde sent from Kiev. Under Russian Federal law, Moscow cannot become involved in conflicts which are not a direct attack against Russia and its interests.

The Russian-speaking Ukrainians in the south-east of the country wanted only one thing from the beginning: a guarantee that their rights, customs and culture would be respected (after the anti-Russian rhetoric from Kiev) and talks over the future of the country, of which they are a part, and always have been. Nobody is calling for a Union with Russia (which was the different case in Crimea).

The response from Kiev? Instead of acting responsibly, the Putsch has entrenched its power by emaciating the Presidency, and Poroshenko, instead of acting with responsibility, behaves like a chocolate manufacturer (and let us be honest, who would buy a second-hand bar of Ukrainian chocolate?) not a politician and certainly not a President. What "President" calls his own people names and approves of measures to murder men, women and children alike? Are the Russian-speaking children his forces slaughtered "parasites"? Let us hope he hears their screams every minute of every night for as long as he sleeps.

The massacres in Odessa, Slovyansk, Mariupol and Donetsk are the response from Kiev to peaceful requests from civilians, translated into burning people alive in buildings, torturing Russian-speaking persons to death, strangling Russian-speaking cleaning ladies with telephone wire, then slitting their throats, and shelling apartment buildings, shopping centres and churches. Today, we can add terrorist airstrikes:

Watch out for false flag event

Local sources in Ukraine state that "heavy construction equipment appeared on the outskirts of Slavyansk and is being used for excavations. The excavation perimeters are heavily guarded by the regime troops; check points have been raised around and patrols are being set".

What happens next? I would postulate that a massive western media campaign reveals mass graves and states that the killings were carried out by anti-Fascist rebels, when in fact the massacres were perpetrated against civilians and against Ukrainian soldiers who refused to murder their fellow citizens before Slovyansk was liberated by the anti-Fascist forces (it has since been re-occupied in a murderous terrorist campaign by pro-Kiev forces).

To note, hundreds of innocent civilians have been slaughtered by the murderous criminal regime in Kiev, Ukraine, the only European country in which military hardware is being deployed in a political conflict. And the west applauds. Figures. Welcome to 2014.



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